This Week on YouTube: What Are the Benefits of Kissing?

This Week on YouTube: What Are the Benefits of Kissing?

by Jess

on Apr 11, 2019

Kissing: It's (probably) one of the most popular loving acts there is.

Beyond it being a way to show the people you hold dearest that you care, when it comes to romantic relationships, kissing is a wonderfully intimate gesture that can be enjoyed almost anywhere.

But why exactly does kissing feel so good? And are the benefits of kissing?

In this weeks video, Lisa and Roy discuss what makes kissing so great, and the ways in which it can enhance pleasure and connectivity with your partner.

Read on to discover our favorite sexy accessories for enhancing your smooches, or add your top-tips for amazing snogs in the comments below.

Sexy Accessories to Make Kissing EVEN Better...

    • Lovehoney Oh! Strawberry Lickable Massage Oil 30ml
    • Lovehoney Oh! Strawberry Lickable Massage Oil

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    • "Massage oil makes giving and receiving massages much more pleasurable. Especially with this oil as you're not limited to using your hands. Being able to give extra kisses is so much more of a turn on for the both of us."

About the Experts...

Lisa is one of Lovehoney's most recognisable faces and has been presenting our sex toy product videos for over 5 years. Recognise those hands? Lisa is also our resident hand model, so you'll find her lovely mitts all over the site.

Roy is a Lovehoney's legends and featured heavily in 'Frisky Business' and 'More Sex Please, We're British'. And with a background in sex toy returns, he knows a thing or two about what makes a great (or a terrible!) sex toy!

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Written by Jess.

Originally published on Apr 11, 2019. Updated on Aug 5, 2020