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    The female orgasm, though somewhat more elusive than the male orgasm, isn't as mysterious as it seems from the outset. Much like the male orgasm, it's a thrilling part of solo play and sex, we're here to tell you that everyone who wants one deserves to enjoy a female orgasm at least once.

    Now, orgasms aren't everything, but they are pretty great, and unfortunately, according to our very own Sexual Happiness Report, only 26% of women report having orgasms every time they have sex, a fifth of women report orgasming 'rarely' during sex, and 5% of women report never having experienced an orgasm at all. There must be a better way!

    Fortunately, with a little care and oh-so-sensual attention, you can increase your chances at experiencing a toe-curling female orgasm for yourself. If you've ever found yourself wondering how to have an orgasm or about the best position for female orgasm, or ever caught yourself asking 'What is a female orgasm anyway?' and 'What DOES a female orgasm feel like?', welcome to the answers.

    Whether you're seeking to experience a female orgasm yourself or you're hoping to help spark one in a person you love, we've got all the info you need right here.

    Position of the Week: Joy Ride

    Being away from bae sucks. But being away from their lovely bits is even worse! Fear not, Annabelle has cracked the code on long distance sex, thanks to the help of four ingenious toys.

    Watch the video to discover her top picks and a few awesome tips to get you guys connected, while you're apart.

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    Kissing: It's (probably) one of the most popular loving acts there is.

    Beyond it being a way to show the people you hold dearest that you care, when it comes to romantic relationships, kissing is a wonderfully intimate gesture that can be enjoyed almost anywhere.

    But why exactly does kissing feel so good? And are the benefits of kissing?

    In this weeks video, Lisa and Roy discuss what makes kissing so great, and the ways in which it can enhance pleasure and connectivity with your partner.

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    Tantra or tantric sex is a concept that most people have heard of these days, but what exactly is it? Does it involve crazy, weird sex positions and never-ending orgasms?

    Is it solely the domain of ancient spiritual gurus and right-on celebrities (hello, Sting)? Or can us mere mortals give it a go and discover a way to redefine our sex lives and experience the benefits of a deeper, more intense pleasure, both individually and with a partner?

    If you’re ready to open your mind (and your chakras), read on...

    Position of the Week: Pleasure Slide

    Simply the best, better than all the rest. We're not entirely sure what Tina Turner was singing about there, but it could have been these 5 awesome sex toys.

    Position of the Week: Kinky Crossroads

    Join our resident sexpert, Annabelle, as she guides you through the wonderful world of kegel balls and love eggs. Are they the same? Will they both tighten your pelvic floor? Are either a suitable breakfast option? All will be revealed.

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