1. Lovehoney Sex Toy Census Header Lovehoney Sex Toy Census Header

    These days, sex toys are a pretty big deal - and we’re not just talking about the dimensions. Some estimates place the global market for adult pleasure products at a whopping $15 billion a year - over half that of the entire US publishing industry in 2015.

    But have you ever wondered what could be the number one sex toy in bedrooms across the globe? Do Americans favor anal beads over jiggle balls? Do Brits prefer bullet vibrators to butt plugs? And how about the Aussies?

    Fortunately, as the most popular sex toy retailer on the planet, Lovehoney has an up-close-and-personal inside view - as it were.

    In 2016, we shipped over five million sex toys, seductive lingerie items, and bondage accessories to over a million people worldwide.

    With a sex toy flying off the Lovehoney shelves every 16 seconds (the same time it takes for the population of the United States to grow by one person), we thought it was high time we took a long, hard look at our customers' buying habits to see what’s topping the sex toy charts, where they’re sold, and who’s buying them.

    The result: The Sex Toy Census 2017, also known as the largest statistical summary of global sex toy and sexy lingerie purchases ever conducted.