FAQs about the Lovehoney loyalty program

Something new is coming…

We’ve been busy working behind the scenes thinking about ways to better recognise and reward our customers, and we’re almost there!

In order to make way for the new experiences that are coming, we’ll soon need to say goodbye to our current loyalty program - Lovehoney Rewards.

You can find more information on the coming changes below.

Your feedback has shown that Lovehoney Rewards has not made you feel rewarded enough for shopping with us over time, and in addition, it was not possible to offer our Unlimited benefits beyond a small group of customers in the UK. We want to recognise and reward all of our loyal customers across the globe, provide more support to newer customers, and also offer something special that money can’t buy - insider access including a preview of new launches and sale events before anyone else.
Lovehoney Rewards is closing on 24th March, 2022. For the time being you can continue to access your benefits and redeem points as usual, but from 27th January you will no longer be able to earn new points, and from 24th March you will no longer be able to redeem any remaining points on your account.
You can still take advantage of all of your loyalty benefits until 24th March but you will not be able to earn points on new purchases from 27th January.
Points will stop being accrued on new purchases and when creating an account from 27th January.
Yes but don’t wait too long! You can continue to redeem your points up until 24th March. After this date, any remaining points on your account will expire, and can no longer be redeemed.
Simply log in to your Lovehoney account to see how many points you have left to redeem.
To redeem your loyalty points, make sure you’re logged into your Lovehoney account when you proceed to checkout and follow the instructions in the payment section.
If you place an order between January 27th and March 24th you can still redeem any points you have already earned as normal but you will not earn any points on those purchases. Sign up to Lovehoney emails (if you aren’t already!) to access exclusive offers to use on your orders during that time and beyond!
If you place an order using points as part payment before 24th March, and then return that order after 24th March, you will be refunded for the monetary value paid but any points used will not be returned.
You don’t need to make any changes to your account, however, after 24th March you will no longer see your points balance when you log in.

Yes, we plan to reward all of our loyal customers, in more ways than we currently do!

Customers who have placed fewer than 3 orders with us will be able to access offers to use on their next orders, as well as more tailored advice and support when they sign up to Lovehoney emails.

Customers who have placed 3 or more orders will be enrolled in our new VIP program. We are testing this at the moment, but expect it to include money-off codes to earn as you shop, as well as exclusive discounts, a VIP birthday treat and early access to new launches and sale events.

All customers will continue to qualify for free delivery on orders that meet the minimum spend threshold in their country. Minimum spend thresholds for delivery are clearly displayed on all of our websites.

No, you do not need to opt-in. If you have already made 3 or more orders with us, you will automatically be enrolled into the new VIP program when it launches. If you have yet to make your third purchase, you will be enrolled after that order is processed and shipped. While it’s not essential for membership of the program, you’ll need to subscribe to Lovehoney emails (if you haven’t already!) to receive all VIP rewards and alerts.
We’re currently testing the program with some of our customers. As we get closer to the end of that test we’ll be able to share more details. The best place to get this information is by being subscribed to Lovehoney emails.
Yes, we’ll still be sending our customers a birthday treat each year but the offer will change. Please note, you need to be subscribed to Lovehoney emails to receive this offer, and have supplied your date of birth in your account page at least 7 days before your birthday, and have not received a birthday offer in that year already.
No, unfortunately we will no longer be able to offer anniversary gifts. Most customers who qualified for this reward were not taking advantage of it, and in the interest of equality and inclusivity, we felt it was unfair to all of our single customers who do not have a relationship anniversary to celebrate. But don’t worry, you’ll be getting lots of other treats from us throughout the year!
Yes of course, if you do not want to receive any loyalty rewards from us in the future, simply contact our Customer Care team to be removed from the program.