1. How to use Lovehoney Wishlists

    A Wishlist is a fantastic way to save all of your favorite products in one place so you can go back and browse them later.

    You can have as many Wishlists as you like so you can create lists for not only yourself but your partner or friends as well.

    It's up to you if you keep your Wishlists private, share them with your partner or friends or make your Wishlist public.

    To create a Wishlist, you need a Lovehoney Account - it's easy to set up.

    How to create a Wishlist

    When you come across a product that you like, look out for the Wishlist Wand located to the left of the screen underneath the product picture.

    Click the Add To Wishlist button next to the Wishlist Wand.

    If you are logged in to Your Lovehoney Account, you will be asked to create a new Wishlist or add the product you like to one of your existing Wishlists.

    Browse your Wishlist at any time by clicking on Your Wishlist at the top right hand of your screen.

    You can add or remove items from your Wishlist at any time. You can also move items from the Wishlist to your shopping cart if you decide to buy them yourself.

    Send your Lovehoney Wishlist to a friend

    Planning on dropping some not-so-subtle hints about what you want as a birthday treat? You can send your Wishlist to a lover or friend!

    Go to the Your Wishlist page.

    Pick out the Wishlist you wish to share.

    Click on the Share This Wishlist button and you will be asked to enter a message and up to a choice of five email addresses to share the list with.

    Click on the Share my Wishlist button and a link to your Wishlist will be sent to your chosen recipients.

    Wishlist privacy settings

    You're completely in charge about who can see your Wishlists. Click the Edit Wishlist Settings and pick which setting you would like - whether it is completely private so only you can view it or shared with friends or everyone.

    The privacy settings on your Wishlist can be changed at any time. If you choose to make a shared wishlist totally private, only you will be able to see it.

    If you Share a totally private wishlist, its setting will be automatically set to Shared.