Womanizer USB Charging Cable

  • Replacement USB charging cable for Womanizer
  • Compatible with: W500, +Size, 2GO and Pro40
  • USB plug compatible with most laptops, PCs and USB adaptor plugs
  • No branding or markings – looks like any other USB cable for discretion
  • 33 inches long with a 2.4mm pin

Well what can we say? It's long, it's bendy and it's not a snake. For those of you who (like us) tend to lose cables, here is the thing you came here for: a replacement. And with its 2.4mm pin, it's compatible with most Womanizer models.

With no branding anywhere on the cable itself, it's discreet enough to leave lying around without anyone knowing what it's for. (Though it's probably advisable you find a safe place for it so you don't lose it... Again!)

Compatible with the Womanizer 'W500', '+Size', '2GO' and 'Pro40' models.

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