1. Water Bunny Strap-On

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      1. Water Bunny Strap-On

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      Go wild in the water with this fully submersible strap-on vibrator, complete with soft mini-penis (3.75 inch) and clitoral bunny for exquisite orgasms in virtually any situation. Why wait for the bedroom?

      Held in place by a fully adjustable, comfortable harness and controlled with an easy dial so you can quickly adjust to the vibration speed you want, this versatile strap-on will leave you breathless on the beach, in the shower or at the swimming pool - give the lifeguards something to talk about!

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      1. Water Bunny Strap-On
      2. Water Bunny Strap-On

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    1. Wow What a Cutie!

      Reviewed: May 9, 2011 by Morrigan_red_beauty

      So I've had this little bunny for a few years now, and MY GOD he's still one of the most used in my toy box. :D

      As usual when he arrived he was packed in a plain box (so the neighbours were none the wiser!) with some other toys I'd got as a treat for myself and the bf. When I saw him at the top of the box, I just couldn't wait to try him out!

      Batteries are included, bonus I thought! Easy to change them as well, and a very easy-to-use dial to change the speeds. Getting the straps right was a bit tricky at first, but that's probably because I was squirming to play with him! Once sorted out though, they fitted comfortable and held the bunny tightly in place.

      I'm the kind of girl who likes something inside my pussy when I have my clitoral orgasms, and this beaut is perfect for just that! He fits snug inside, buzzing away like a dirty little secret.

      The ears are the best bit in my opinion, and I sometimes turn them around to tickle the back door area for a change of style.

      And best of all, he's bath friendly! A definite WINNER in my opinion.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Easy to change the speeds, quiet, amazing vibrations! Bath time fun!
      Straps were a bit fiddly at first.
      Bottom line
      A great buy and one of my absolute faves!
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    1. My Naughty Little Secret

      Reviewed: September 10, 2011 by MsGirth2011

      I bought this pretty little sex toy a several of years ago. The purpose was that I was going on a long train journey and wanted something to spice up the travel time.

      Once it arrived have to say I struggled to not try it out but I managed and popped it away. Two days before the journey of doom I took it out and adjusted the straps and decided to take the little critter for a test drive.

      My test site was chosen as a club that night for a friend's birthday. I modified a pocket in my jeans for the control and slipped the critter up my legs and put him in place and found some unsexy granny pants to keep him held there. Once in my jeans the controller just looked like a pager or mobile in my pocket.

      Pleased, I hit the club had a drink and and went to the dance floor. Slowly I switched the critter on. Well I'm not sure if it was because I had a kinky little secret going on or the vibrations but I have to say I had one hell of a night. What's more in that noise no one can hear you as you come!

      Satisfied it worked I was now looking forward to the train. The day arrived and I was shocked at the noise it made. Then thought that it would be dulled if I switched it on inserted that was better and was nearly unnoticeable when I pulled up my jeans however the shaft was just too skinny after a night of play with the now Ex.

      I went downstairs and thought about how I could rectify my now sinking plan. Bingo a moment of pure genius hit me! Wear the toy anally. I had been toying with anal but had not taken the plunge to buy anything could this be my first anal friend?

      Well yes it was and man it was good. Having made my decision I decided to act before I could change my mind I lubed up liberally, did a couple of minutes yoga and gently slipped the leg elastic up and popped him in. (the memory is turning me right on now!) It was at this moment my Ex walked in. We tried the vibrations an I wasn't fussed so we cut the wire off as it was getting in the way and I experienced DP with a toy for the first time.

      keeping the critter in place I went to catch my train and sat there turned on for 6 hours with a massive smile on my face.

      I did keep it for a while but had a close call one day in the supermarket when I felt the elastic on one of the legs pop so said goodbye to it. In due course I shall replace it but until then I have two very satisfactory memories to keep me going!

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      It is a little bit of naughty that can be won out in public!
      The girth is a bit too small.
      Bottom line
      An interesting experiment.
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    1. A perfect playmate

      Reviewed: January 28, 2013 by MistressBella, a Bisexual Single Female

      I've tried a few butterfly vibrators in my time, but never a penetrative one, usually clitoral only.

      When it arrived I was so excited that I wanted to try it straight away!

      I wasn't keen on the packaging, usually when I've received toys from Lovehoney the packaging is stylish and 'untacky'.

      The packaging for this particular toy however certainly had the 'cringe factor.'

      I wasn't overly concerned about the packaging though, as it's the toy that counts!

      I was disappointed with the ears, they were too long and the vibrations weren't very strong.

      The shaft however, feels amazing! The vibrations on the highest setting are strong, without being noisy. (Which is a real winner in my book!)

      I found that it's also perfect for anal use as well (with plenty of lubrication of course).

      The harness straps are a little confusing at first, but once you get the hang of them and wear them properly they're comfortable and definitely keep the toy in place.

      If you're kinky like me, this toy is perfect to wear out and about in public.

    2. Overall Rating
      7 out of 10 stars
      The quietness of the vibrations.
      The packaging was tacky, and the ears are too long, with weak vibrations.
      Bottom line
      A perfect toy to wear out and about. ;)
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