1. Doc Johnson Juli Ashton Pocket Rocket Sleeves

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      1. Doc Johnson Juli Ashton Pocket Rocket Sleeves

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    1. Product Description

      Make your rocket work that little bit harder for you with Juli's personal choice of two new rocket sleeves, in different shapes and colours for your personal satisfaction. Which will you prefer? We only know you'll have a lot of fun finding out!

      Both have soft nubs with penetrating pleasure and fluttering action but the similarities end there, with the pink sleeve's subtly nubbed shaft perfect for warm-up sessions and the white sleeve's more adventurous ticklers providing the ideal stimulation for finishing you off.

      This essential accessory to every girl's favourite Pocket Rocket travelling companion is brought to you by those good people at Doc Johnson - quality you can trust!

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      1. Doc Johnson Juli Ashton Pocket Rocket Sleeves
      2. Doc Johnson Juli Ashton Pocket Rocket Sleeves


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    1. Julie Ashton Pocket Rocket Sleeves: Your orgasms will never be the same. ;)

      Reviewed: February 14, 2007 by Lubyanka

      I don't like pink, I have never liked pink. It's just my luck that the Ultimate Accessory Ever is pink. Oh well.

      The pink sleeve has wobbly dangly things on the end which can, without fail, make me come, and come HARD, in SECONDS.

      No kidding, really.

      It's worth getting a few sets for spares, or to give away to those special friends who have not yet discovered The Joys Of The Dangly Things. ;)

      When the pocket rocket vibrates, the dangly things start buzzing around in circles so that the round nubbly things on the ends touch, move apart, then touch again. The whole thing is very soft silicone. The effect would be indescribable if I wasn't trying so hard to describe it.

      When those dangly things are buzzing near and on the clitoris, the effect will make you moan no matter who else is nearby. Even if a sexually repressed relative is within earshot, who is going to leave you a lot of money in their will, provided you never experience any sexual pleasure before the age of 98, will not prevent you from emitting deeply felt moans of blissful yumminess.

      I kid you not.

      One tip though, never ever EVER use silicone lube with this toy. It will disintegrate the sleeve, rendering it unfit to deliver The Sacred Dangly Treatment anymore. And you will be GUTTED. Believe Me, I was. Learn from my mistake, I beg you. :)

      As for the white sleeve, I had originally thought that, if the pink one was so utterly fantastic with only two dangly things, how amazing must the white one be with more?? But not so. Somehow, the white one, while also quite gorgeous to experience, somehow just doesn't have the "oomph" the pink one has. It is extremely pleasant, to be sure. But I remain a faithful devotee of the pink one with The Magic Dangly Things. Still, the white one is fun, for variety.

      Thank you, Lovehoney, for stocking these things!! You ROCK!.

      xoxo Lubyanka. :)

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The Magic Dangly Things!!
      Doesn't play well with silicone lubricant.
      Bottom line
      Excellent value investment and essential part of any woman's kit.
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