1. Pressurized Giant Inflatable Dildo 7 Inch

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      1. Pressurized Giant Inflatable Dildo 7 Inch

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    1. Product Description

      Squeeze it! Fondle it! Make it big! Make it hard! Monster pressurized dildo with pump so you get to control its size as this phenomenal sex toy grows inside you. The more the girth, the more the mirth!

      7-inch super-tender enlargeable latex dildo expands to fill you to the brim.

      Ergonomically designs handheld pump and on-touch air-release valve make inflating and deflating easy.

      Regular size: 6 inch circumference, 7 inch insertable length

      Inflated size: 10 inch circumference, 9 inch insertable length.

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      1. Pressurized Giant Inflatable Dildo 7 Inch
      2. Pressurized Giant Inflatable Dildo 7 Inch


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    1. Nobody can be uncheered with an inflatable dildo

      Reviewed: December 15, 2010 by MsEllie, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      Well, the purchasing of this product came about because I frankly wanted to test how much I could handle before ordering something that may or may not have been bigger than the space I had to park it.

      What I hadn't expected was exactly how much fun I'd have finding out!

      So, review mode on -


      I've seen worse. There's no naked people on it (always a plus, why do some sex toy manufacturers honestly think I want to be reminded how much I don't look like the gorgeous nymph on the box?). Other than that it's a red cardboard box with a picture of the inflatable on it. Not that much I can say really.


      I'm sorry, it is effectively a balloon with a pump for insertion. I find the idea ever so slightly weird. It makes me want to make balloon animal jokes and pump it up whispering, "Can you tell what it is yet?"

      The material is reasonable quality, doesn't feel thin or flimsy. When fully deflated you can feel the solid shaft running down the centre helping it keep its shape. It takes approximately one squeeze of the pump to get it feeling reasonably solid at its starting girth. If inserted fully deflated it just feels a bit flappy.

      The quick release valve is great, lets you let as much air out as you need and quickly (essential if like me you go 'Mmm' 'Mmmmm Mmmmmmmm owwww! too much! too much!).

      When blown up to maximum girth (around 11inches) it tends to distort in shape, becoming very oval, with something of a bulge out of one side - Ladies, I'd recommend working out which side this is, and have the bulbous side facing towards the front so it inflates pressuring your G-spot.

      As it inflates all its little ridges smooth and soften out and can look quite worrying as they appear as much lighter 'stretch marks' on the toy, Do not worry, that's just what it looks like.

      >>>>>> Important Notice <<<<<<<

      GENTLEMEN! and Ladies of an anal nature, I need to make this very clear. This is flat out not suitable for anal. Its tapered shape once it begins to inflate means that your body will try to claim it as your outer muscles contract around it. I had it torn from my fingers more than once using it vaginally. Thankfully it doesn't have very far it could go, but anally I would not trust the pump tube to be enough to pull it out. Get one with a large base (there are a couple of Cock Locker ones with a bulbous base, or alternatively some specially designed inflatable butt plugs, all readily available here on Lovehoney.)

      Safety first!

      Anyway where was I. Oh yes build quality!

      Overall it is very good, I'm always nervous it might go bang, so be careful not to over-inflate it - I'd imagine accidentally getting to 11-inch girth wouldn't be a disaster, aiming to expand it to 20 inches is likely to cause serious injury.

      One thing to watch for is the metal intake valve in the pump, which can work its way loose and be fired out with over enthusiastic squeezing. If yours does this, or looks like it might, wiggle it free (before it fires off of its own accord - hunting through carpet for it is not a fun way to spend an evening) and use super glue to glue it back into its hole securely.

      Make sure you check it regularly for any abrasions, marks or bits that look like weak spots developing. As you would with any of your toy collection, making sure it's fit for purpose.

      Test Ride:

      Okay, its a balloon, I'm not a fan of the flesh colour, and frankly the idea of using it at first made me feel a bit weird.

      Key words: At first.

      This thing is an absolute delight. I am something of a size queen when it comes to girth but not necessarily depth, so the fact this is 7 to 9 inches only long is brilliant, no chance of a bruised cervix.

      The expansion range is one of the best I've found, most only gain 2-3 inches in girth but often boast great length expansions. This delight goes from 6 inches (just above a larger rabbit vibe) up to a whopping 10-inch circumference (we got it up to about 11 inches by accident).

      I found this toy great for stretching generally, for providing a fullness if focussing on a clitoral vibe, and for tailor making your personal size preference for a thrusting session without having to own bigger and smaller ones to suit your day to day preferences.

      I found it frankly huge amounts of fun when handed over to a partner for them to decide exactly how much they want to give you (to partners - listen to your lover/victim, we all like a bit of teasing but pushing it too far may get you accidentally kicked in the face!).

      All round an amazing toy, outstanding value for money, greater range than a lot of others. Satisfying whatever your preference!

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      The fact that the intake valve came out.
      Bottom line
      Can you tell what it is yet?
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    1. Balloon ride

      Reviewed: May 27, 2011 by mrscullen, a Straight Married Female

      I like this, I feel amazing while it's inflated, but FOR ME it slips out if too full ;-(

      Also I can't fully orgasm whilst inflated. I have to deflate as it starts so my muscles can contract.

      But I still get excited. As it pushes me wide I can feel it and it feels dirty so wide open. I think it's a mind thing. x

      Need to be very wet to get it in because of the material it's made from x

      Hope this helps - I would buy again. x

    2. Overall Rating:
      7 out of 10 stars
      It gets big.
      Feels like a balloon.
      Bottom line
      Okay, nice full feeling but no substance behind it.
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