1. Toy Joy 1.75 Inch Silicone Power Cock Ring

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      1. Toy Joy 1.75 Inch Silicone Power Cock Ring

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    1. Product Description

      This super-thick silicone bad boy will restrict and tame the wildest phalluses. Simply slide it down your erect shaft with a little bit of lube and you're ready for action. Get harder, last longer!

      Above average boys can now enjoy the pleasures of a sturdy cock ring by investing in one of these Penisrings.

      1.75 inches diameter, this heavy-duty ring is designed for girths of 5.5 inches to 6 inches.

      0.75 inches thick and with a slight stretch, you can rest assured that this beast of a ring will help you maintain a harder erection for longer and will increase the duration and intensity of your orgasms.

      Can be worn around the penis alone or around the penis and testicles, depending upon your personal measurements.

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Toy Joy 1.75 Inch Silicone Power Cock Ring 3 3 out of 5 stars 3 out of 5

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      1. Toy Joy 1.75 Inch Silicone Power Cock Ring
      2. Toy Joy 1.75 Inch Silicone Power Cock Ring


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    1. The utilitarian of cock rings

      Reviewed: January 11, 2015 by Red Nose, a Straight Single Male

      I like this product and also purchased its smaller brother for when I am less 'excited' and need some more 'help'.

      Sizing-wise, I would say this is for slightly above average in girth, and will provide a reasonably snug fit but certainly not 'tight'.

      One could easily wear this for the recommended (max) time of 30 mins and not feel sore. The smaller product (same design) would be strangling you though.

      In conclusion, although it doesn't stretch (so get your sizing right), if it fits you, it will outlast stretchy jelly-type items, as it's nicely thick (unusually so) and so will last a long time.

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      Well made, doesn't look 'silly' with lurid colours or features.
      Doesn't stretch, which can be a problem. So buy both sizes!
      Bottom line
      Good, reliable product.
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    1. Toy Joy Silicone Power Cock Ring

      Reviewed: May 9, 2011 by 2Wicked, a Bisexual Married Female

      My OH wanted to try out a chunky cock ring so we decided to buy this one.

      Packaging: this cock ring has a very simple packaging, just a small transparent plastic box, with a matching plastic tray, in which the cock ring is placed. Unfortunately, there are no instructions inside. On the other hand we've used other cock rings before so this wasn't new to us.

      The cock ring: the cock ring itself is made from very sleek and smooth silicone. It would be perfect if it didn't have seams on the inner and outer surface.

      Sizing: my husband is well endowed and this cock ring is designed for girths of 5.5 inches to 6 inches, so we figured it was the one for him. Now that was a mistake, because this cock ring needs a little more girth so that it actually works properly. According to the LH description, it is slightly stretchable, but not enough for us I guess. After realising that it wasn't the right size, we started experimenting on how this could work, simply because we can't just return any item (postage fees). What worked for us in the end was to turn the inside out. The outer surface is curved, unlike the inner surface, which is flat. By turning the inside out, we managed to cover the tiny gap between the cock ring and the penis. It now restricts the blood flow almost as it should. So, if your girth/circumference is above 6.2-6.3 inches you're ok. If you're below that (even a little) this cock ring won't fit.

      Use: after managing the girth problem, we were so happy we tried to put it to the test with a little help from a water-based lube. It slipped into place easily, without hurting the skin and what can I say, it worked, but according to my OH, it didn't feel as great as other cock rings (the more stretchable ones, with or without nodules).

      Price: the price of this product is great, especially considering the material and it's worth every euro.

      Overall, this is a great product, we're happy, but we'd be happier if the sizing info was more accurate.

    2. Overall Rating:
      6 out of 10 stars
      Texture, price, material and packaging.
      The seam on the inner and outer surface, the size, lack of elasticity, no instructions.
      Bottom line
      A quality cock ring, but not the most pleasurable or effective one for us.
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    1. One Ring to rule them all, and in the darkness bind them

      Reviewed: January 29, 2011 by HotWings, a Straight Going Steady Male

      As a newcomer to cock rings I'm not an expert, but as far as I know, the theory behind cock rings is that slightly restricting the blood flow back from the penis keeps it harder and erect for longer. Sexy!!

      Anyway, whatever the science behind it, I'm always keen to try pretty much anything new, so I thought this toy would make a great introduction to cock rings, and hopefully lead to extended pleasures in the bedroom!

      The Toy Joy Power Ring is very well made, with a nice and simple enough design - not scary-looking like some of the cock rings out there. It's got a fantastic, smooth, silicon texture, and is very sturdy – it's thick, rounded band of pure silicon means that it's pretty much indestructible. It has a bit of stretch to it, but not much. I'm able to pull it wider by a couple of inches or so with my thumbs across my chest. If it were really stretchy like some jelly material, I'm sure it wouldn't be able to do its job and keep enough pressure applied. However, its lack of stretchiness does lead to some complications... more on that later, after some more sexy details:

      There are three types of cock ring, ones that just go over the penis, ones that go over the penis and balls together, and ones that go around both individually with a figure of 8-like shape. There are also ball stretchers, but that's for another time I think.

      The Toy Joy Power ring sits in the second camp - designed to go over the penis and balls together, constructing the link between them and the body.

      Or at least, that's what I can make out according to the tiny weeny diagram on the side of the ring's packaging. It really could do with being clearer. As this is the first cock ring I've tried, I wasn't sure exactly the correct way to wear it.

      So the night after the ring arriving, me and the Mrs are in bed fooling around and it's time to give the ring a go. Try as I might, it simply didn't want to fit over my balls. To get it anywhere close, I had to stretch it open with my fingers, try to pull it down my penis, and then what, push my balls up through it? After some heaving and struggling with it my arms were getting tired, and its clamped down on the base of my penis locking my fingers in there as well. Not exactly the position I had in mind! Whilst this is going on, my other half is giggling, watching me struggle away and eventually I had to give up and painfully extract myself from the ring. While it didn't exactly kill the moment, it did slow it down, and in the end we had to continue without it.

      Not one to give up after a single attempt, I did give it another trial run, on my own this time, and I did get a little further by rolling it down the cock, then stretching it and kind of pushing one ball up though it. In the end it again defeated me, and when rings attack it can be painful! Leaving it tight around the base of the penis was quite a nice feeling, but pretty sure that's not exactly how it supposed to work.

      I'm not sure what to try next. I'll have a dig in the always-helpful Lovehoney Community Forums, but unless I can find a method of somehow holding it open wider than I can get it by hand, I think I'll be stuck again.

      I'm loathed to give up, but I think I'll have to resort to using it as a stress toy for now.

    2. Overall Rating:
      5 out of 10 stars
      It's got a nice smooth texture, really well made, no rough edges anywhere.
      Had lots of difficulty trying to put it on, and instructions non-existent.
      Bottom line
      Nicely made toy, possibly great fun, but also frustrating.
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