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    1. Kimmi Lovecok Realistic Vagina and Ass Inflatable Sex Doll 3.2kg

      Average customer review 4.5 out of 5 stars11 reviews

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      1. Kimmi Lovecok Realistic Vagina and Ass Inflatable Sex Doll 3.2kg

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    1. Product Description

      Are you looking for the next step in love dolls? Kimmi Lovecok has it all. Fully-crafted from her face to her hands and feet she has pivoted arms, a pair of voluptuous breasts with real feel nipples and a lifelike pussy and ass for authentic pleasure.

      This sensual doll has beautiful detailing. From her flowing blonde hair and fluttering realistic eyelashes to her carefully painted finger and toenails, you can't fault this 36-24-34 sex bomb. Her realistic face with carefully painted detail enables you to connect with Kimmi on a different level to other, more basic love dolls.

      Kimmi has built-in realistic pussy and ass made from Loveclone - an ultra-real feel material that makes her tight entries feel amazing. Plunge into either to experience a 5 inch depth that stretches around you with every thrust, massaging you with hundreds of intense pleasure nodules.

      To top her off, Kimmi comes with her own bullet vibrator situated in a secret pocket inside her for even more thrilling adventures.

      A gentleman always uses lube, so be sure to stock up on plenty and be generous for the best time with Kimmi.

      Key Features:

      • Made from seamed PVC with a shaped rubber head, feet and hands for luxury blow up doll action
      • Pivoted arms that spin 360 degrees, enabling all sorts of fun positions
      • Realistic vagina, anus and real-feel nipples enhance lifelike experience
      • Single speed bullet vibrator for added thrills
      • Includes portable carry bag to keep her in pristine condition, a sample of renew powder, a puncture repair kit and a convenient foot pump
      • Perfect for stamina training and a cheaper alternative to Japanese love dolls
    1. Customer Reviews

      Kimmi Lovecok Realistic Vagina and Ass Inflatable Sex Doll 3.2kg 11 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Kimmi Lovecok Realistic Vagina and Ass Inflatable Sex Doll 3.2kg
      2. Kimmi Lovecok Realistic Vagina and Ass Inflatable Sex Doll 3.2kg


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    1. Kimmi is a babe... A perfect starter doll

      Reviewed: November 23, 2017 by wandering, a Straight Single Male

      I was thinking about getting Kimmi for a long time and eventually took the plunge. The order process was quick and delivery was almost as quick.

      I expected a big box to arrive but was pleasantly surprised to find it wasn't. Kimmi was neatly folded up, so I spread her out on the floor and started to bring her to life with the supplied pump.

      Upon doing this I turned her over and Wowwwwwy she is gorgeous.. A perfectly sculptured face with hard rubber hands and feet.

      The big problem is, as others have said, she is far too tight below... Otherwise she is a babe. A perfect starter doll.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      The sculptured face. Perfect.
      Very very very tight pussy.
      Bottom line
      Overall I would recommend Kimmi to anyone.
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    1. So glad I made this purchase

      Reviewed: October 8, 2016 by Jester91, a Bisexual Single Male

      This was such a good buy! I had never tried a sex doll. Wasn't something that I thought I’d ever try, either, but my curiosity got the better of me, and, fed up of my hand every night, thought I’d give this a go. And it is worth every penny!

      She looks amazing. Doesn't have that cheap comedy look you'd associate with a sex doll, she genuinely looks good. Her face, hands and feet are crafted beautifully, and you can interlock your fingers with hers, which is really nice!

      Her face is gorgeous, she has a lovely look, and her hair is really soft. Love how good her hair looks and feels. All that blonde hair spread out over my pillow. Quite pleased, have to say!

      Her body is still the right amount of firm. Even though she’s blown up by the provided air pump, she doesn't feel like she’s going to pop or burst, which is good. Does come with a puncture repair kit in case of emergencies, but she feels surprisingly resistant. Have only just got her, though, and so I can't account for longevity, seems really good so far though.

      I do also just want to mention she takes literally two minutes to pump from fully boxed to totally inflated. So she is really easy to put back and repackage and bring out easily.

      Terms of how she feels, I do have a gripe. This might actually be because I am blessed with a fairly sizey penis, and depth here isn't an issue at all she accommodates wonderfully, but width is a bit of a problem. I do wish she was a little wider. Both her vagina and anal openings feel great once you're inserted, but actually getting inside takes a degree of effort, which is a touch annoying.

      I have to manually pry her with my fingers to create enough width for me to fit, and every time you exit her body you need to go through that process again. It is a bit like sticking your dick in a keyhole, so I tend to stay in once I’m in. Which is great,. she feels fantastic inside, but yeah I can't deny I wish she was an inch wider.

      Genuinely that’s my one and only issue with this wonderful product. Even knowing this, I’d still have purchased it because she is fantastic, and having tight bits isn't exactly the worst thing in the world. I'll make do with lube and prying upon entry.

      Absolutely brilliant product - dozens of great things with one minor gripe, she’s beautiful!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Looks gorgeous, feels wonderful inside. Shes 5ft 2, so feels authentic.
      Both the vagina and anal openings are really tight, could do with being wider.
      Bottom line
      This was a tremendous buy, absolutely recommend her.
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    1. Kimmi, Wow

      Reviewed: June 27, 2016 by Jim2338, a Straight Going Steady Male

      I had never purchased or used a doll before, but after being out of a relationship for several months I decided to give it a go. As soon as I clicked on the link for Kimmi, I was hooked. After reading the reviews and also googling and viewing various pictures of her online, I took the plunge.

      Lovehoney informed me that Kimmi would be with me the day after my purchase and for the rest of the day and the next morning I was getting excited about meeting Kimmi. Finally, the knock came at the door and Kimmi had arrived in her brown cardboard box. I eagerly took this straight into the front room and confess I hurriedly ripped the box open. There was Kimmi's face in a more provocative box, which was inside the much bigger plain brown box.

      I got straight to work pumping Kimmi up with the supplied pump. All the time Kimmi had been facing the floor, only when she was fully inflated did I flip her over and wow, is she a stunner! It's hard to describe just how amazingly attractive she is and must surely have been designed by a computer program inputting everyone's fantasy woman?

      It may be sad, but I had to kiss her perfect lips, and was soon caressing and kissing her fantastic lifelike nipples. A good bit of lube into her vaginal opening and I had my fingers working inside her as she stared mesmerisingly back at me. By now I was as hard as I have been in several years and was bursting to be where my fingers were. I applied a generous amount of lube to myself and also to Kimmi and it was 'showtime'. Kimmi though is very tight and entry had to be delayed while I applied further lube and increased the quantity of fingers inside of Kimmi. Again I tried and again Kimmi resisted. I stood her up and raised her a couple of inches off the floor, whilst she looked longingly at me to enter her.

      My rock hard member (with more lube) pressed again against her lips and in I went! Oh wow, Kimmi felt awesome. The little nubbles inside her work magically against the side you as you ecstatically work your way in and out. I was careful not to fully withdraw as I was scared I would not get back inside, but Kimmi's tight passage tightly held me. The sensations were wonderful and all the while Kimmi's gorgeous face and mesmeric eyes willed and urged me on. I lasted longer than I thought I would until finally, Kimmi brought me to climax. I was working up quite a speed and rhythm as again I kissed Kimmi all over, and then I just made it out of her in time. I ejaculated more than I have in years and years, sending squirt after squirt flying several feet in distance. Usually I don't come much and never with velocity like that since I was a teenager.

      I was shattered and sunk onto the sofa, catching my breath. Kimmi smiling satisfyingly at me. I gave Kimmi a quick kiss and clean, popped her in my bed, had a quick shower and then I had to attend an appointment that I had. The appointment was pretty much a blur, as my thoughts kept on returning to my fun with Kimmi and for the next several hours I was in a trance-like state as I anticipated my return to Kimmi and another session with her. Was she going to be as tight again (yes) and would I also penetrate her from behind (yes also)? When I did finally get home, the wait was more than worth it.

      PS Let Kimmi's hair down and somehow she becomes even more sexy than she already is.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Everything. Kimmi is dream girl fantasy.
      That I hadn't got Kimmi years ago.
      Bottom line
      Heaven. Over and over and over again.
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