1. Brandy Big Boob 3 Hole Blow Up Sex Doll 582g

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      1. Brandy Big Boob 3 Hole Blow Up Sex Doll 582g

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    1. Product Description

      Meet Brandy Big Boob. Proud owner of massive tits and 3 holes for you to plunge into, all 5'3" of Brandy is yours to enjoy. Detailed with soft hair and 3D features for authenticity. Keep her to yourself or enjoy voyeuristic fun with your partner.

      Lose yourself in Brandy's deep brown eyes, caress her long, flowing blonde hair and tweak those pert nipples to get in the mood for what's next.

      Add a generous squeeze of your favourite water-based lubricant to yourself and enjoy each of her welcoming holes. Whether you start with her mouth, vagina or anus is up to you.

      Key Features:

      • 3 hole blow up sex doll for exhilarating erotic pleasure
      • 3D moulded facial features with deep brown eyes and blonde hair enhances the lifelike experience
      • Petite but lifesize height measures 5'3" tall for authenticity
      • Large breasts with pronounced nipples enhance your sexy session
      • Mouth, vagina and ass openings measure 1.5 inches in diameter and 6 inches deep for total satisfaction
      • Includes a puncture repair kit - just in case!
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      Brandy Big Boob 3 Hole Blow Up Sex Doll 582g 24 3.5 out of 5 stars 3.5 out of 5

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      1. Brandy Big Boob 3 Hole Blow Up Sex Doll 582g
      2. Brandy Big Boob 3 Hole Blow Up Sex Doll 582g


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    1. Fun time Brandy

      Reviewed: May 15, 2016 by bondagegod

      I received the Brandy Big Boob 3 Hole Blow Up Sex Doll from Lovehoney as part of a competition I had won.

      I didn't think a sex doll would ever be appealing to me as I felt that it would feel slightly strange having sex with a doll. If I do think of sex dolls the first thing that comes to mind is Del Boy and the classic episode with the blow-up sex dolls.

      Brandy comes inside a square yellow box with a picture of a topless model on the front and back. On the sides of the box it shows the features of the doll. On opening the box brandy is folded up neatly inside a clear plastic bag. There is also an instruction leaflet included.

      To blow Brandy up it is very quick and easy to do. The valve is located on her back and she was fully inflated after 2-3 minutes.

      The first thing I noticed about Brandy was her blonde hair and how realistic it actually looked. The only thing I would change about her hair is for it to be tied into the back of her head so it didn't fully flop forward when I'm having sex with her from behind.

      As sex dolls go, she is as realistic as you could really make her. Brandy has a face with brown eyes and blue eye lids. She also has printed on eyelashes and eyebrows. Her nose and mouth have a 3D effect. Her mouth has a 1.5-inch opening to give you oral sex and is six inches deep. At 5' 3" brandy is a good height and she does have large boobs with erect nipples ready to be played with. Her vaginal and anal openings are also 1.5 inches wide and 6 inches deep for deep penetration. There are two hygiene strips on her vaginal and anal openings which simply peel off. Once removed, Brandy is ready for you to play with her.

      So as Brandy joined us in bed I really didn't know what to expect. I lubed up my erect penis and got on top of her and I did find I needed Brandy to be slightly pressed down so I could slide myself into her as it felt her vagina hole was a little high to be able to enter her. To my amazement, she felt surprisingly good to be inside off and felt very smooth with each thrust of my penis and there was an added excitement in doing this next to my wife. I found myself lying on top of her large breasts which did give a soft feeling on my chest. The only thing I found was that after a while the lube did dry up and it was getting quite sore and needed to reapply myself with lube.

      I did turn Brandy over and to see how she felt to do anally and it was a very pleasurable experience to enter her bum and slide straight into her smooth hole and fill all of her 6-inch insertable length with my erect penis. It did feel like naughty sex by having anal sex with Brandy.

      I tried to enter my cock into her mouth to feel what it would feel like and I found the mouth opening was too small and I couldn't fit my penis into her mouth. This is one downside to Brandy but I wasn't too excited about trying my penis in her mouth so this wasn't an issue for me not being able to use her mouth for pleasure.

      To clean Brandy it isn't the easiest of jobs. I didn't cum inside Brandy so I only had the job of cleaning up the lube which I managed to do with wet wipes. If I did cum inside of Brandy the best way of cleaning her out would be to take her in the shower. Wearing a condom would be the easiest way as there would be no mess.

      After you have finished playing with brandy she does fold up again and fits back in the box. If Brandy did ever let you down there is a repair kit.

      Brandy is priced up at £24.99 now that I have used Brandy I would say this is a good price as she is a quality sex doll apart from her mouth being small. Her other holes feel very good and it does feel very pleasurable having sex with Brandy. She is good to use if you are a couple for threesome fun or if you’re a single guy looking for some naughty fun on your own.

      Brandy didn't have the same explosive fate that Del Boy's sex dolls did but I very much enjoyed Brandy to my surprise and it does add to our session that there is a third party involved without actually having a real person there.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Added a fun element to the bedroom. Brandy did feel good to have sex with.
      Her mouth could have been bigger to fit my penis in.
      Bottom line
      Very good sex doll and gives third party element with having a third person there.
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    1. A great doll for your first

      Reviewed: July 8, 2011 by madbedroomman

      Arrived in a nice unidentifiable box. Good height and size and very realistic. Worth every penny and more than definitely feels like it should be a higher price Also folds tidily into its box and is easy to store.

      The design on the face and boobs feel realistic and you can also add clothes.

      Absolute bargain!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Mouth a good size, breasts realistic, nice comfortable love holes.
      Bottom line
      Brilliant, amazing, a wonderful buy. Recommended.
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    1. Great switch up from masturbation

      Reviewed: April 21, 2014 by Jordan4toys

      This was the first sex doll I ever bought. It came in a plain cardboard box, and I was excited to open and use it for the first time.

      Blowing up the doll is very easy, and with a few deep breaths she's fully inflated.

      The doll itself has amazing breasts. They are not too small, like many other dolls. She has hard nipples with plenty of boob to grab a hold of.

      Her face is very well made and has a 3D effect, unlike those stupid printed looking ones.

      All three holes are very good. My personal favourite would be the vagina. I found the mouth least satisfying as her head is quite small.

      Use lots of lube as it can get quite sore if you don't.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Breasts and vagina.
      Mouth entrance.
      Bottom line
      Brilliant and well worth the money.
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