1. Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock Supreme Harness Kit with 8 Inch Dildo

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      1. Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock Supreme Harness Kit with 8 Inch Dildo

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    1. Product Description

      Get the best of both worlds with this amazing harness kit from Doc Johnson. The Supreme Harness is compatible with both Vac-U-Lock and O-ring dildos and comes with an 8 inch realistic silicone dildo to get you started on your strap on adventures.

      With 3 x O-rings and a Vac-U-Lock plug included, there's no need to discard your old sex toys - simply use the harness with your existing dildos and dongs by switching between the rings and the plug. The adjustable harness offers total comfort and control, while the extra wide back panel adds extra support, especially useful for those who prefer heavier dongs.

      Always use with plenty of water-based sex lube for maximum pleasure.

      Key features:


      - Realistic head

      - Textured, veined shaft

      - Vac-U-Lock and O-Ring compatible

      - Flat, flared base

      - Hypoallergenic platinum silicone


      - Unisex harness

      - Reinforced adjustable straps

      - Jock strap style

      - 2 adjustable, removable suspender straps

      - 3 O-rings (1.5, 2, 2.5 inches)

      - 1 Vac-U-Lock plug

      - Wide back support for heavy toys

      - Machine washable

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    1. Buyer's Guide: Vac-U-Lock Explained

      Doc Johnson's Vac-U-lock range of strap on harnesses and accessories offer a completely new way of enjoying strap on sex. Here, Annabelle Knight explains what makes the Vac-U-Lock collection so different, and how it can benefit your pegging and strap on adventures.

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      Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock Supreme Harness Kit with 8 Inch Dildo 2 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock Supreme Harness Kit with 8 Inch Dildo
      2. Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock Supreme Harness Kit with 8 Inch Dildo


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    1. Amazing strap-on

      Reviewed: October 21, 2013 by truegrace

      This Doc Johnson harness kit is almost like the big daddy of strap-ons.

      It is both O-ring compatible and Vac-U-Lock so caters for pretty much everything you may already have in the toy box. The 3 rings included will cater for most O-ring compatible toys as well and can hold some large dildos if that is your thing.

      The harness itself is very adjustable, and I think would fit pretty much every body size. Due to it being a 'one size fits all' type of design, you will find you have excess straps I'm sure as they are massive. These however can either be tucked in or just cut shorter. It is nice though that one harness will fit small or large alike.

      It is easy to adjust once on and the padded front and back support do feel nice against the skin, there are no sharp bits and they fit in place quite nicely.

      The back support is nice and wide as described and really does help if you want to hold a heavy toy. We have the 10" Basix dong which fits through the O-rings and is heavy so a definite plus for the extra support.

      The 8" Vac-U-Lock dildo included is a nice size, quite firm with just enough give, but might not be ideal as a starter dildo for some, so would recommend buying a smaller one to start off with then working your way up if you are not sure.

      If you are used to taking this size however, it is a lovely well made dildo. You can really feel the ridges and 'veins', which adds to the 'real' feel of it!

      This may be a bit more expensive than some of the other harness but personally I think it is worth the money, especially if you have a lot of O-ring/Vac-U-Lock dildos already as pretty much everything is compatible!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Very adjustable, comfortable, fits with everything.
      Need to go and buy more dildos now!
      Bottom line
      Amazing harness, well made and will fit almost everyone.
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    1. A good solid purchase

      Reviewed: November 1, 2013 by S&S, a Bisexual Married Male

      The Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock Supreme Harness Kit with 8 Inch Dildo is a perfect introduction into the world of Vac-U-Lock harnesses, and offers a good quality harness and dildo for the asking price. Although this price may seem a little steep, we believe that this item is a perfect investment in both a harness and a dildo that will last you a long time. As such, couples new to strap-on play will benefit the most from this product, although the harness will certainly serve as a suitable upgrade to a lot of other harnesses out there.

      First of all, we are a straight couple who have used the set here for pegging, which involves herself wearing the harness, and penetrating himself anally - so this is the perspective we will be writing from.

      At a first glance, the packaging is nice, clean and modern. There's nothing too fancy here, meaning that there is nothing over-done - this is a well packaged, professional looking product. This is what we were expecting from a a brand such as the Vac-U-Lock, and we were not disappointed.

      First of all, let us look at the harness: this is the most comfortable and functional harness we have come across, with the exception of the amazing RodeoH. The material is of a very high quality, and offers great comfort and support whilst wearing it. The design of the harness is that of a jock-strap, which has two great advantages to it: firstly, a soft pad runs across the base of your spine, providing a lot of comfort as well as security when wearing it. Secondly, your vagina and anus are left free and open to add some more toys into the mix - we find this a great bonus as it can really add some fun to our sessions, and is one of the reasons that we may actually choose this harness over our trusty RodeoH.

      There are plenty of straps to adjust, with the harness easily accommodating plus size users - she is a size 12 herself, and wears this comfortably, with every indication that women several sizes larger will be just as comfortable. The harness also comes with two detachable suspender attachments, which is a very nice little idea, and really adds a lot to the costume possibilities!

      When it comes to attaching a dildo, you have two options: the Vac-U-Lock plug which works with each and every dildo across the brand, or there are your traditional O-rings, of which there are three in the box (1.5, 2 and 2.5 inches). This means that using the harness alone does not rule out your favourite non-Vac-U-Lock dildo - you can easily exchange the dildo attachments with a small panel that clips into the front of the harness. The process of switching these panels is made incredibly easy, and ensures maximum flexibility.

      Next, we will take a look at the 8 inch classic dildo: there are no real surprises here, as you get exactly what the product-page details - a long, thick dildo, made of a hypoallergenic platinum silicone. This particular form of silicone is a lot harder than what you might normally think when you imagine silicone, and so this dildo is a far-cry from some of the more real-feel ones. I must admit, this was a slight disappointment, and it is where the product drops some points - the dildo is just a bit plain and too hard for the asking price. I would have much preferred the dildo to be a bit softer, as I find that this adds to the overall experience. Bare in mind that this is more of an opinion than an objective criticism, so feel free to ignore this point if the hardness is something you might actually enjoy.

      In terms of size, well you know yourself if this is going to suit you or not. For me, this is the largest toy I have taken anally, and so it was a bit of a challenge. With plenty of lube and a bit of patience, I was able to take most of it in me, and it felt fantastic. Although my criticism of the material still stands, this is still a great quality dildo which will certainly last you a long time. It just about justifies the asking price, but I cannot help but feel that a price closer to £55 would really help the product. However, this point may be open to conjecture, as indeed I am about to argue against it myself!

      The 'hidden' bonus of getting this harness kit is that it gives you access to the complete Vac-U-Lock brand of dildos. The Vac-U-Lock attachments works quite easily and is something you will really want to consider investing in if you enjoy a lot of strap-on play. Attaching a dildo is very easy: each Vac-U-Lock dildo will have a cavity at the base, which you coat with a small amount of powder before attaching (you get a large amount of this in a nice and small applicator, so don't worry about running out), and then pop the dildo onto the Vac-U-Lock attachment. Removing your dildo is relatively easy, so long as you have used the powder beforehand (otherwise, it may prove a bit difficult). The sheer variety of dildos in the range should satisfy everyone's needs, and we have already started adding additional ones to our collection.

      Overall then, the Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock Platinum 8 Inch Classic Dildo with Supreme Harness is most likely to appeal to those who have not yet picked up a Vac-U-Lock harness and attachment, for this is where the real value lies. And for these people, we thoroughly recommend this as a high-quality option for strap-on play. The harness and attachment are a great investment, and the possibilities for future purchases they afford easily outweighs the somewhat disappointing dildo. For those who already have another Doc Johnson harness, it may be hard to justify the upgrade - this particular harness sells on Lovehoney for £29.99, which itself is a pretty good price for this harness. This then opens the question of whether or not it might simply be better to buy the harness and a dildo of your choice separately - this is certainly an option, however we do feel that if you are looking for a dildo of this size, then the asking price is fair for getting the harness and dildo together.

      The choice is yours, but there are certainly a lot of strong points in favour of this product, and so we are happy to recommend it to people looking to expand on their strap-on fun!

    2. Overall Rating:
      7 out of 10 stars
      The high quality harness, and access to the Vac-U-Lock brand.
      The dildo was somewhat plain and disappointment.
      Bottom line
      A great investment!
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