1. Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock Supreme Harness Kit with 6 Inch Dildo

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      1. Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock Supreme Harness Kit with 6 Inch Dildo

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    1. Product Description

      If you're a fan of strap on sex and want to upgrade your erotic equipment to something a little more luxurious, this Vac-U-Lock Platinum is for you. With a dual function supreme harness and 6 inch silicone dildo, reaching pleasure central is super-easy.

      Compatible with both Vac-U-Lock and O-ring dildos, this strap on harness can be used with flared base toys, as well as the full range of Vac-U-Lock toys. Offering endless orgasmic possibilities, it is a must-have for your strap on sex toy collection.

      Add lashings of water-based sex lube to add a slick sensation to your playtime.

      Key features:


      - Premium comfort, adjustable unisex harness

      - Slim 7" Platimum Silicone Attachment

      - O-Ring Attachment

      - Patented-Designed Vac-U-Loc Plug

      - Easy-on/Easy-off Vac-U-Powder

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    1. Buyer's Guide: Vac-U-Lock Explained

      Doc Johnson's Vac-U-lock range of strap on harnesses and accessories offer a completely new way of enjoying strap on sex. Here, Annabelle Knight explains what makes the Vac-U-Lock collection so different, and how it can benefit your pegging and strap on adventures.

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      Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock Supreme Harness Kit with 6 Inch Dildo 2 4 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5

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      1. Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock Supreme Harness Kit with 6 Inch Dildo
      2. Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock Supreme Harness Kit with 6 Inch Dildo


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    1. Bigger and better bang for your buck

      Reviewed: November 21, 2013 by LostInTheWoods11

      When we opened up the parcel we were pleasantly by surprised the size and girth of the attachment. The attachment has a good weight behind it but it might be a little intimidating to some who have not used a girthy toy before. Unlike some, it is very detailed, with realistic ridges, contours, and heavy balls.

      The attachment was the most eye-catching feature but we soon turned to unwrapping the rest. The harness itself is a quality piece of kit.

      The Vac-U-Lock system took a little bit of time and some fiddling to get used to but works well.

      Overall, build quality is better than some other toys we have tried. Harnesses are always fiddly - especially with cold winter fingers - but we soon got the hang of it and were both having good fun. The harness can, with a little fiddling, be used for double penetration, which is always great. :-D

      If you don't like the attachment or you want to go bigger, you can always swap it out for a different one!

      Overall we had good fun with this and we hope you do too! xoxo

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      Realistic attachment. Superior build quality.
      A little weighty.
      Bottom line
      Better quality than other harnesses we have used!
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    1. Easy to fit, wear, and adjust, strap-on

      Reviewed: January 16, 2014 by Lady Ness, a Bisexual Engaged Female

      The Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock Supreme Harness Kit with 6 Inch Dildo, is a highly adjustable strap-n, with multiple options for securing your desired dildo into the harness. Offering the option of the Vac-U-Lock technology, you are able to secure a compatible dildo to the device with more security when compared to just using the standard O-ring attachments which are also provided. I was curious to find out whether or not the Vac-U-Lock technology really did offer extra support to the attached dildo during play, particularly as some harnesses have a habit of allowing the attached dildos to spring and bounce freely when thrusting.

      The Dildo and Harness set arrives in a white box with various bits of product information printed onto it. Within the box you will find the Harness with an O-ring already attached to it, two additional O-rings, a Vac-U-Lock attachment, a small plastic bottle filled with Vac-U-Lock Powder, the dildo, and a set of easy to follow instructions. The dildo provided is from the Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock range which is intended to be used with the Vac-U-Lock attachment, this particular one will work with standard O-rings is required due to it having a flared base. The dildo is design to appear like a realistic penis including the scrotum; it is a total of 7 inches long with 6 inches of insertable shaft.

      The product's girth is a maximum of 5.5 inches in circumference, making this toy above average in size. The dildo is made from silicone, and causes a fair amount of friction when rubbed against dry skin, the products veins and detailing also means the dildo causes more drag than when compared to a smoother toy. When attaching the dildo to the harness, simply slip the Vac-U-Lock attachment into the harness front pouch making sure the fitting is poking out the front.

      Use the Vac-U-Lock powered provided and pump a few times into the hole found in the base of the dildo, and then simply push the dildo on the Vac-U-Lock attachment. When using the powder bottle be aware that the powder can explode all over the place if used too forcefully. If desired you can also thread the shaft of the dildo through the fitted O-ring for extra security. If you wish to use a different dildo, you are able to easily un-pop the O-ring and change it for one of an alternative size, within seconds.

      The harness is made from two soft fabric panels with sturdy adjustable straps connecting between them. The back strap offers ample support when fitted; making certain that the front panel with the dildo in has better control during play. The straps are easy to adjust and once altered to fit your body, the texture on them causes enough friction that they stay in position without slipping around. In regards to the size of this harness, I found that the product could easily fit my size 14 waist, and would be able to fit smaller or larger body shapes.

      The harness also has the option of attaching stockings to it, providing two removable suspender straps, which personally I found got in the way during play. I found that once the harness was set-up to my body shape that it was easy to remove and put back on when I next wanted to use it, unlike some harnesses which can take ages to remove and slip into. I found the material and the stitching comfortable and high quality, and I expect the device to last a long time.

      Cleaning the product is easy, simply remove the dildo from the harness and wash it within warm water with your standard antibacterial wash. The harness can be hand washed in cold water and detergent, and dries quickly.

      When using the harness on a partner, we found that the dildo required an ample amount of water base lubrication during anal play. The drying nature of the dildo meant that I had to constantly top-up the shaft of the product with more lube, ruining the experience, slightly. However we did find that the Vac-U-Lock attachment allowed for far superior control during use, and the attach dildo didn’t cause any discomfort to my pubic mound when thrusting (some strap-ons have a habit of allowing the dildo to spring away from the body and therefore cause bruising). Luckily I own other Vac-U-Lock dildos made from different textured silicone, and found that these were better for anal insertion when compared to the one provided within this particular kit.

      When using only the standard O-rings to attach a dildo, the dildo had slightly less security when compared to using the Vac-U-Lock technology. However the product still offered more support when compared with other harnesses I have tried in the past.

      The dildo provided can be used from vaginal insertion (if using during play which also includes anal penetration, make sure you clean the product before going from anal to vaginal, or change the condom / barrier method is used). Personally I found the material of the dildo slightly too firm and drying to comfortably use vaginally, however, it may work better for others.

      Overall, the Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock Supreme Harness Kit with 6 Inch Dildo, is a good kit for anyone looking for a harness which is well fitting and offers a good amount of control during play. The dildo provided personally didn’t work for me or my partner, but others may find it to work better for their body. On a plus note, the harness can be used with other Vac-U-Lock dildos, or alternatively with standard flared base dildos when only using the O-ring attachments. If you do decided to use the dildo provides I highly recommend having a good supply of water-based lube on hand.

    2. Overall Rating:
      7 out of 10 stars
      Easy to wear, easy to clean, offers great support and control during play.
      The dildo material was a bit drying and caused a lot of friction.
      Bottom line
      A good quality harness.
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