1. Let's F*ck Game

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      1. Let's F*ck Game

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      Horny bedroom fun! Spin the spinner, move your counter around the board and follow the instructions. Simple fun and lots of excitement -- how long can you last before you leap into bed!?

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      1. Let's F*ck Game
      2. Let's F*ck Game


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    1. I'd say it's a tenner well spent

      Reviewed: April 16, 2011 by Booties, a Bisexual Single Female

      The OH and I had been wanting to buy a new sex game for a while, but were reluctant to spend a lot of money on one when our relationship didn't particularly need the kick-start they give... We found this while browsing one evening and decided it was worth a go, just for a laugh. At the price, and with LH's returns service, what did we have to lose, really?

      It arrived swiftly as always, and I was immediately excited but its fun packaging! The game comes packed in a sturdy cardboard box, only slightly bigger than an A5 sheet of paper. Around the box is a plastic wrapper, keeping the game dust-free and assuring you it is brand-new! The box itself is lovely. Cheap-looking, and nothing special, but the black background and fancy "neon" pink and blue text make a wonderful contrast. Very simple and effective. My only qualm is that it isn't one for the games cupboard; "Let's f*ck!" scrawled boldly across the front is hardly inconspicuous! On the back is a picture of the game board and various humorous quips such as "Note: If you are a SLUT, you can use the extra game markers and play with 3 or more players". Some people may find this offensive, so just a word of warning!

      The box contains:

      1 game board with pictures

      1 simple instruction leaflet

      1 spinner with corresponding colours and positions

      4 game counters (I'm sure you could include more players by making new counters, or stealing them from another game!)

      Gameplay is simple as pie. You and a partner take turns to spin the spinner and move around the board. There are 7 colours of square: Blue (passionate kiss), yellow (massage something), red (talk dirty), purple (spanking), orange (lick something), pink (remove some clothing) and black (wanna f*ck?). Depending on what colour square you land on, you must carry out that action on your partner... And if you land on black, you may choose to take it to the bed or not! It is basically a test of how long you can last, constantly teasing each other throughout! When you decide to "take it upstairs", you spin the spinner a final time to find that each colour corresponds to a silhouette-illustrated position... Which is the position you must "f*ck" in to complete the game!

      Because the instructions are pretty un-specific, you can tailor make the game to suit your tastes... However this may not be the game for you if you're all out of ideas and looking for very specific instructions! "Talk dirty" and "Massage something" are a little vague...

      I have played this with my partner and with a group of friends at a party. While playing with friends, we simply twisted the rules a little and had to do funny forfeits when we landed on black. Hearing everyone talking over-the-top dirty to each other and trying to avoid landing on "strip" was jolly good fun! It can be played somewhat like fairly innocent Spin The Bottle in this way, though I can imagine it still being fun with 3 or more players, if you're that way inclined!

      With my OH, things were more serious, but we still had a great laugh! It was certainly a good mix of cheesy fun and sexy ideas!

      The actual quality of the board and counters, etc, is really very good for the money. I can't imagine it falling apart any time soon... Plus the compact size of the box makes it easier to store!

      I would definitely say this was a tenner well-spent, though it isn't the most in-depth or serious sex game around! If you want a game to play with more than two players, or just fancy a laugh and an excuse to jump into bed with your partner, I'd recommend this all the way!

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      The price. The humorous descriptions. A good laugh to play!
      A bit "quick". You have to use your imagination. Not for "prudes"!
      Bottom line
      If you have a sense of humour and want a cheap giggle...
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