1. Vixen Raquel Suction Cup Silicone G-Spot Dildo

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      1. Vixen Raquel Suction Cup Silicone G-Spot Dildo

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    1. Product Description

      Slip onto this silicone G-spot dildo for more-than-satisfying stimulation from its super-flexible, perfectly curved shaft. The bulbed head massages your inner sweet spots and the suction cup base opens up the opportunity for hands-free play.

      Coat the smooth length of this suction cup dildo with plenty of water-based lubricant for extra slippery and pleasurable play.

      Key features:

      - G-spot dildo

      - Flexible silicone

      - Suction cup base for hands-free play

      - Harness compatible

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Vixen Raquel Suction Cup Silicone G-Spot Dildo 2 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Vixen Raquel Suction Cup Silicone G-Spot Dildo
      2. Vixen Raquel Suction Cup Silicone G-Spot Dildo


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    1. Pretty and pink

      Reviewed: April 14, 2014 by Lovebirds_x

      Whether you are looking for a fun and attractive harness toy or just a more substantial, easy to use dildo, this toy will likely fit the bill.

      Appearance-wise this toy is lovely. My first impression was definitely amazement at how such a large toy could look so pretty! It is the most beautiful colour in real life; it has a purple shimmer along with the pink that the company photos have not picked up on. The curved shaft and bulbous head make for a sensual yet non-threatening looking toy, ideal for those who are not comfortable/are intimidated by their toys looking like a real penis. The overall colour and shape are wonderfully feminine and pleasing to the eye. There are no nasty chemical scents or cheap looking seam lines, you do get the quality you pay for (a point worth remembering when you are looking at the cheaper alternatives, might I add!).

      The toy is made from silicone, but has more the feel of a cyberskin toy. There is a harder core and a softer, smooth silicone outer layer. This makes for a wonderful combination of flexibility and substance, with enough firmness to allow easy insertion but enough flexibility not to 'poke' your insides. The material feels durable, and to date ours has suffered no damage.

      I was somewhat sceptical from the measurements provided, but this toy really does feel filling. The bulbous head combined with the firm silicone make it feel bigger than it is. I've found you really need a good warm-up (or at the least a good whack of lube) before trying to insert it. I would not recommend this toy to anyone who is not familiar with girthier toys unless you are prepared to take it REALLY slow, as getting the head in can be painful if you're not 100% ready.

      Once in, it doesn't feel much beyond average. The curve hugs your insides perfectly though. The head provides a constant pressure to the G-spot even when not fully inserted, and produced quite heavy stimulation when in use. We found it preferable not to insert fully as it is a reasonably long toy and full insertion bordered more on pain than pleasure.

      We found the additional length was more helpful for making deeper penetration possible in positions where penetration is usually shallow, and for using as a handle during solo play. Unlike some toys, the weight does not make it any harder to handle when going solo, which is always a plus! We also found that very shallow penetration provided the feeling of a more girthy toy.

      The suction cup was something that intrigued me about this toy. Again, I had my doubts that it would stay suctioned to a surface. Well, I was wrong! After careful testing in the shower I was pleased to find that it would stay firmly put to the bath tub, the tiles, the floor, whatever (especially when the cup was wet from the shower). This combined with the long length and flexibility allows for a lot of interesting possibilities!

      Overall, this toy seems to fulfil many basic roles. I think it's strongest point is the potential for shower play. It also fits most standard harnesses and can be used for basically any kind of play you or your partner could imagine. It may seem like a hefty price tag for a silicone dildo, but it is top quality and well worth splashing out on.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      Gorgeous looking, great build quality, feels great! shower time. ;)
      Bottom line
      A very pretty basic dildo with bundles of potential!
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    1. The diva of my collection

      Reviewed: January 16, 2015 by sleepycelia

      I loooove Vixskin. It's the softest, squidgiest, most perfect silicone I've ever felt and the Raquel is no exception to the rule. It's delightfully squishy with a marshmallow-y tip, and comes in a beautiful colour described as 'rose shimmer' on the Vixen Creations website - a gorgeous shimmering pink with an opalescent base. I don't think I've ever described a dildo as stunning before, but this one's a perfect 10.

      Vixskin dildos come in clear tubes for easy storage - these are fantastic and I keep all mine. They're not discreet, but this is by far the best way to keep them and I'd strongly discourage trying to cram it into a satin bag or similar. The super-soft nature of vixskin means that it has a slightly 'tacky' feel and picks up dust like nothing you've ever seen before, and I do I mean that! It'll develop a fur coat in minutes if you leave it out.

      I originally bought this as I'd been after a slimmer harness-suitable dildo for a while and thought the Raquel was smaller than it really was, but I think it photographs thinner due to the height; it's thicker than my Vixskin Mustang, 7 inches tall, texture-free and has a slight curve with a supple, bulbous tip. This is not what I was expecting (and totally my own fault) but I figured I'd soldier on anyway - there's no such thing as too much Vixskin, right?

      If you hadn't grasped it already, the Raquel is one plush dildo. All Vixskin dildos have a firm inner core, and then a pliable, soft outer layer for realism - you could even let it sit in a sinkful of hot water beforehand for an almost disturbing level of real-feel-ness - and utmost squishiness. I'm fairly sure the Raquel has a thinner core than most of the Vixskin line because it's unusually floppy, and if you buy this purely because of the suction-cup feature you might end up disappointed as this means that it's not ideal for suction-cupping to a wall. It droops down, it's not something that protrudes perkily wherever you stick it - it needs some, er, guidance.

      Unfortunately this also applies to harness use, too. It dangles between my legs when I strap it on and it requires a lot of hand-guiding; it works really well for missionary and spooning, but it tends to give up early in doggy.

      For solo use, though? Oh wow. I might've been skeptical at first but that lovely cushiony head strokes over my G-spot ever so gently, it's soft enough to fill me up without stabbing painfully at my cervix, and the suction cup provides a handy base for gripping. It builds up to a slow burner of an orgasm, the intensely satisfying kind that makes you want to have a nap afterwards. It eats lube though. Be prepared for that.

      It might not be the most low maintenance dildo in the world, but the Raquel's a key piece in my collection now and I'm glad I have it along with being totally gutted that Lovehoney have discontinued it. If you're not keen on texture and rigid materials the Raquel might just be perfect for you - grab one if you see one, you might never look back!

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      Slim girth, nice G-spotty tip, super duper squishy.
      Might be a tad too floppy and not intense enough for some.
      Bottom line
      A lovely all-rounder of a dildo, if not the easiest to care for.
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