1. Cock Locker Robbie Butt Plug

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      1. Cock Locker Robbie Butt Plug

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    1. Product Description

      Hmm, we'd like to imagine a certain Robbie having a voluminous butt-stuffer like this packed into his pants. In the meantime, this delightful rubber substitute, displacing internal organs with its impressive 8.1 inch girth, will just have to do.

      The things us boys have to put up with, eh? Not that we're complaining, mind you!

      Made in England.

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    1. Customer Reviews

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      1. Cock Locker Robbie Butt Plug
      2. Cock Locker Robbie Butt Plug


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    1. A perfect size

      Reviewed: January 4, 2012 by peeholepirate

      I sit here writing this review with my new friend 'Robbie' planted inside me.

      I have to admit this is not my first 'Robbie'. My first one of these died recently after about 6 years of hard use!

      This is the only toy I've felt a must replace.

      While not being quite like some of the extreme stretching toys (such as 3 Bangs for your Butt) this is perfect for some gentle, long-term stretching. It does have a big brother, Kirk, which I also have but that, like the Three Bangs, is less suitable for long-time wear.

      The Robbie plug is big enough for you to know about it, but it can be worn in place for some time (up to an hour I'd say) before becoming ridiculously uncomfortable.

      The only problem is that the base is a little wide, and round unlike most plugs which have a narrow base to sit between your ass cheeks. The round base can cause it to be difficult to retain when standing, and is the only aspect I could imagine for improvement.

      On my first Robbie I tried trimming the base to improve this, but I think this contributed to his degradation and eventual demise. This one I shall keep as original. The original Robbie had a chain link from the base also (I guess some means of hanging it up?) but has been done away with on the new model (never used it anyway).

      I haven't used Robbie for a while so loosened up with a smaller dildo beforehand. As I inserted Robbie for the first time, the pressure on my prostate coupled with a lot of pent-up sexual tension caused an immediate ejaculation - wow. I haven't done this with Robbie in the past - guess it depends on quite the angle of insertion. Anyhow had him in for about 10 mins now and still feels awesome!

      Recommended lubes for use: Liquid Silk is good, Lubrifist is awesome.

      You can see a picture of new versus original, dead Robbie on my profile.

      Have fun :-O

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Size is just right for some width-wise stimulation.
      Base is perhaps a little too big.
      Bottom line
      Awesome, perfect if you like it big.
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    1. Robbie Butt Plug: My favourite anal toy

      Reviewed: November 7, 2010 by We Like Toys, a Bisexual Married Male

      I don't usually do "reviews" but seeing as the only previous review for this fine toy only had 1 star I wanted to set the record straight. I give it a 5 easily ;-)

      Firm but still a little flexible, at 2.5+ inches across this toy is a challenge for the experienced, but that's half the fun isn't it? Had this toy for over two years and it always satisfies.

      I'd recommend an oil-based lube like Doc Johnson's. Water-based ones are rubbish for big toys IMO.

      Takes time to get in all in, but if you like the feeling of panic/bliss as it goes all the way home I think you'll enjoy this one ;-) Presses nicely on the prostate and makes me drip. Takes your breath away on the way in and on the way out.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Ecstasy when you manage it all :-)
      Requires lots of free time alone or with a partner to achieve the goal.
      Bottom line
      Great fun in the bedroom or elsewhere :-)
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    1. Blokey, but fab feelings

      Reviewed: May 11, 2011 by AndreaT

      To be honest, it's a bit blokey looking, you know? I'm not a bloke. Some like the scary black look... I like cute looking butt plugs (like the doc johnson ace of spades) in lovely colours, but huge! The ones that look far too innocent to make me scream and bite the pillow.

      On UK websites, there aren't that many 8" circumference ones... and that's a good size for "improvers". I've got the XL plug LH sell here, and that's 7.75". So, colour aside, I got this (I'll stopping waffling now).

      It made me whimper and nicely unable-to-sit-or-stand... all I could do was lie down and soak my sheets.

      Not for beginners ;-)

      Oh, and "Cock Locker" (*such* a blokey name sob) doesn't do lovely packaging, just cling-film. OK...

      Glad I got it though, but I'm still looking for a similar plug, 'cause I'm a girl-who-loves-pretty-things-and-anal.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Amazing feeling of fullness.
      Colour and boring packaging.
      Bottom line
      Love the feeling, hate the presentation (yes, I'm a girl).
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    1. Ring of Fire and Disappointment

      Reviewed: August 4, 2010 by ButchEek

      It's nicely sized and shaped (slips in comfortably and is an enjoyable ride), just the right level of firmness. However even the slightest brush with a finger nail gouges chunks out of it, the rubber irritates the sensitive tissues inside the anus, the texture is a little rough, the base is too big to wear discretely and it's far too expensive for how low quality it is!

      I used Vaseline as my lube (oil based beats water-based hands down in my opinion), this could also be why it irritated my insides causing a burning sensation so it is probably only suitable for water-based lubes. If I wish to use this product I have to use condoms which I feel is a bit much to ask for a plug I'm only ever going to use on myself especially given the price! While it is enjoyable to use I feel it would be a lot more enjoyable to use a big dildo!

      If you do accidentally gouge it it can be repaired by carefully heating the area with a flame in order to make the rough edges smooth and safe again, be careful not to burn it though and only melt it a little.

      If I could choose again I would not pick this inferior product as I can achieve the same fun from a vegetable for a tiny fraction of the price!

    2. Overall Rating
      2 out of 10 stars
      Size, shape and that's it!
      So easily damaged, toxic to mucus membranes, expensive.
      Bottom line
      A waste of money and a potential health hazard.
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