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    1. ROCKBOX Finger Thrusting Vibrator

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      1. ROCKBOX Finger Thrusting Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      As seen on Netflix's Frisky Business, the super-strong ROCKBOX Finger is the ultimate tool for G-spot stimulation. Available exclusively at Lovehoney, this thrusting vibrator is soon to fulfil your squirting orgasm mission.

      Featured in Frisky Business, Netflix's fly-on-the-wall documentary about Lovehoney, the ROCKBOX Finger Thrusting Vibrator is a unique new toy for women.

      With a strong, thrusting finger that is perfectly shaped to stimulate the G-spot, it's the ideal sex toy for adventurous women who are curious about the phenomenon of squirting. 3 thrusting speeds, plenty of water-based lube and a push of the button kick-start your journey to an explosive G-spot orgasm.

      Key Features:

      • Ultra-powerful thrusting silicone finger sex toy to aid female ejaculation
      • Unique thrusting action that is not available in any other sex toy shop
      • 3 powerful speeds - starts strong and gets stronger and stronger
      • Strong, curved silicone finger for targeted G-spot stimulation
      • Super-intense and suitable for more advanced users
      • Easy-to-operate push-button interface

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    1. Customer Reviews

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      1. ROCKBOX Finger Thrusting Vibrator
      2. ROCKBOX Finger Thrusting Vibrator


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    1. O.M.G.

      Reviewed: October 6, 2014 by Scorpius12, a Straight Married Female

      I was so excited when Lovehoney asked me to test this toy in return for an honest review!

      The ‘ROCKBOX Finger’ arrives in a heavy-duty red and white cardboard box - very similar to how you would expect a DIY power tool packaging to look. The box has several ‘warnings’ - including ‘High Vibration Risk ‘ and red circles on the back indicating the need for headphones, goggles and gloves. This puts your mind into a state somewhere between total intimidation and utter excitement at the thought of what lies inside - or maybe the box is just over exaggerating?

      A further look at the box shows this toy promises a ‘ultra-powerful thrusting silicone finger’, ‘Power x Performance = Pleasure’, and ‘Achieve Your Squirting Orgasm Mission’ - fighting words indeed, and leaving the actual toy with a lot to live up to! In fact, before I opened the box for the first time, I wondered how a battery powered toy would come close to the promises made.

      The ROCKBOX Finger sits inside a plastic container within the box. First impressions are that it looks quite like an Electric Screwdriver. The base is made of a soft-touch plastic and the top ‘finger’ section is made of velvet soft silicone, so make sure you use a water-based lube with this toy. The silver band with the ROCKBOX logo looks great and adds to the power tool look.

      To get started, remove the cover at the base (which is not the easiest cover to remove) and insert 4 AAA’s (not supplied) replace the cover, and you’re ready to go.

      Take a deep breath, mentally prepare yourself and push the red button on the base… OMG! I actually screamed when I turned this beast on and nearly dropped it… The noise and vibration that the ROCKBOX Finger producers is like no other toy I have ever seen!

      There are 3 power options, low, medium and high. Even the low option gives more power then most toys out there. I would put it in the same power league as the Magic Wand. Once switched on, I was initially hesitant to touch the Finger end, as it looked and sounded so ‘scary’ - but when I did get to grips with it, it felt amazing and so different to anything I have experienced before. Unlike a vibrator, where the vibration usually comes from a spinning motor, this toy has its own in built-in thrusting motion - which provides a unique sensation. It moves so fast, that even on the low setting the finger is a moving blur!

      I just had to try this toy out immediately, so after a quick warm-up, I was ready to give it a go. Upon insertion, the ‘finger’ provides a wonderful feeling, which spread around the whole of my lower body. You can vary the angles that you use the finger to create different feelings. You can also tease yourself by just inserting it an inch or two - or go for your G-Spot for full-on stimulation. It really did feel incredible - I came so fast I was shocked! I used this in combination with a clitoral toy and the power of my orgasm was amazing, a full body orgasm!

      Apart from the obvious internal stimulation, the finger can be used to a very pleasurable effect on your clit too! This will blow your mind and leave you tingling for ages afterwards! The sensations from this toy are unlike anything I have every felt before, it really blew me away…

      Cleaning is simple, either wash the finger with warm soapy water or use some LH toy cleaner. As this toy is not waterproof, just ensure that you do not submerge the base.

      Pinching Warning! Just a note to be a little careful about ‘how’ you hold the toy when it’s turned on. You must keep your hands (and anything else lol) away from the space in the middle between the handle base and the finger section. There is about a 5 mm gap where the finger moves up and down while thrusting, which can result in a pinch if, for example, you swap which hand holds the toy mid play.

      The downside to all this power is the noise. My God is it loud. I think the warning picture advising you to wear headphones on the box was quite accurate - lol. It really does sound like a power drill - I’m not kidding - it is unreal! I would suggest playing some loud music or using earplugs (which would also heighten your other senses) as this does help a bit. Therefore, this toy would not be suitable for someone living in a shared home, who needs a discreet quiet toy.

      Has this baby made me squirt? Not yet - but it has produced some mind-blowing G-spot and clitoral orgasms.

      I really do feel that this toy is great value for money. It’s exciting, powerful and so different to anything I have ever seen before… All I can say is WOW, this toy really has to be seen to be believed!

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      Powerful and I mean POWERFUL - gives mind-blowing orgasms, silky smooth silicone.
      The noise.
      Bottom line
      One word - wow. This toy really has to be seen to be believed!
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    1. Prostate pounded

      Reviewed: September 25, 2016 by EandP

      I just have to tell you about my prostate orgasm with this toy. I noticed most reviews on this product are from females, so here's the male point of view.

      I love prostate orgasm, but been straight it's hard not knowing what it's like to be properly f$$ked. I use dildos but needed to feel like somebody else was doing it, hence my interest in this toy.

      Trust me, it doesn't disappoint. I tried lots of different positions but found it best putting the handle under the corner of the mattress of the bed then backing onto it. I recommend using a LOT of lube... When it's on full and pounding your prostate it feels amazing. A deep hard and fast pounding. Once you find your prostate with it the pre-cum starts, followed by a hands-free orgasm if you're lucky.

      I just wish they'd bring out a mains-operated one with even more power.

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      Gives deep hard relief.
      Battery operated.
      Bottom line
      A stallion.
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    1. A Good Fingering

      Reviewed: October 9, 2014 by FrozenAngel, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      After watching Frisky Business and seeing this product being shown on there, months before it was released, I was excited - It looked good and I wanted to see how well it would work. So when I was asked to test the item I jumped at the chance.

      What I noticed first was, of course, the packaging. It is just a standard cardboard box, but I love the design of the box, it really stands out. The ‘Warning’ cone made me laugh, as well as the small picture with a girl wearing headphones. I also really liked the ‘Pleasure power tools’ since it was originally constructed from a tool - I thought it quite clever.

      Taking the thruster out of the packaging, you notice the silky smooth silicone. The one I received is black and I LOVE the colour, I think it looks amazing. I’m really not in to pink toys and I think this one looked quite classy. The silicone used to make the toy is beautiful - it is so smooth and there is no drag to it at all - It’s the type of material that you just want to touch because it feels so nice.

      Using the toy is simple. It takes 4 AAA batteries. This is a bit of a con about the toy for me. I prefer using toys that are rechargeable instead of getting batteries, and hopefully if they decide to upgrade this item they will consider making it rechargeable.

      The battery compartment isn’t the easiest to take off. I found that you have to squeeze it slightly whilst pulling and then you insert the batteries, put the cover back on (again not the easiest thing to do) and you’re good to go. The switch is on the end of the battery compartment - in my opinion this is an ideal place to have it, it doesn’t hinder pressing the button or make it ‘hard to reach’ whilst in use.

      When I first turned the toy on I actually jumped. I mean… The sound - it is incredibly loud, and I do mean loud, not ‘Oh it’s a little noisy and I’ll be able to cover it with the blanket and a closed door.’ I mean it sounds like there’s a workman in your bedroom digging up concrete loud!

      I’m quite glad that I currently live in a detached house. When I move in to my semi-detached house I’m sure I will have to knock on the neighbours door and advise them that I’m going to be using power tools for a little DIY for the next 30 minutes or so or I could end up with an ASBO. I guess you could cover the sound with music, but I don’t mean Barry White, put any romantic notions of music out of your mind, I’m talking heavy metal, very loud heavy metal. Thankfully this is my genre of music so I was quite in my element using that to drown out the noise this thing made; and really with the power of the toy it is expected to be noisy. Once I got over the shock of just how loud this toy is, I then put it to use.

      Because it’s smooth silicone, I found that I didn’t have to use much lube at all - always a good thing, since I’m not overly keen on using it. Lubed up and ready, it was time to take the plunge. I will warn you the thrusting mechanism that attaches to the handle has a small gap, so whilst it is thrusting the gap will increase and decrease. Be careful because at full speed this thing really pinches, be it your finger or if you’ve got a more pronounced labia it could pinch the sides. It didn’t pinch my labia, but it did get my finger so it did make me wary about inserting it too much.

      In use it felt really nice. It reached my G-spot with very little effort on my part. It has made me orgasm quite quickly, multiple times. It has yet to make me squirt, but honestly, that could be because I was holding back as it’s not something I particularly want to do. And I know this is an internal toy, but I have to say that when I did put it on my clitoris it felt amazing and gave me multiples within seconds.

      The ROCKBOX Finger really has the ability to be a great toy and I truly hope a newer and improved version will come out making it rechargeable, maybe somehow covering the gap and of course making it slightly quieter. All in all, though, it is a great toy, and very powerful. If you don’t like fast thrusting this isn’t the toy for you. But if you like strong vibrations and fast thrusts, this could very well be the perfect addition to your toy box.

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      Silky smooth silicone and powerful.
      Takes batteries. Potential pinching and very loud.
      Bottom line
      A great idea. Needs a few improvements.
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