1. Doc Johnson Customizable Realistic Feel Penis Extender Kit 9 Inch

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      1. Doc Johnson Customizable Realistic Feel Penis Extender Kit 9 Inch

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    1. Product Description

      Turn your tool into a sexual skyscraper with Doc Johnson's real-feel extender kit. Measuring in at a mighty 9 inches, the textured sleeve can be trimmed to fit for prime pleasure, and comes with a 2.5 inch filler plug to keep the tip nice and stiff.

      Slim and close-fitting, this extension kit boasts a 1 inch built-in extension that adds an extra 3.5 extra inches of length when teamed with the insertable plug.

      Its stretchy ULTRASKYN material is designed to comfortably fit most sizes, and provides a generous extension to your length to satisfy your lover. A defined head and veined shaft offer a stimulating feel and lifelike look for all-round pleasure.

      Trim the sleeve with scissors to customise your look, then slip onto your member with the help of some slick, thick, water-based lubricant.

      Key Features:

      • Super-realistic 9 inch penis extender with plug
      • Provides additional stimulation for your partner and delays your ejaculation
      • Defined head with veined shaft for intensified stimulation
      • Filler plug included for a tailored, comfortable fit
      • Soft and flexible, comfortable for the wearer and pleasurable for the partner
      • Simply trim sleeve for the perfect, tailored fit

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    1. Doc Johnson UR3 Xtend It Customisable Real Feel Extension Kit

      The perfect penis can be yours thanks to Doc Johnson's customisable extender kit. This realistic 9 inch penis extender is easy to tailor to fit your length - simply insert the 2.5 inch filler plug, and trim the sleeve for a snug, comfortable fit.

    2. Buyer's Guide: Penis Extenders Explained

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Doc Johnson Customizable Realistic Feel Penis Extender Kit 9 Inch 9 3.5 out of 5 stars 3.5 out of 5

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      1. Doc Johnson Customizable Realistic Feel Penis Extender Kit 9 Inch
      2. Doc Johnson Customizable Realistic Feel Penis Extender Kit 9 Inch


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    1. Not just for him to wear

      Reviewed: March 29, 2019 by milf1977, a Straight Engaged Female

      We had great fun with these sleeves. Was a bit to big once on my partner, so we improvised and I put it on my fingers and used it.

      Wow what a night. I could control it great and hit all the right places.

      Felt great and I enjoyed every minute of it.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Soft texture and easy to use.
      After care cleaning was a long process.
      Bottom line
      Amazing with or without a partner.
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    1. Best one yet

      Reviewed: February 18, 2019 by Dav j, a Straight Married Male

      I have bought many penis extensions. Most of them have not been good at all. Check my honest reviews. Now this one is brilliant.

      I emailed Lovehoney and described what I wanted and what would be best for me and they recommended this one.

      It’s brilliant. You can alter it to what length you’re partner is comfortable with and it’s not got a really big girth like most others have, which is way to big for some girls.

      It’s comfortable and stays on. I’m really happy with this product. Best one I have bought.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Real feel.
      A ball strap would be good.
      Bottom line
      Best I have used.
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    1. Amazing sensations and ultra-realistic

      Reviewed: June 21, 2014 by sexlover222, a Straight Married Male

      Thanks to, Lovehoney, for sending me this item to review.

      I have used a number of extensions, including the 3 Extra Inches sleeve, which is very hard plastic with very little give, and the Bad Boy Sport, which is very soft.

      Usually extenders fall into 2 categories: soft and rigid. The rigid ones give great control for the wearer but can be uncomfortable, the soft ones are more comfortable but can be too floppy to control.

      First impressions on this sleeve are how life-life it looks. I got the flesh brown colour, which actually is a near perfect match to my skin, even though I am white-skinned.

      The sleeve is super-soft, with detailed veins and very realistic moulding. It feels very warm and realistic to the touch.

      In Use:

      I first tried it with the 2 inch insert inside, which gave a total extra 3 inches. The instructions say to use the included powder inside the sleeve - I actually used a small amount of water-based lube on the head of my penis instead. I first folded the sleeve back on itself and inserted the head, then expelled any air and rolled the sleeve down my shaft. No lube on the shaft means that the sleeve will stay put. Lube on the outside is essential though for comfortable penetration for her.

      Once on, I was amazed at how realistic it looked. I am of average length/girth, and the head of this sleeve is about the same size as my head. I thought that it would have a noticeable bulge where my penis head and shaft was, with the end much thinner, but this was not the case. Because the sleeve is so soft, there was a certain amount of bending at the tip, however it was not excessive.

      In use, it felt great for me and her, although she was not able to take the full 3 inches of extra length. One of the best features is the amount of girth it adds, however. It is not super-thick, but it still increased girth to the upper-end of her limits. She was very happy with it and had a great orgasm. I came in no time as well, part being the novelty factor of seeing my wife being penetrated by such a huge cock.

      Next time around we did not use the insert, just the sleeve itself. When trimming it I did not cut it straight off. I only cut off the top portion, and put a hole in the underside to make a strap around my testicles to hold it in place, similar to the strap on the Bad Boy Sport extender. It looked great, with a normal sized head which made entry very easy, and tapering to a very satisfying girth further down.

      I can honestly say that this was amazing for us both. She was able to take the full amount, and the sensations for myself were amazing. Because it adds so much girth, it actually made her feel super tight to me. There was no bending at the tip this time, and the amount of control I had made it feel like I did not have a sleeve on at all. The head is quite firm so doesn't bend about, but is not so hard as to be uncomfortable. Watching myself penetrating my wife like this and hearing her moans was a definite turn-on.

      There is one thing that concerns me, however. After one use, I noticed the end of the sleeve starting to split. It did not split all the way through, however. It appears the sleeve is moulded in 2 layers, and only the inner layer split. I contacted Lovehoney who sent a free replacement straigh taway. The second sleeve is holding up much better, so hopefully it was just a one-off fault.

      Bottom line:

      For me there is great sensation, feels tighter, great control is using the sleeve without insert, and makes me look like I have a huge penis.

      For her it provides an extremely full feeling, hits all the right spots, but is soft enough to not cause discomfort.

      Definitely the best sleeve we have tried and will be a regular addition to our adventures! Just make sure to expel as much air as possible, lube on your head only, keep the shaft lube-free, and definitely use lube on the outside.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Soft, detailed, lifelike, great sensations for us both, adds great girth.
      Using the insert the head was a bit floppy.
      Bottom line
      Perfect when used without the insert. A winner if it doesn't split.
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