1. Entice Hope 7 Function Powerful Vibrating Love Egg

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      1. Entice Hope 7 Function Powerful Vibrating Love Egg

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    1. Product Description

      A beautifully sculpted, sleek and powerful vibrator, the Entice Hope is as pleasing to the eye as it is to your G-spot. Excelling in ergonomic perfection and bursting with 7 scintillating speeds and patterns to fill you with waves of orgasmic stimulation.

      A 30 inch wire gives you the freedom to move around and experiment with different positions, while the 2-button control is easy to operate (even in the dark). Whether you play solo or extend the invitation to your lover to take control of your pleasure settings is your call.

      Coat its curves in water-based lubricant and insert it for incredible G-spot massages. Alternatively, direct the vibrators tip to your clitoris for intense stimulation of your sensitive nerve endings.

      Key Features:

      • Powerful vibrating love egg with wired controller for intense internal pleasure
      • 3.5 inch egg features rounded tip and smooth surface for easy insertion
      • 1.4oz egg weight is suitable for beginners
      • 30 inch cable connects the control to the egg, enabling experimentation in any position
      • Ergonomic 2-button control operates 7 speeds and patterns
      • 100% waterproof for aquatic play possibilities

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      1. Entice Hope 7 Function Powerful Vibrating Love Egg
      2. Entice Hope 7 Function Powerful Vibrating Love Egg


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    1. Really is powerful!

      Reviewed: October 18, 2014 by Petrichor, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      It was a wonderful surprise to receive an email saying that I'd been sent this love egg to test - I'd put it on my wishlist so long ago I wasn't expecting anything! I can't believe it still hadn't been reviewed.


      I really like packaging that doesn't have anything sleazy on it - even the couple on Tracey Cox's products is too much, and this is perfect. It's the same kind of sophisticated design that Lovehoney's own products have, simply showing a picture of the product on the box, with its name. The Entice Hope takes that a step further, the box doesn't actually say "love egg" on the front - although from the picture unless you were clueless about sex toys you would still know it was.

      The difference between the packaging for this and other toys I've bought was that inside the box the love egg was only in a bubblewrap pocket - none of the vacuum moulded plastic you normally see. I like this, because it's wasting less plastic - and you don't have to worry about anyone seeing it in your recycling and figuring out what it was! That said, I don't know if the toy is as well protected during transit - the first one I was sent out was faulty - only some of the settings worked, and it would cut out if you tried to go to the others.

      Of course, with Lovehoney's amazing customer service meant that as soon as I mentioned this, I had another one sent out (and remember, this is for a free tester, I'm not even paying here!) so I would have absolutely no qualms about buying it - it most likely was a one-off fault anyway.


      I thought the Entice Hope had a very smooth elegant appearance, with royal purple plastic and rose gold features - I would say that it's not quite as sophisticated as it seems in pictures - the rose gold is just a shiny plastic, but I wasn't expecting a really luxury toy for the cheap price. The material isn't quite as smooth as smooth-coated plastic (like cupid's smoothie g-spot vibrator), but I didn’t have any kind of problems with drag, and despite my concerns about friction it was completely suitable to use as a clitoral vibrator as well as a love egg.

      On a lot of remote operated toys the remote doesn't seem to be made to the same standard as the toy - this is not the case here, the remote is every bit as well made, and from the same smooth matt plastic. The buttons were responsive and if you wanted to wear it out and about, the remote can even fit comfortably in a jean/trouser pocket, with the buttons exposed - although it will be visible, I just went for a big jumper to hide it. Because there are only two buttons, one for setting, and one for on/off it's also incredibly easy to subtly turn it off if someone gets too close for it to be discreet with no delay - unlike the problem with toys like the Flash 6 function USB rechargeable bullet, or the discontinued G-Whizz Vibrator (which I believe is now rebranded as the 50SOG Insatiable Desire) that only have one button, which has to be held down for a long period of time to actually make it stop!

      While I thought the gold/purple looked really nice on the actual egg, it does mean that there is a seam where the two join. I've been scarred before by being unable to clean seams well on my favourite toys, so it makes me sad that I wouldn't dare use this on my period - however it is completely waterproof, so if you really wanted to be certain that the seam was clean you could buy a toothbrush to give it a thorough scrub with no problems. I didn't find the difference in texture added anything to the sensation.


      This was actually my second love egg - the first I bought was a wireless one from another online shop, and it was terrible. The obscure batteries ran out near instantly, and even when they were new I felt nothing. This is different - even if you think you don't really respond to vaginal vibrations, don’t rule it out! When it says it's powerful, it means it. However with power usually comes increased noise, and this is no exception - I probably wouldn't dare use it externally unless I was in an empty house, but used internally it's muffled enough that I'd only be conscious of the noise if someone was right outside of the door. The lowest setting is practically silent, and I'd feel comfortable enough to wear it out of the house.

      Another 2 settings are just about quiet enough, if you're brave, (I'm not!) and there's background noise, but the others have gone more for power than discretion. This is another reason that I wouldn't use it externally, it's so powerful it's hard to hold - it doesn't just vibrate, it actively thrashes around! The only real downside to this power that I found was how much it carried along the wires - to the extent that it could actually be used quite successfully as a clitoral stimulator, but not particularly comfortably - the wires are a quite a hard plastic. If they had been coated in a thin layer or silicone, or a softer plastic like the kind you can get on high-end earphones it would have been more comfortable.

      Bottom line:

      For the price, this is a very good, powerful, toy doing an admirable impression of being a really luxury product. I'd recommend it for anyone who loves strong vaginal vibrations, and also for people who prefer to focus more on their clit - as using the love egg means you're free to focus all of your attention on it, whilst still benefiting from the vibrations! For a wired toy, the remote is discreet and comfortable to fit in a pocket, so for the move adventurous it would be great for wearing out and about - although you can't give the remote to your partner. The fact it takes standard batteries is always a plus as it means they're easy to replace.

      I couldn't reach orgasm using just the love egg (I have never had an orgasm without clitoral stimulation as well though - that's says more about me than it does the entice hope!) but I did use my flash 6 function USB bullet (with the detachable silicone ears borrowed from the Adrien Lastic Bruce Cassidy - fits perfectly!) only on the lowest setting, so the Entice Hope was definitely doing most of the legwork! It's now my favourite toy for those lazy days when you want an orgasm, but don't want to have to put much effort in.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      The power, quality, on/off button, comfortable remote, long varied patterns.
      Seam for cleaning, hard wire.
      Bottom line
      Powerful quality toy suitable for vaginal and clitoral stimulation lovers alike.
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    1. Sex toy

      Reviewed: November 19, 2015 by Dominlovesextoyz, a Straight Engaged Female

      It was a good feeling but wish the vibration was stronger. My experience was okay, I took my clothes off, laid down in my bed and I got started.

      I tried all 7 functions and I like the second one, the fourth one, and the fifth one.

      On some of them I like how I didn't have to do that much stroking, it felt like it was doing it for me.

    2. Overall Rating:
      5 out of 10 stars
      How it has 7 functions.
      It wasn't strong enough for me.
      Bottom line
      It was good. I still had an orgasm, but I wish the vibration was stronger.
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