1. Ashlynn's Butt Male Masturbator

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      1. Ashlynn's Butt Male Masturbator

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    1. Product Description

      Plunge your length into the soft, supple opening of this realistic butt masturbator. Based on porn star Ashlynn Brooke's tight butt hole, with a ribbed canal to tease your length with every stroke to take you to new levels of climactic pleasure.

      Made from soft, stretchy real feel material, this male masturbator envelops your full length for a tight massage that feels just like anal sex. Place your finger over the hole at the end to experiment with suction sensations, and squeeze the toy during play for extra-tight pleasure.

      Apply a generous helping of water-based lube to the length of your penis and the inside of your realistic toy, and stroke your way to an explosive climax.

      Key Features:

      • Porn star Ashlynn Brooke's realistic butt male masturbator
      • Stimulating, lightly ribbed interior canal
      • Made from soft and supple TPR
      • Super-stretchy to accommodate most men
      • Open ended for suction play opportunities
      • Easy to grip hold of for complete control

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      A male stroker is a great way to add variety to your sex life - alone or with a partner. Annabelle Knight explains why these cheap male sex toys are a revolution and how to use them. Read more: How to Use a Male Masturbator.

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      Ashlynn's Butt Male Masturbator 14 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Ashlynn's Butt Male Masturbator
      2. Ashlynn's Butt Male Masturbator


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    1. Anal fun, solo

      Reviewed: June 2, 2018 by Jay99, a Straight Engaged Male

      I have a super high sex drive, so needed a little extra solo fun so help in my need!

      Really nice and tight fit, good feel inside the masturbator, which added to the pleasure.

      Plenty of lube definitely required, but overall a nice ass on to anyone wanting the extra fun.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Texture, inside feel, tightness!
      Bottom line
      Great product, worth the money.
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    1. Great Product

      Reviewed: March 8, 2017 by themuttsnuts

      Great product to use. Once you're all lubed up and ready to go it feels awesome.

      Used it first time solo and orgasm was intense.

      Second time I got my boyfriend to wank me off using it and it was even better. The sound it makes is similar to when he's sucking me off.

      Get one today, fellas, you won't be disappointed...

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Bottom line
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    1. A comparative review of Ashlynn's Butt and other strokers

      Reviewed: December 23, 2016 by dr4tiko, a Straight Married Male

      I wanted to provide a comparative review of four different strokers: Lovehoney’s own ‘Lola’, ‘Lea’ and ‘Ella’ (formerly Elle) from the Thrust range, and NS Novelties’ Ashlynn’s Butt.

      I’ve had Lola the longest (for a year); it won me over to soft strokers. Previously I had a Fleshlight Pink Lady, which was good but always seemed very impersonal to me as well as to my wife, and a Doc Johnson UR3 Double Sided Stroker, which I found a bit boring. What Lola and the other soft strokers provided was a much more natural, ‘fleshy’ feel, look and texture and much greater variety in use. So I’m giving a general review of soft stroker use on each stroker’s page, followed by comments specific to that particular stroker.

      If I’m buying a product I try to look at reviews of different versions or models. In my experience Lovehoney doesn’t produce or sell many poor quality items - so I don’t think rating items as good or bad, or enthusing about an item (or finding fault with it) on its own is quite as helpful as being able to compare different items.

      The point is that almost all Lovehoney products are good for certain uses, and maybe not so great for others; I would suggest it’s helpful to clarify what each is good for. I’m sure most men will think first of using strokers in solo masturbation sessions, as I did, but I also wanted to talk about some of the different uses strokers can be put to, both in solo sessions and in couples sex.

      Weights and measurements

      Name Weight Canal diameter Length

      Lola 230g 1.25 cm 13 cm

      Lea 309g 0.75 cm 12.5 cm

      Elle 203g 0.5 cm 13.5 cm

      Ashlynn’s Butt 217g 0.5 cm (0.4 at exit) 15 cm

      Some of the different uses of strokers

      The three Lovehoney strokers are made from TPR (thermoplastic rubber) and the Ashlynn’s Butt from TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). Both are a mixture of plastic and rubber which stretches massively and returns to the original shape; the TPE is slightly softer than the TPR. So these apparently tiny holes and tubes or canals really do welcome a hard male erection.

      For solo masturbation, I would distinguish between strokers which are good for a long (30-60 minutes) session, and strokers which bring on orgasm very quickly. All of the strokers being considered can be manually squeezed in use to increase tightness and intensity, which I have found provides much more variety than hard-cased strokers, and warming them first makes (for me) a slight improvement. And for couples play, I would distinguish between strokers which are easy for the partner to use on the other partner’s erection, standing, kneeling or lying sideways-on, and strokers which provide additional pleasure in penetrative love-making.

      I would emphasise that I find the feature of being able to pop my hard-on out through the exit hole (my erection is an average 6” long), rather than being unsatisfactory, is a real virtue in all these strokers, which is another reason why I prefer them to hard-cased ones. For me, as for most men, the most sensitive parts of my penis are the frenulum and the corona, the rim of my glans penis or knob, and to thrust through the small exit hole on a stroker and then pull back into it stimulates my corona intensely. So in solo masturbation, or if my wife is wanking me off, the biggest orgasms come by using the exit hole like this.

      And even bigger orgasms when using a stroker as an extra in penetrative love-making (I would normally use the ‘f’-word but Lovehoney prefers us not to use it). To thrust through a stroker into my wife’s pussy means my glans or knob is stimulated by first pushing through her pussy lips and flaps, and just as much by returning through the stroker’s exit hole back into its canal - the tight exit hole catches and really pleasures my corona. Factoring in the extra stimulation which the canal’s ribbing provides to my shaft and knob means this is a really powerful additional pleasure for me, and also for my wife.

      She has very sensitive pussy lips and flaps, so when penetrating like this I invert the stroker, entering through the top or exit hole and emerging through the stroker’s pussy lips. This means while thrusting through the stroker and into her I can hold the stroker with one hand and use the stroker’s lips and clit to rub hers, which she really loves. Depending on the stroker, the flexibility of the TPR material means it compresses so much I can get about half my length into her with each thrust.

      We both love threesome (MFF) fantasies while making love, and we often start with her on either her back or tummy with her legs open to the side of the bed, so I can kneel at the side and tongue her pussy mouth or anus while using a stroker on my cock, while both of us like imagining I’m penetrating another woman who’s kneeling or lying half under the bed.

      My wife doesn’t like strap-ons, but she has held an anal vibrator in my ass while she worked the stroker on my cock, so I imagine a gay couple would have a lot of fun making love with this. We’ve only had limited use of strokers for oral pleasure, when also using another one in love-making, though for oral use (by a man or a woman) you would probably need a flavoured lubricant to nullify the slight rubbery taste and the renewer powder which should be added after each wash to remove the ‘tacky’ feel of TPE/R. (The renewer powder is actually just cornflour, if you ever run short or want to save a few pence.)

      Cleaning each stroker is straightforward. Holding it under warm running water and using a finger to work the water inside the canal has proved enough each time, so we haven’t even needed soap. However, we haven’t used any of the strokers for adding to anal sex because we think it would be difficult to clean properly after a lot of thrusting and pulling back from inside her ass into the stroker’s canal. But it’s certainly just as possible to use for anal, though it wouldn’t add any extra pleasure for her.

      Specific to Ashlynn’s Butt:

      As you might expect, of the four this stroker provides the most intense sensations on my glans. The hole and tube are the same diameter as Elle. However, the ribbing is shaped as a spiral, which runs along the whole length, provides a lovely constant pressure and friction which means my knob is always being stroked hard and consistently.

      There’s no difference in sensation if used upside down. However, at the exit end, there’s a sort of small ‘chamber’ which means my knob meets a ‘ceiling’ of the TPE surrounding the exit hole, and it takes quite a thrust to get my knob through the exit hole. I’ve found this a little easier when using the stroker in its missionary ‘position’ (the anatomical detail is very lightly moulded as two buttocks with a shallow crack) than in doggie mode; and the sensations when pushing through and pulling back in are very intense indeed. However, it does make using the stroker when making love (I would normally use the ‘f’-word but Lovehoney prefers us not to use it) much harder; we tried it once and because there are no pussy lips to stimulate hers, it didn’t add a lot for her.

      So this is not a stroker I would use if I wanted a long wank. However, it’s a lovely experience to use different strokers on the same occasion, and at the end of a long solo session I would probably switch to this to orgasm.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      It's superb when used to provide a speedy and intense orgasm.
      Nothing, really.
      Bottom line
      Provides intense pleasure, though not as useful for a prolonged solo session.
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