1. Je Joue Nuo Luxury App Controlled Rechargeable Dual Motor Butt Plug

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      1. Je Joue Nuo Luxury App Controlled Rechargeable Dual Motor Butt Plug

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    1. Product Description

      If you can think of it, then there's probably an app for it - yes, even controlling the vibrations of your butt plug. Nuo by Je Joue blends sensually smooth silicone, stimulating curves, and innovative technology for totally tailored anal pleasure.

      Explore the 7 powerful patterns with the click of a button and kick-start the 5 intense speed settings with the free Je Joue app.

      The Nuo's curved bulb and slender neck contour to your intimate curves for maximised prostate stimulation, whilst its flat T bar base nestles between your buttocks for safety and comfort during play. To discover the pleasure of its pleasing shape to the fullest, apply a good-sized helping of water-based anal lubricant before use.

      Create vibration playlists to save and share with your lover, or let them take control of your bum fun via the iOS-compatible downloadable mobile app.

      So that you don't have to worry about constant battery replacement, the Nuo is easily rechargeable, with a USB charger so you can power it worldwide.

      Key Features:

      • Je Joue USB rechargeable silicone app controlled vibrating butt plug
      • 7 thrilling patterns and 5 powerful speeds to explore via the downloadable app
      • Flexible, bendable shape designed to work with the contours of your body
      • Curved shaft for precision prostate or anal stimulation for him or her
      • 2 vibrating points in bulb and base for internal and external stimulation
      • Completely waterproof
      • Perfect for solo play and even better for couples
      • App is compatible with iOS devices only, for use with WiFi or data connection
      • Vibrations can be controlled via the app up to 10 meters away

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    1. Nuo by Je Joue Luxury App Controlled Dual Motor Butt Plug

      Sensational anal stimulation is yours with the Nuo by Je Joue vibrating butt plug. Indulge in long-distance pleasure with the innovative app. Rechargeable and waterproof, with 12 thrilling settings to explore.

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      1. Je Joue Nuo Luxury App Controlled Rechargeable Dual Motor Butt Plug
      2. Je Joue Nuo Luxury App Controlled Rechargeable Dual Motor Butt Plug


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    1. Best invention ever, lifetime of fun

      Reviewed: March 29, 2018 by Sparkyboi, a Gay Engaged Male

      Received the Nuo butt plug and what a toy. Absolutely amazing the different settings and speeds make for a lifetime of fun and pleasure. Amazing quality and packaging.

      I would say if your not used to anal play then you will need plenty of lube as well as anal stimulation before inserting this item. Great size but you will need time to get used to it inserted.

      The only thing I would say is it would be nice to have a carry/storage case or bag for this item. Especially for the cost but other than that you can’t fault it. Would highly recommend.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Everything. Such quality.
      No storage case.
      Bottom line
      A must-buy for anyone.
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    1. Sweet sweet control

      Reviewed: May 23, 2016 by SD-CJ, a Straight Married Male

      My OH and I had been deliberating over this toy for some time. We've had remote controlled toys in the past which were okay, but not great and not necessarily always reliable. So when we got the chance to have a try at this toy, we just couldn't say no anymore!

      It arrived in usual Lovehoney fashion, well packaged, discreetly, and quickly! It really was one of those exciting arrivals that we've not had for a while, so it was soon ripped out of its delivery box.

      The toy itself comes in a brilliant sleek box which stores the toy, pen, charger and instructions perfectly - it's how we're going to continue storing it when not in use.

      Once open, we were thrilled to find that it was a perfect size for us, not so big that it's uncomfortable, but not small enough to do no good! It has a nice soft initial feel to it which makes for comfy wear, but is actually a good firm toy to make it easy to insert - they have managed the best of both worlds somehow.

      We got the toy charged up for a couple of hours as per the instructions, again the charger is handy, it just sticks onto the end of the toy with magnets and forms a secure charging surface. The toys charge lights even change to let you know it's finished, foolproof.

      Now onto using the toy, firstly, wow! You will not be disappointed with this purchase. The power that comes out of what seems like a relatively small toy is unbelievable! Initially we used it while being controlled with the "pen". It works brilliantly for around the house and the OH had great fun teasing me while we were going about our normal housework at the weekend.

      We then gave the app a try - we both have iPhones so can't comment on the Android functionality but I'm assuming the app is laid out pretty much the same. Anyway, the app is clear and easy to use. It hooks up to the toy no problem every time and gives instant access to an array of controls. You can customise every setting on the toy and even put together your own sequences of patterns - so it's great if there are certain patterns that you particularly like, they can form the basis of your fun and be saved for use again and again.

      Another handy feature is the fact that you can email saved sequences to be used remotely. We've tried this a couple of times and it's brilliant fun. My OH would get me to wear the toy out, email a sequence to me at some random point and I'd open it and let it run - such great fun and nice and exciting knowing that the email may come at any moment.

      Overall, we have loved this toy, neither of us can think of a bad word to say about it. Our only advice is don't leave it as long as we did to start enjoying this brilliant toy! It has become our firm favourite and it's always on the go!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Its power and remote control.
      Bottom line
      A fantastic toy with so many possibilities!
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    1. The pen with the power

      Reviewed: April 27, 2016 by MK7, a Bisexual Going Steady Male

      When you come in to contact with a toy that's twice as costly as anything else you've ever owned in the past, you'd expect it to also be twice as good as everything else you've owned in the past. Better material, stronger vibrations, better battery life, functionality, the whole damn show. Well, to put it succinctly, it did exactly that. It's a long review, so here's the time to bail out if you don't fancy reading. It's worth the cost and I recommend it.

      Starting with the packaging, the box this thing comes in looks straight out of jewellery store, something I would be putting around my neck, or my wrist, not up ones backside. They certainly don't sell their price tag short in the presentation department. It's a little box split in to two compartments, one for your charger and one for your butt plug and magical bluetooth pen. Disassembling it is like a miniature jigsaw puzzle with 3 layers to open up before getting inside, so it's certainly discreet and passable as... well, not a butt plug to the casual observer. Bonus marks for that.

      I won't repeat the product description, but their advertised 2 hours charging is 2 hours use is correct, it's not some absolute maximum or an estimate, it's not something that depends on the strength of vibration you're using, it definitely will go the whole two hours after charging for as long. The Bluetooth pen comes with batteries included and feels incredibly cheap to the touch, but once turned on and my plug was charged, said feel of tacky plastic was an afterthought.

      Here's where my problems with the toy start to build up. The product quite frankly is overselling itself by calling itself 'flexible'. You see, there's absolutely no rigidity or strength in this toy outside of the motors. That means the neck leading up to the motors is incredibly bendy and flimsy and quite frankly is incredibly difficult to insert. You have to sort of slowly edge it in from the middle and then let your body do the rest with a bit of encouragement once it's half in. It's certainly not the ease of use I'm used to with a butt plug. The flat base does its job, it doesn't move side to side like some cheaper butt plug's bases do. The material itself is fantastic quality and feels great to the touch. Lubricant spreads easily on it, no friction, easy movement. The bulb itself is thick enough to feel filled up for any experience of anal play, although may take a little effort for a beginner to put in without pain (fingers first, folks! You can do it).

      Now, here's where the toys first test of fortitude comes in. Yes, it can be turned on and off easily once inserted. One push of a button on the charging pads will turn it on, and one push of the button on the Bluetooth pen will let you tweak the speed and pattern of the vibrations. It starts on the lowest setting every time, so don't expect to be wildly ripped apart from the moment you turn it on. It's a slow, gentle lover. I will add that while it sells itself off as a prostate toy, it didn't give huge direct stimulation due to the somewhat flimsy neck of the buttplug meaning it didn't especially hold its shape inside and it straightened out a little. Still feels fantastic, but not the direct prostate stimulation advertised.

      The vibrations themselves... wow. I have good things to say about all settings but one. Let's start on the one that isn't up to scratch. I'm not even sure what this pattern is meant to be. It felt like it was supposed to be stimulating the perineum with vibrations that were almost ticklish at the bottom of the plug, but it felt like nothing was happening. As if it was clearly vibrating, but with total shock absorption by my body and it didn't do anything, even on strength 5 of 5. That was one setting I skipped out for the rest of the usage. The rest were incredible. The motors in this thing are exceptionally strong. The lowest settings were powerful, setting me off before I'd even muddled with speed and was just enjoying the patterns for a bit. The patterns vary from pulsating, one motor only in either the bulb or the shaft, slow periodic and powerful buzzes, just about anything you could really need to your own preference. The patterns are fantastic and better thought out than some of the generic patterns in other toys. They combine both motors for a different kind of vibration I'd never felt before and it was just to die for.

      Now, the speeds. Quite frankly, to start on level five from the get-go is the sign of a madman. It's incredibly powerful. I can't recall any butt plug in the past making me unwillingly vocalize, but this thing is strong, really, really strong. If you're planning on using this in public, do not use the strongest settings or you'll probably end up with dirty looks or perhaps a short prison sentence for indecency. Other reviews will say that the vibrations become more 'rumbly' than 'powerful' on higher settings, but I don't see it. It just gets very, very overwhelmingly strong and it's delightful. Slowly working your way up to the top settings is fun, rapidly changing patterns or speeds makes for some equally as enjoyable play. The possibilities are quite endless with 45 settings and a bit of imagination. I will add that once or twice I had to stop and restart the Bluetooth pen as its connection seemed to desync, but the benefit is that the toy doesn't stop when the pen does, so it doesn't cut you off on the verge of orgasm which is a huge fault of mine with other vibrating toys.

      Washing it is equally as easy as just about every other aspect of this toy. Water, sex toy cleaner, hang it out by the base to air dry on shower rack or toilet roll holder or something along those lines. Like many silicone toys, it picks up lint easily, so be careful when putting it down and storing it.

      To top off probably the longest review I've ever written, I will add that I don't have an iOS device, so I can't vouch for the app. It looks very simple to use and you can save your favourite settings, and is definitely one even a technophobe could get on board with. And to finally summarize absolutely everything here, this toy really is worth the money. I've never had anything quite like it and it's hard to not sell it short with just how good it is. This is definitely going to be the go-to anal toy of mine for the foreseeable future, and that's just for solo usage. I'm sure this toy becomes even more mind-blowingly fun with a partner to control it for you, mix it in with a small amount of public usage or BDSM play and you have what may wall be one of if not the most optimal butt plugs on the market.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Possibly the strongest vibrations I've had in any toy to date.
      Minor connectivity issues with Bluetooth pen mid-use.
      Bottom line
      Mind-blowingly pleasurable with minor faults, but they don't take away from the overall experience.
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    1. Can’t wait to use it again and again

      Reviewed: April 17, 2018 by BenjaminSteven, a Gay Single Male

      When the Nuo arrived I couldn’t wait to use it. It was it wasn’t long before it was in and I was having one great orgasm. It wasn’t long before I was wanting to give it another whirl. I think I must have used it on about three different occasions on day one.

      The different intensities and programs are interesting and great to work through while having some fun.

      The next thing on my list is to get my partner to create a session for me to use at a later date.

      Would definitely recommend.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Easy to set up. Great compatibility with phone. Intensified orgasm.
      Possibility to alter the size, would be nice if it were bigger.
      Bottom line
      Excellent toy to begin a couple session with or to help with solo fun.
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    1. Luxury for your Derriere

      Reviewed: May 18, 2016 by Echo32B

      The Nuo by Je Joue is probably the most expensive and luxurious item I’ve ever had the pleasure of shoving where the sun don’t shine. Je Joue are a brand I haven’t actually encountered before and they clearly pride themselves on the presentation and execution of their luxury sex toys.

      The packaging is elegant and luxurious. Gorgeous blue feathers adorn the solid outer box, which hides an inner matte black logo embossed box. Inside that rests the Nuo, a charger, a pen-style remote and an instruction booklet. It would certainly make for a nice gift.

      The plug itself has been coated with a super smooth almost drag-free silicone. It’s a slightly unnerving shape as there’s no taper to the tip. It’s actually bulkiest at that point. The tip is also completely solid and at 4.25” (circumference) a beginner might struggle to insert it. I would definitely recommend warming up with fingers or a smaller toy first.

      It is a bit unwieldy to insert due to that flexible neck and lack of tapered tip, but once it slips into my boyfriend’s ass everything is super comfortable. The widest part (the tip) pushes eagerly on his prostate. The stems are curved to comfortably sit between his cheeks and rest on his perineum. It’s a plug he could wear for hours without discomfort.

      The charger is magnetic and sticks to the front metal sections on the plugs perennial arm. Whilst this one is slightly better at staying put than the magnetic charger on my Tango, it still threatens to leap off at the slightest movement of the cable or plug.

      There’s a single button on the front stem of the Nuo to turn the plug on, but without the pen or the app the plug is completely vibrationless. The fake pen works as a remote for the plug and takes a single AAA battery (kindly provided). To connect the two, turn on the plug and hold the pen top down. Then you simply click the top to change patterns and twist it to change the intensity.

      The toy has two motors one in the bulk of the plug and one in the perennial arm. The perennial arm one is seriously weak and buzzy but the one in the shaft is a lot more promising. It’s strong but does get buzzy on the higher settings. There are seven patterns to choose from and five speed/intensity settings. A few of the patterns even cause the vibrations to feel quite rumbly and those tend to be our favorites.

      You can also control the plug with a phone app, a function that really lends itself beautifully to partnered play. The app is bright and simple to use. I’ve had no glitches or connectivity issues, although it does have a minor delay on each action. I much prefer using the app to using the pen, and you can even create a pre-set play pattern so you can just press play and enjoy a sequence that you’ve already made.

      The plug is audible if you're in the same room as someone wearing it, but it's certainly not distracting or obnoxious in terms of noise level. I personally wouldn't feel confident wearing it out unless I was going to a heavy metal concert.

      Cleaning of the plug is easy as the Nuo is a closed unit, which allows for complete submergence in water.

      If you NEED rumbly vibrations you might be left a little disappointed by the Nuo. Howeve,r my boyfriend loves it and doesn’t have a bad word to say about it, so perhaps I’m just a fussy so-and-so.

      For me the app is what turned the plug from not quite worth the large price tag to something we play with all the time together. I do feel like it's A LOT of money, especially if you're on a budget, but having looked around it seems to be the going rate for sex toys with this level of functionality.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Smooth silicone, great app, comfortable design, no range issues, fairly quiet.
      Vibrations got buzzy on the higher settings, the second motor in the arm was pants.
      Bottom line
      Great for partnered play or for easier solo sessions.
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