1. Hot Octopuss PULSE II Duo Remote Control Vibrating Male Masturbator

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      1. Hot Octopuss PULSE II Duo Remote Control Vibrating Male Masturbator

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    1. Product Description

      Share the intensity of the multi-award winning PULSE guybrator, which now features a 2nd motor for tandem clitoral play. Boasting the original PulsePlate technology plus a 2nd massaging motor, stimulate and excite each other for explosive mutual sessions.

      Sex toy gadgetry at its most innovative, the Pulse II Duo features an internal PulsePlate that oscillates underneath the frenulum, while its flexible silicone wings wrap around his shaft for all-encompassing stimulation. Team this with its USB rechargeable motor and thrilling selection of 5 patterns and 9 speeds of vibration for incredible, effortless tailored pleasure.

      Designed with one open side, the PULSE is perfect for flaccid stimulation and is so effective you don't need to manually stroke to benefit from the sensation. These features combined make it super versatile, and a great toy for men with Erectile Disfunction (ED) or those who struggle with mobility or grip.

      A second, remote controlled motor sits within the case of the PULSE to transform it into a tantalising all-over body massager, and most excitingly, a clitoral stimulator. For shared pleasure, wrap the PULSE around his penis and grind against the velvet-smooth silicone to enjoy thrilling sensations and foreplay like never before.

      Always use with a generous squeeze of water-based lubricant for extra slippery fun. Who takes charge of the remote is up to you...

      Key Features:

      • Remote controlled USB rechargeable vibrator for couples
      • Patented 'PulsePlate' technology oscillates for unique, satisfying sensations with 5 vibrating patterns, each in 9 speeds
      • Silicone wings expand to envelop erect or flaccid penis for hands-free solo or shared play
      • Remote control operable from 4 metres away
      • 100% waterproof for aquatic adventures

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      Hot Octopuss PULSE II Duo Remote Control Vibrating Male Masturbator 7 3 out of 5 stars 3 out of 5

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      1. Hot Octopuss PULSE II Duo Remote Control Vibrating Male Masturbator
      2. Hot Octopuss PULSE II Duo Remote Control Vibrating Male Masturbator


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    1. Fun for Everyone

      Reviewed: March 16, 2016 by AHusbandsPassion, a Straight Married Male

      While being a solo and couples toy, there are some other facts that have me very intrigued by the Pulse II technology. First of all, you do not need to have an erection to use it. This is fun as the Pulse II will give you an erection while using it, but it is also great for anyone struggling with erectile dysfunction. The oscillating vibration technology can help give erections as well as trigger an involuntary ejaculation. The Pulse technology also has been used to help those with disabilities.

      The Pulse II models are covered in 100% silicone so they are also 100% waterproof. This makes cleanup a breeze and can be a fun toy to use in the shower alone or together. Within the Pulse II there is an oscillating PulsePlate which provides amazing stimulation. As with all silicone toys, only use water-based lube.

      The Pulse II contains five vibration patterns and several intensities (available each pattern). I used this product in every way possible! I enjoyed using it starting flaccid, and it never took long for me to be fully erect once I started the Pulse II. You can use the Pulse II “dry” and just let the vibrations do all the work. This is my preferred method because A) it’s a different sensation for orgasms, B) you’re free to let the machine do its job, and you can stimulate other areas of while in use, and C) it’s less cleanup. The sleeve can also be used with water-based lube as and stroked traditionally with the vibrations on.

      I do wish there was one more level of intensity to help put me “over the top” but the Pulse II never failed. I also engaged the second motor a few times while using the Pulse II solo, and it definitely adds more sensation to the vibrations.

      Using the external vibrations as a couple was fun as well! I recommend using the Pulse Duo II for foreplay or if intercourse isn’t your main goal. The Pulse II DUO felt great against me while I pushed against her clitoral area from missionary and cowgirl positions. It was very fun to use the product together! She enjoyed grinding on the vibrations from on top, just beware of your aim before the male climaxes (you could shoot your eye out!).

      I recommend charging it after each use as it seems to lose intensity in 45 minutes to an hour, depending on your intensities and number of motors running. The rechargeable design with silicone covering is great for use and cleanup, and a nontoxic product. The buttons are a little hard to push, but it wasn’t a problem in solo use. I do recommend using your preferred setting from the start before engaging in dual stimulation.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      It works alone or with a friend.
      The buttons were hard to push.
      Bottom line
      A fun toy for both parties together.
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    1. Pure vibratory pleasure

      Reviewed: April 15, 2015 by DavidB1986, a Gay Married Male

      For a long time, the male masturbator market was starting to look a little tired and boring. Once you’ve tried one stroker, you’ve pretty much damn well tried them all. I longed for something to break the mould and bring something new to the table. Then last year, I read about the PULSE - marketed as the world’s first ‘guybrator’. The original PULSE went down a treat on our house - so when I found out they were working on a new model, I was incredibly intrigued - especially as I had pointed out a few minor flaws.

      First Impressions:

      First things first - the packaging is pretty much exactly the same as the previous model - although in the Duo, you get yourself a nice shiny gold box. Like the original PULSE, the Duo is USB rechargeable, so inside you get a nice little USB cable. You also get... a storage bag! Hooray! I know a storage bag is the least I should be excited about - but trust me, when you share your home with a pug who sheds constantly, a storage bag is a necessity!

      The Duo is completely coated in silicone, and the Duo feels great in the hand, and actually makes it look and feel more premium than the original PULSE. In terms of design, though, it’s almost identical - the real difference is the mechanics on the inside. The Duo has 2 sets of vibrations - the original ‘Pulse Plate’ is still there, but now, on the underside - they have included secondary vibrations, which are controlled via a small round remote control.

      The Pulse Plate now features 5 patterns, each with 9 speeds of intensity. This is a vast improvement over the original’s single pattern. The Duo now offers much more, allowing truly customisable play.

      In Use:

      It works exactly the same as the original PULSE. It features 2 silicone wings which help grip on to the penis, 3 ridges to provide additional stimulation as well as the Pulse Plate which sits directly underneath the frenulum, providing intense pleasure. To operate, you simply press and hold the single button on the left hand side for a second or 2, and then the toy will buzz into life on its first pattern, and on its first lowest speed. Using the plus and minus buttons on the other side will increase/decrease the intensity. Pressing the power button again will change the pattern. They include a constant pattern as well as 4 different ‘pulsing’ patterns.

      You can use the it either flaccid or erect - it’s so much fun using the Duo to take me from soft to hard - and it doesn’t take a massive amount of time either - which is why the PULSE has been a godsend to men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. The silicone wings hold the toy in the place, allowing you to just lay there and enjoy the vibrations. The Duo never fails to get me up and erect in under 5 minutes, and it doesn’t take long for it to bring me to orgasm. You can also stroke with the toy as well - allowing you to move those vibrations to different places along your shaft, and the wings and the ribbing at the bottom all work together to make it a truly stimulating experience.

      But where the Duo sets itself apart from the Solo is its secondary vibrations. There is a second vibratory motor on the underside of the Duo, meaning that a couple can enjoy this toy together. In a hetero couple, the man would place the Duo on his penis and then the woman can then straddle and then grind against the Duo - the vibrations are controlled by the remote control and have 3 constant speeds. For us, we tried things just a little differently. Only a little…

      We thought we would still try the straddling, where our aim would be to provide perineal stimulation - and to that end, the Duo did succeed - sort of. The vibrations are not overly strong, and are perhaps a little on the ‘buzzy’ side, rather than the nice, deep rumbly side - however, when the other half straddled me, the combined feeling of the vibrations from the pulse plate, the additional pressure from him riding me, and then him slowly and carefully ‘grinding’ against it felt amazing. He said he felt a pleasant ‘tickle’ along his perineum, and the whole scenario had him thoroughly excited. When we switched around, I had to agree with him - although I did almost wish the vibrations on the underside where just ever so slightly stronger.

      Clean-up and Maintenance

      The toy is now waterproof! Hooray! To be fair, clean-up on the original wasn’t exactly difficult, but because it wasn’t waterproof, you had to take a little bit of care when cleaning. Now, I can rinse the whole thing in the sink and it’s so much easier. Unfortunately, being completely coated in silicone, it means it’s a complete dust magnet (at least in my house it is), so I am very grateful to be able to pop it straight into the storage bag when it’s clean and dry, to ensure it stays completely clean, ready for next use.


      Well I have to admit, they’ve done it - they improved on the original - and to be fair, there wasn’t a huge amount that needed improving anyway - but the changes they have made are indeed very welcome and definitely move it up into ‘Must Have’ toy territory. The new patterns provide a welcome change of pace, and allows you to customise your play - whether you want to just get off quickly, or perhaps treat yourself to a longer edge session - you can. The secondary motor allows for expanded couples play and it’s waterproof! Meaning you can take it in the bath or in the shower for aquatic fun whenever, wherever. It’s discrete size and shape, combined with its USB recharge ability makes it a great travel toy too.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Improved functionality, more choice, waterproof!
      The 'female' vibrator is perhaps a little too light and buzzy. Can overpower main vibrations.
      Bottom line
      Significant improvement over the original, and is now truly a 'couples' toy.
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    1. We have a winner

      Reviewed: February 23, 2015 by Wildcherry

      We’ve been searching for the perfect masturbator/couples toy for quite a while now, something we could both use, from solo to a little something extra during foreplay. But overall a toy we could use together.

      The Packaging:

      So what can I say, other than the packaging is definitely for the man in mind (well, it is sadly a man’s toy). I don’t think it's cheap looking, although it kind of reminded me of a certain brand of men’s aftershave if they were to do sex toys.

      The box is black and gold with just a slight glimpse of an image of the PULSE 2 inside. On the remaining sides are a little product information and diagrams for those who aren’t too keen on reading the booklet included.

      First Impressions:

      Sitting in its tray inside is the PULSE. Appearances can be deceiving, as what I thought was going to be a lightweight ridged toy turned out to be a little heavy but with a lot of flexibility in the front winged area.

      PULSE in your hand is quite weighty. Being female and having a lot of toys, I’m not sure I could ever use something that heavy. But saying this, my partner had no problem using it and thought it had a fair weight to it.

      Being made of silicone makes it super soft and flexible during use. So whether you decide to use flaccid or hard, it caters to both.

      To the outside of the Duo is the logo and three fine ridges that can be used against your partner’s clitoris during foreplay.

      And finally, to the left is the on/off button, and to the right are - / + buttons that light up when the toy is turned on

      Tucked inside the PULSE's wings are 3 soft ridges that act as stimulation when used up and down the shaft. And finally, above this is the PulsePlate, which is embellished with a crown that when in operation pulses up and down, carrying vibrations that stimulate the frenulum and your partner from the underside.

      There are actually 6 vibration modes (this is including the starting vibration) that gradually increase in speed for his personal choice, and finally the 3 operated by remote that are a more specialised vibration for your partner (but my husband didn’t really want to share, and enjoyed using this during solo time). That’s a total of 9 spine-tingly good settings in total for you to get lost in.

      If the PULSE itself wasn’t enough, there is also a USB charger included, one satin bag and the couples remote.

      Use of the PULSE 2 Duo Vibrating Male Masturbator:

      It’s a good thing he was in work when this little goody arrived, as the PULSE takes the longest 4 hours to charge. But when fully charged we’ve so far managed to get an hour's use from it. But after its 4 hours, I gave it a little test before he got his hands in on it.

      With a 2-second push of a button, the PULSE Duo buzzes into life, lighting the - / + buttons in progress. It’s certainly not discreet in its volume when in use. Maybe at its lowest speed you might get away with use, but when the second vibrations are activated by remote it can be very loud.

      Being a female and not having the right sort of equipment, I can’t really say how great this was for him personally, but I can only go on what he has told me during use. My partner loves vibrating cock rings and the tightness that they give along with the vibrations, and whilst the PULSE is not like a cock ring exactly, it was even better as he could vary grip on his shaft to his liking or leave the PULSE freehand, without cutting out the strength or effecting the vibrations.

      This also isn’t like any other male masturbator we own. Use whilst flaccid was an amazing sensation for him, as he could gradually increase the speed as he got harder or decrease if things got a little bit too sensitive.

      Okay so what I can say is how versatile this thing is... I'm not big on male masturbators we’ve found so far, but this was a breeze to use on him (although at times a little heavy) for just masturbation or whilst giving oral sex. The pure beauty of the PULSE was, unlike something like the Magic Wand, we could use it freehand in various positions, enabling me to get my hands back again for other things.

      Finally, using this during a little foreplay between us both, wow... I’ve searched so long and hard for a cock ring or something similar to stimulate me, but no vibration could hold up to my power queen standards. That was until now... With him inserted inside the PULSE, my partner could tease my clitoris, with the soft outer 3 ridges of the PULSE lubed, and it was up to him or me to set the speed of the remote and toy between the choice of the 3 amazingly powerful vibrations that come from the PulsePlate, giving a shared pleasure.


      We are both totally smitten with PULSE. It’s a marvellous toy and something that boasts to be the world’s first “guybrator". They’ve done amazingly well. Its design gives the PULSE the incredible ability to be used if you are flaccid, giving that little bit extra in the bedroom for those who need it. But most importantly for us, its all-round versatility for use during foreplay just couldn’t make us both any more happier.

      Granted there were one or two little niggles (I am picky, what can I say?). The fact you have to cycle through every vibration with the remote was a little annoying, and a back/forward button would have been much appreciated.

      Secondly, it is a little heavy for someone like me. My partner had no problems when he used it. But saying that, when I did start using it, it was a lot easier to grip his shaft unlike other masturbators we’ve used during the past.

      By no means do the negatives outweigh the positives for the PULSE. I love the fact its vibrations are strong and buzzy enough to help me cum. But it’s not all about me. As a total male masturbator convert, he absolutely loved everything about the PULSE. It has to be one of the first that he’s use that had just the right amount of vibration to it without making things too sensitive or not enough to it. And with the added bonus of the remote I could toy with him for a change.

      This is definitely something I could get jealous over, but I’ve certainly no need as it’s the ideal couples toy to add a little something extra to foreplay fun.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Everything with the bonus of us both orgasming.
      Little heavy for me, its also not the quietest of toys.
      Bottom line
      The perfect toy for those looking to add a little more to foreplay.
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