1. Lovebirds_x's review of Lovehoney Main Squeeze Heavy Double Kegel Balls 3.2oz

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      1. Lovehoney Main Squeeze Heavy Double Kegel Balls 3.2oz

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      Lovehoney Main Squeeze Heavy Double Kegel Balls 3.2oz 108 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Lovehoney Main Squeeze Heavy Double Kegel Balls 3.2oz
      2. Lovebirds_x's review of Lovehoney Main Squeeze Heavy Double Kegel Balls 3.2oz


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    1. Perfect step up for intermediate users

      Reviewed: July 26, 2015 by Lovebirds_x

      I would class myself as an experienced but intermediate level Kegel ball user. My most recent previous set weighed in at 72g, and I must admit the lack of challenge meant I had fallen out of the habit of using them at all. When the opportunity to test these heavy balls came up I knew these would be exactly what I was looking for as a next step up.

      Lovehoney’s silicone is lovely and feels very high quality. Silky soft to the touch, doesn’t attract any fluff, firm but not unyielding, it’s got all the good things silicone should have. As first impressions go, you feel like you’re holding a far more expensive luxury item. Which is good!

      The one thing about the silicone is it has a lot of drag. In fact, for the first time ever I needed to use a drop of lube in order to insert these comfortably. Even if you don’t usually use it, I wouldn’t skip the lube.

      The size and shape of this set is great; they’re small enough to be comfortable and easy to insert, but large enough that you don’t struggle to keep them inside you. The shape seems to hug you internally and helps them stay snuggly in place. I thought being bigger could make them less of a challenge than my previous set, but I was wrong. It makes them easier to use, but not any less of a work out.

      In use, you can seriously notice these balls are inside you. They’re quite long, which at first was a little uncomfortable (especially considering the silicone bridge between the two balls barely flexes at all) but over time gave me a deliciously full feeling. The weight adds to this. I don’t tend to wear Kegel balls to arouse myself but these certainly fit the bill. Bending over puts quite a bit of pressure on your K-spot, which is a great tease. Even just sitting around is a great tease! These certainly are not a set of Kegel balls which you can leave inside you for hours and forget about them.

      The free-roaming balls inside the Kegel balls were strangely not noticeable. I jumped about and wiggled my butt for a while but couldn’t feel them at all. This could be a bad thing if you like the feeling of the balls moving inside you, but I actually prefer it this way. A lot of the time when you are wearing Kegel balls you can actually hear the inner balls clicking and clacking, which is embarrassing if someone notices. These are completely silent while inside you, so while you’re not getting the movement sensation you are getting total discretion, which to me is well worth the trade off.

      You still get a lot of stimulation from the size and weight inside you, so you don’t really miss the ball movements. These are actually the first set of Kegel balls I’ve used that can turn me on at all, which surprised me. Turns out working out can be fun!

      In terms of actually working your muscles, these really do their job. I like to contract my muscles around the Kegel balls every so often rather than just leave them in, and after about 15 minutes of this I could feel my muscles were getting quite tired! This is great as it means you can actually do the whole 15 minutes a day thing doctors recommend and know you’re actually working your muscles.

      The little silicone loop may seem irrelevant but is a brilliant compromise to me between having a removal string (comfortable but hard to clean) or one of those long silicone tabs (uncomfortable but easy to clean). You have essentially got a silicone string, comfortable and easy to clean. Perfect! You don’t notice it at all while you’re wearing the Kegel balls, and although it feels like an elastic band it is strong enough to pull the balls out without stretching or snapping. It’s a nice little finishing touch, I really like it!

      Once you’ve had your work out, these could not be easier to clean. The thought of a demanding clean up can very easily put you off using your Kegel balls, especially if you don’t have a lot of time to get them used, washed and put away. Obviously these were going to be super easy to maintain because they are made entirely from silicone, but the clever design makes it even easier.

      The smooth, one piece design and lack of difficult to clean string means you just pop them out, spritz with toy cleaner or a little soap and water and rinse well. With a lot of kegel balls you either have to remove the balls from a holder or scrub silly little grooves to make sure they are properly clean, which is off-putting. It really is very quick and simple to make sure this set are as good as new.

      Overall, I was quite correct that these are the perfect next level of work out for me. They definitely live up to their ‘advanced’ name and they outperformed my expectations in terms of arousal. They’re great quality and work in every way they are supposed to. What more can you say, really? Big old thumbs up from me!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      High quality, great design, very effectively builds both strength and arousal. Easy to keep clean.
      The silicone is a little draggy, needed lube to be able to insert these comfortably.
      Bottom line
      Easy and fun to use, if you want an advanced option these are perfect!
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