1. Jimmyjane FORM 5 Luxury USB Rechargeable Vibrator

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      1. Jimmyjane FORM 5 Luxury USB Rechargeable Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      Featuring a palm-sized body, fluttering wings and a firm dome, the FORM 5 is a pleasure product that's perfect for men, women and couples. A truly versatile sex toy, it combines scintillating vibrations with form-fitting design to thrill from head-to-toe.

      For her: Press the firm pleasure dome against your clitoris or nipples for a deep rumbling stimulation. The spreadable wings will naturally arouse the surrounding nerve-endings for all-encompassing pleasure. If you fancy something different, swap to the wafer-thin tips to experience more intense fluttering stimulation that are perfect for pinpoint clitoral fun.

      For him: Move the toy up and down your shaft to explore where feels best for you. While the solid pleasure dome treats your erection to direct rumbling pleasure, each wing spreads sensation around your penis for increased contact and satisfaction. Experiment by pressing the dome against your head, glans, frenulum and balls to explore your body in a whole new way.

      Always use with a generous squeeze of your favorite water-based lubricant for the ultimate gratifying experience.

      Key Features:

      • Rechargeable unisex vibrator for sensational pleasure all over the body
      • Supple, spreadable 'wings' span out for widespread fluttering stimulation
      • 'Pleasure dome' harnesses powerful motor for direct, rumbling vibration
      • 4 customizable patterns to set to your choice of 5 intensity levels
      • USB rechargeable, waterproof and whisper-quiet
      • Travel-lock for worry-free transport and storage
      • Includes USB cable and charge dock

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      Jimmyjane FORM 5 Luxury USB Rechargeable Vibrator 3 3.5 out of 5 stars 3.5 out of 5

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      1. Jimmyjane FORM 5 Luxury USB Rechargeable Vibrator
      2. Jimmyjane FORM 5 Luxury USB Rechargeable Vibrator


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    1. Fantastic luxurious design

      Reviewed: March 19, 2015 by PBLove, a Straight Going Steady Male

      We were so excited when Lovehoney asked us to test the wonderful Jimmyjane Form 5 for them - and yes, we tested it very well and very long and with a whole lot of fun! Below you find our opinion on each category - so pick what’s important for you or enjoy every detail about this toy!


      The Jimmyjane Form 5 comes in a maybe a little bit oversized cardboard box that shows you the product and some basic features on the outside. Its design is sleek and simple and resembles a high-tech product - you know immediately you’ve got a luxurious toy in hands.

      When you open the box, you find the Form 5 neatly snuggles into two plastic protection cases that keep it very well from rattling during shipping. The toy already sits on its charging base (more about that below). You also find a little booklet explaining to you the usage of this toy in a few pictures. Doesn’t tell you overwhelmingly much, but it can get you started!

      Attention: The USB-Cord you need for charging is packed in this innocent white cardboard you find at the bottom of the box - don’t mistaken that for filling!


      Charging couldn’t be easier! Jimmyjane uses a great technology that allows you to power your toy by simply putting it on a sleek white base that connects to the toy via its little metal dot on the bottom. No plugging, screwing or secret caps on the toy! The base itself is plugged in by a simple mini-USB that you find on most phones and other electronics - that means no extra cable when travelling! Yay! In case you don’t own such a cable yet or need another one, you’ll find one in a little white square at the bottom of the box. This then simply plugs into your computer or a USB-plug (which is also available on Lovehoney). One full charge should work for around 4 hours.

      Nice extra: our Jimmyjane Form 5 came already charged and ready to play!


      This absolutely beautiful toy caught my eye immediately! Vaguely resembling a tulip this toy is a masterpiece of design! The two flexible “petals” are meant to either please her labia or his penis while the “pearl” that lies between them gives you extra stimulation (for example on the clit) - but don’t forget the endless possibilities of stimulation (nipples, feet…). It is also nicely heavy which gives it a glamorous touch.

      As you can expect from such a luxurious product the silicone feels stunningly (!) soft and is of course absolutely seam free. It is also completely waterproof (which comes in handy when you need to wash it).

      Just seeing pictures of this product, I actually thought it would be a little bit bigger but in reality it is quite small - therefore it perfectly fits into my palm, which is actually a great quality of that toy: it is tiny enough to find its way to the clit even in the sweaty activities of sex and you can easily adjust it as you can move it with your fingers.


      Oh so gorgeous! With only four vibration settings that you can change with the lower buttons it is easy to keep track of them and find your favourite one - and trust me you will! The Form 5 offers you constant, staccato and two decreasing/increasing modes. It doesn’t seem like much but as they are so well designed, it is all you need. Once you settled on a vibration, you can alter its intensity with the +/- button.

      The vibrations are really strong - and I mean really, really strong! Even on the lowest setting this toy made me climax, so the other end of the 5 intensity settings is reserved for you, Power Queens!

      Due to the totally flexible “petals” and the pronounced “pearl” the vibrations get transferred very well to your body on the upper end of the toy, while the lower part of it doesn’t vibrate so much, which keeps your hand from going numb (a problem I encountered for example with some strong bullets).


      Even though this little gem is full of power, no one would detect your luxurious secret in a room next to yours. My OH and me tried it in our flat with pretty usual walls and doors and indeed you couldn’t hear it anymore from another room - totally passed the test!

      Usage in Female Solo Play:

      I gave this toy a test on my own. Wow. Just wow. This being my first luxurious vibrator, I couldn’t believe what I missed in my life so far! The vibrations are extremely fast and strong and caress your body. It feels absolutely fantastic and I am sure everyone, no matter if new or experienced in vibrators can enjoy this toy 100%.

      The buttons to change the intensity or the setting are easy to reach and press. After a bit of trying out, I have got to say that I loved this toy placed over my clit/labia with the “petals” spread apart and “pearl” stimulating me. The toy was easy to be kept in place - not only per hand but also just pressed between my thighs.

      Man-Woman Couple Play:

      Of course, we also introduced the Form 5 to our couple time. At first we tried it on his penis and he reported that he found the vibrations really enjoyable, but, like every other vibrating toy we tried before, it made his dick feel a bit numb.

      After that, I grabbed the Jimmyjane again and placed it here and there, sometimes pressing or rumbling a bit, but most of the times it was enough just to keep it in some sweet spots.

      The only problem that I encountered was the fact that the “petals” would occasionally leave their positions when moving around which required adjustment with both hands again. No big deal - I am sure the more you use it the better you’ll get that under control.

      Couple Toy?

      Being advertised as a couple’s toy you may ask yourself now - well, is it? We found the usage was totally possible on both sexes, though it seemed to be nevertheless more designed for women. Though: It is very versatile and can be used in a whole lot of spots. Due to its size it is comfortable to hold in your hand or palm to sneak it in and spice things up!

      Why the Jimmyjane Form 5?

      The outstanding factor on this toy for me is the design: it combines the broad stimulation of pebble-vibrators and the spot-on-vibes of rabbits or bullets in just one toy. The “petals” and the “pearl” give you just an amazing level of pleasure. The beautiful design lines up with its ease in usage and the great charging technology. The quality is so amazing that Jimmyjane even provides you a three-year warranty.

      So, all in all: yes, it is totally worth it to save maybe a bit longer for this wonderful toy and make yourself or someone else a pleasurable present you will enjoy for a very long time!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Everything! Design, deep vibrations, vibration patterns, charge length, waterproof.
      Bottom line
      A real luxurious toy with an innovative and unique design.
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    1. Flutter me, please

      Reviewed: July 5, 2015 by JoanPrice, a Straight Single Female

      A clever idea: a vibrator with fluttering wings and a landing spot in the middle so you get both direct and indirect clitoral stimulation.

      As you probably know, the clitoris isn't just the little nub that emerges and engorges when we're aroused. It's actually a much larger wishbone shape that's internal - invisible externally, but definitely arousable. The Form 5 aims to stimulate your external clitoris, labia, and internal clitoris.

      It has a variety of settings, and the sensations are delightful. At the highest setting, it's pretty strong, though not turbo power (for those of us always seeking turbo power). I like that it's made of silicone, rechargeable, classy in design, and waterproof.

      I wish the direct-stimulation bump (JimmyJane calls it the "Pleasure Dome") emerged higher. If your clitoris doesn't protrude a lot, you may have some trouble trying to press the "Pleasure Dome" against it.

      Of course you can experiment with how you use it. Instead of placing the wings against your labia, you might want to let one wing flutter at your vaginal opening, the other directly on your clitoris. It can also be used to pleasure a penis.

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      It's an unusual design and fun to experiment with.
      The central bump doesn't protrude enough for optimal stimulation on a shy clitoris.
      Bottom line
      For people who enjoy sex toys and have a collection, this is a lovely addition.
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