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    1. Tease by Lovehoney Soft Bondage Kit (3 Piece)

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      1. Tease by Lovehoney Soft Bondage Kit (3 Piece)

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    1. Product Description

      Looking to introduce soft bondage to your relationship, but aren't sure where to start? We've put our top beginner's bondage toys into this kit to make it easy for you. A silky purple blindfold, wrist restraint and soft feather tickler are all yours.

      Made from silky material for restraint that embraces each wrist, our user-friendly wrist tie and blindfold work together beautifully to offer sensory deprivation and enhancement. While tied down, tickle and tease your lover's skin with the delicate feather tickler to awaken nerve-endings and make them tingle all over.

      Key Features:

      • Satin-feel blindfold, wrist tie and feather tickler for first-time tie-and-tease fun
      • Glossy pliable blindfold blocks light for exciting sensory deprivation play
      • Extra-long, extra-wide wrist tie for sensual restraint
      • Delicately soft feather tickler awakens nerves for increased sensitivity
      • The perfect introduction to light bedroom bondage
      • Part of the Tease by Lovehoney collection

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    1. Tease by Lovehoney Soft Bondage Kit (3 Piece)

      Looking to introduce some light bondage into your relationship, but aren't sure where to start? We've put our top beginner's bondage toys into these kits to make it easier for you. A silky blindfold, wrist restraint and soft feather tickler are all yours.

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Tease by Lovehoney Soft Bondage Kit (3 Piece) 5 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Tease by Lovehoney Soft Bondage Kit (3 Piece)
      2. Tease by Lovehoney Soft Bondage Kit (3 Piece)


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    1. Everything you need to get going

      Reviewed: October 13, 2015 by Clockwork_Oasis, a Gay Going Steady Female

      My OH and I have been dabbling in soft bondage for a while - the odd handcuff here, a flogger there, but combining them all together has seemed a little bit of a pro’s game to us. How wrong we were!

      This is everything you need to start experimenting with sensory play: it looks amazing, does the job, feels great and is truly a well thought through kit. Colour me impressed!

      Speaking of colour. I was excited when purple was an option, and once again, Lovehoney gets it right. This is a bright, clear purple, not murky blue, nor pinky red, just clear purple. Hurray!

      The blindfold consists of a broad ribbon with a reinforced rectangular area in the middle. It is strengthened by bendable thread around the edge, hidden inside black trimming. It takes a couple of seconds to adjust, but when you have pressed it down in the right places, it molds perfectly to your face and blocks out all light.

      If you tie the blindfold together on the back of your head, the knot may become very large, which can make the blindfold slip off when things get heated. If you have a medium (medium to large) sized head like my OH and I both do, there is just enough length on the blindfold to wrap it all the way around and tie a tiny tiny knot in the front. This looks interesting and makes it stay on tighter.

      If you have to keep the knot in the back, or want to for aesthetic reasons, placing the knot between two pillows also help.

      The only thing that would have made this blindfold better in our opinion is the design on the front panel. A layer of black lace or perhaps an embroidered Lovehoney heart to break up the flat panel would look great. Other than that, it does what it’s supposed to do, feels great against the skin, and looks exciting on.

      The satin handcuffs are a simple little contraption: a broad ribbon with a central loop. Place your OH’s wrists on either side of the loop, pull the ends of the ribbons through and lock with a knot; from here, you can simply leave your OH’s wrists tied together, or you can strap them to the nearest headboard, table leg or ankle.

      Despite the fabric being very soft and slippery, a simple knot holds up really well, and can take quite a bit of struggling. The simple design opens for many variations of knots and body parts, and will even double as a blindfold, but the length requires you to be a little creative.

      It feels great against your skin, and struggling against it does not feel like a game of “how much force can I apply before I’m reminded that I can actually just slip out”. You can’t. If you tie a hard knot, your OH won’t slip out. Great!

      The real surprise for me was the feather tickler. I knew of their existence, but they just didn’t seem like my cup of tea. I am not ticklish at all, whilst my OH is extremely ticklish, so it seemed like a dud project. Not so! With the blindfold on, the feathery whisper against your skin is many times amplified, yet the lack of visual input make it somehow less tickly and more teasy.

      You can experiment with stroke direction, location, speed and pressure to tell a little sensory story. And when you think it’s time to move on, turn the tickler around! The back of the tickler is a small metallic ball that feels equally great against the skin, and allows for a little rougher poking and prodding, or just a harder stroke.

      The combination of these three products give you an excellent starting point, but there’s no need to stop here! Combine with whipped cream and strawberries for a culinary experience, or ice cubes and your favourite bondage candle for temperature play.

      This kit truly opens the door to soft bondage, and you are welcome through it. Bring whatever you want to the other side! With this beginner's kit, you can advance through the grades at your own pace, or stay comfortably in a blacked out, soft, tickly and tied-up position.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      The colour, feel, quality, look and function.
      Wish the blindfold was a little prettier.
      Bottom line
      Great beginners kit, everything you need and easily combined with other products.
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    1. Soft silky fun

      Reviewed: September 28, 2015 by mummymermaid, a Straight Engaged Female

      Thank you so much for sending me this to review. As a couple starting out on our bondage journey and enjoying it very much, this was a lovely set.

      It came, as always, very quickly in a plain brown box. Very discreet. Inside was the three piece set in a clear package with the Tease Me sticker on it.

      First thing was the colour. It's a beautiful purple. Not dark but not light either, it's a lovely colour.

      The feather tickler is lovely! It came with the Lovehoney label/mini booklet tied loosely around the handle. It has bits of info in it and tips. The handle is very short and is a clear plastic with a metal ball at the end and a strip at the top, just before the beautiful purple feathers.

      Even though it's a short tickler (which we actually prefer over longer one), there are so many feathers a thick mop of them! I loved my partner running this all over my body. He also mixed it up and used the cold metal end on me too and it felt really good and got me going. As it was short, my partner had a crop in his other hand, and it was thrilling not knowing what was coming next as I was wearing the blindfold that I also got in this set...

      The blindfold also came with a label/booklet attached to it and was also the beautiful purple colour, and had a little sewn-in Lovehoney symbol tag, which is a very cute touch.

      It's very silky and its' a blindfold you can mould to the shape of your face for an even blacker blackout! I love these style of blindfolds and I do have one that is shaped different to this one.

      This is more a rectangle shape, the bendable wire bit. The other I have is straight at the top and a curved line at the bottom, trying to fit your face before you bend the wire. I prefer this one. The rectangle shape makes it more secure and I couldn't see a thing and it didn't move.

      Another thing I have found about blindfolds that I love is they make me more confident. As soon as I am blindfolded I relax and really enjoy myself!

      My partner loves restraints and he likes them tight.I do tend to wiggle a lot! We both loved the silky handcuffs. Again in the beautiful purple colour that I realised matches my Happy Rabbit 2! With the label/booklet attached and the cute little Lovehoney symbol tag sewn on, these were very silky and felt really nice, and by using a figure 8 method and the loops on the handcuffs, he was able to get them really tight, which drove him crazy and was comfortable for me still.

      So there I am. Blindfolded and restrained and having thoroughly enjoyable time! Thank you LH! Xxx

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      The colour. I want everything in this colour now!
      Bottom line
      Lovely silky and sexy. xxx
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    1. Wonderful little bondage set

      Reviewed: January 4, 2017 by Parcann, a Straight Going Steady Male

      A great set for the bondage beginner or the expert.

      We had a lovely time ensuring that the other person couldn't see what was happening or being used on their body and where.

      The little tickler added a whole new dimension, not just from the feathered end but also from the little metal ball on the handle.

      When cold, this added a great feeling on those sensitive areas. The handcuffs are good and strong too.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      Smooth, easy to use, and strong.
      Bottom line
      A great little set, sadly no longer sold.
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