1. Bondage Boutique Silky Rope Hogtie Red

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      1. Bondage Boutique Silky Rope Hogtie Red

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    1. Product Description

      Looking for a fiddle-free restraint set that allows you to get straight down to business? Your search is over. The Bondage Boutique Silky Rope Hogtie enables you to fully restrain your sub with almost zero effort.

      Simply slip the pre-made loops over ankles and wrists and voilà, may the games commence. Silky flat-weave Nylon and a sturdy central O-ring makes this hogtie durable, comfortable and perfect for prolonged play.

      The no-buckle design ensures restraint is straightforward, making spontaneous bondage a cinch. Plus, with slide-to-fit restraints that get tighter as they're pulled on, there's no way your sub can escape without your permission.

      Key Features:

      • Silky rope hogtie for reliable restraint during bondage play
      • Durable metal central ring anchors wrist and ankle ties for security
      • Slide-to-fit wrist and ankle loops are easy to use
      • Extra-wide, smooth, flat-weave rope is comfortable and won't chafe
      • Reinforced stitching and leather tips stop ends fraying
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      1. Bondage Boutique Silky Rope Hogtie Red
      2. Bondage Boutique Silky Rope Hogtie Red


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    1. Cuff but not enough

      Reviewed: August 23, 2015 by RedKitsune, a Straight Engaged Female

      I was delighted when this item arrived. I love rope, tape, cuffs - anything that I have to put up a bit of a fight against, and I thought the silky rope hogtie would be a great addition to my collection.

      First impressions were fair. It had plain, plastic packaging, which I like as I care about the contents not the wrapping. The first thing of note was the feel. The title does not lie, pleasantly silky it is.

      The quality is also evident. I have had a number of cheaper restraints (before finding Lovehoney) that I have broken literally within minutes of first using them, but you can tell this item is not quitting anytime soon.

      One small appearance niggle is the the ends on the red version are edged with black and sewn with black thread. I think it would have been nicer all in red, but it is no big deal.

      So far so good. However, the length of rope, unlike the cuffs isn't adjustable and I am pretty short, so I don't feel particularly restrained by this product no matter the position. My OH was a little disappointed by how much I could still freely move.

      I also feel like I could get out of this without much effort on my own, but this may or may not be a desirable quality for you.

      One interesting use for this tie, though, is that it is easy to incorporate into other, more elaborate shibari style ties and can act as a short cut for some of the knots used!

      I think this would be a great, non intimidating piece for couples new to bondage or for those looking for something that isn't too extreme. Personally, I also think it is useful for those who are already good with their rope and knot work, but who want to save a bit of time.

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      Silky softness.
      Not very restrictive.
      Bottom line
      Good for beginners and those looking for mild restraints.
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    1. Good beginner kit for some kinky fun

      Reviewed: August 19, 2015 by muttsnutts, a Straight Married Male

      I was very pleased as always when being offered products to test from Lovehoney, and looked forward to this arriving.

      The item arrived as usual in a quick and discreet manner.

      The packing was quite plain and simple but did the job of showing off the product without adding too much cost to the packaging.

      The hogtie itself is made of four pieces of red material joined in the centre by a 2.25" metal ring. The business end of the hogtie uses the end of the material itself to loop over, which in turn creates an adjustable wrists\ankle fixing.

      Each of the four restraining piece is about 15" long, but this is before being attached to your willing victim. Each piece is also just under 1" wide. Due to this width, there should not be too much cutting into the skin.

      In use, I found the best position for my wife to be in was on her front with the hogtie being used in the more traditional way. This meant that the weight of her legs and arms pulled the loops tight and made it harder to escape.

      I did try the kneeling version of the hogtie, but she could wriggle loose.

      My wife said it was comfortable to wear and thinks this is due to the thickness and softness of the material.

      Overall, a good starting piece but more hardcore players might want something a bit more secure.

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      Cheap but effective. Comfortable.
      Would be nice to have a way of locking off the loop.
      Bottom line
      Good introduction into restraint play.
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    1. A nice novelty, but redundant for me

      Reviewed: August 21, 2015 by J-Curious

      Honestly, this is the easiest review I've ever written. Whether or not I recommend this toy comes down to what you expect from it.

      The Silky Rope Hogtie certainly lives up to its name. The cuffs are so soft and silky that there's no worry of discomfort to your partner, which is always a huge factor in any sexual encounter. The rope itself feels strong and very durable, and I can't see the O-ring breaking any time soon. Overall, it's an extremely well made product and is fantastic value for money, in terms of objective quality.

      The problem for me is that I just can't think of a reason to recommend this toy to someone who already has a decent bondage collection - in particular, rope. A hogtie knot is easy to find online and simple to perform, and most importantly allows for a great deal of fine tuning of tightness and how much movement is allowed. With this hogtie though, the cuffs have nothing keeping them tight and are too far apart to provide the level of restraint I expect from a Bondage Boutique toy.

      All things considered, if you're just starting to dabble in bondage or like it light, this is a well built bit of kinky kit that I'm sure you could get some great fun out of. For anyone more experienced, I strongly recommend sticking with rope and tying your own knots. Though I imagine you could probably find a use for this somewhere along the line.

    2. Overall Rating:
      6 out of 10 stars
      Strong, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. If you're looking for a hogtie, this is great.
      Anything this can do, rope can do better. It's just not secure enough.
      Bottom line
      A decent quality product, but you're better off with rope.
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