1. Coco de Mer Brown Leather Ankle Cuffs

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      1. Coco de Mer Brown Leather Ankle Cuffs

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    1. Product Description

      Couples looking for reliable restraint and superior comfort will gush over these super-plush leather ankle cuffs by Coco de Mer. Lovingly crafted from butter-soft lamb's leather and finished with antique brass hardware, they ooze opulence and style.

      These cuffs really need to be felt to be believed. The inner lining is so soft you won't want to stop stroking it, and the abundance of padding ensure subs enjoy a tight but supremely comfortable fit that never chafes during play. Plus with an 8 inch connecting strap with 2 swivel quick-release clips, your fun stays secure and safe at all times.

      These cuffs really are a step above the rest and make a beautiful erotic gift for a lover, or a totally selfish gift to yourself. With proper care, these luxurious ankle restraints should last you a lifetime. Team with other restraints and spankers from the Coco de Mer bondage collection and raise the bar on BDSM exploration.

      Key Features:

      • Plush leather ankle cuffs for superior levels of comfort during bondage play
      • Dark brown and antique brass colorway adds artistic sophistication to BDSM adventures
      • 8 inch double ended connecting strap with quick-release clips for reliable restraint
      • Includes Coco de Mer storage bag and care instructions for lifelong enjoyment

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    1. Coco de Mer Brown Leather Ankle Cuffs

      Couples looking for reliable restraint & superior comfort will gush over these leather ankle cuffs by Coco de Mer. Lovingly crafted from butter-soft lamb's leather & finished with antique brass hardware, they ooze opulence & style.

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      1. Coco de Mer Brown Leather Ankle Cuffs
      2. Coco de Mer Brown Leather Ankle Cuffs


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    1. Luxury cuffs

      Reviewed: November 9, 2016 by DomC, a Straight Married Male

      When it comes to bondage, different situations demand different restraints: these were bought to satisfy the need for luxury, and they certainly don't disappoint.

      These cuffs, although expensive, are beautifully made and incredibly soft (they make a perfect contrast to the ropes, hard leather, and metal cuffs already in the toybox).

      The brown leather and brass fittings combine to give a very elegant look, albeit one that can be hard to match to products from different ranges. Yes, there's an obvious solution to this (buy the rest!), but be prepared for an expensive addiction.

      When they arrived we couldn't wait to try then and wrapped round V's ankles. The length of the straps proved perfect for hobbling her and encouraging a good kneeling position. As expected, they were apparently comfortable enough that V "could wear these all night"... hmmm...

      The single strap and brown/brass finish does present a slight problem when it comes to using these with tie-downs (a shame more aren't available separately) or with spreader bars (can't find any to match) but they retain their classy look, and a bit of visual and tactile contrast is introduced if used with natural ropes. Dare I suggest, the perfect thing for a bit of entertainment in a nice hotel?

      Overall, a high-quality luxury product. Not cheap, but worth the premium. Just a shame there aren't thigh cuffs available in the same range.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Classy appearance, high quality, luxury cuffs.
      No matching thigh cuffs available.
      Bottom line
      Not cheap, but worth the premium. You get what you pay for!
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    1. Zero Complaints

      Reviewed: July 26, 2016 by A Couple of Kinks

      These cuffs feel sexy the moment you’re doing them up. Obviously my kink side loves the idea of getting strapped down or strapping down my partner. The cuffs are smooth to hold and their weight feels like serious business. The leather makes that well-known squeak as you manipulate the straps and it provides a subtle but rich leather aroma. The stitching is excellent quality. Neither of us can find a flaw in the manufacturing. These cuffs look like they could last for years if cared for properly. Closing the cuffs is easy to do - you just have to make sure you’re overlapping the ends properly. Once the ends are placed, the buckle is easy to achieve the preferred tightness. The leather on leather causes a bit of resistance while tightening but it doesn’t hinder the experience.

      You can choose to attach the linking strap before or after the cuffs are placed. The clasps are sturdy but easy to do up. There is no lock, so obviously the sub can always undo them, but chances are the sub’s arms are going to be conveniently strapped out of reach anyway, right? We personally find that not having locks gives us peace of mind and lets our imagination take us farther. Obviously if you like being locked up, then these cuffs won’t be for you. Because the linking strap is removable, you can easily use the brass links for other purposes, including attaching other restraints.

      Neither of us has chaffed while using them, and we have both tried wearing them for extended periods of time around the house with no issues. The leather does leave lines on your skin, kind of like what a sock might leave behind if it was a bit tight.

      During sex they can obviously get in the way depending on what you’re doing, but that is true for any cuffs. When we get desperate, we can simply just unclip them and go about what we were trying to do. Otherwise, they still feel great and they give a little ‘tug’ to remind you that they are there.

      I actually like them during masturbation. I find that the link is a perfect length to keep my legs together and give the sensation of being dommed all on my own.

      The Coco de Mer Leather Ankle Cuffs are high-quality luxurious cuffs that feel good to use, whether it is for sex with someone else or sex with yourself. Personally, we think having the matching wrist cuffs would be a great combo.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Luxurious, padded, comfortable, sexy.
      Bottom line
      Excellent quality and excellent fun!
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    1. You can have luxury and bondage

      Reviewed: June 22, 2016 by Fun Louise, a Straight Married Female

      I have been extremely fortunate to be asked to test and review the Coco de Mer brown leather ankle cuffs. Before today my OH and I had only used satin tie ankle restraints (and satin rope), but we had been looking at leather ones as a natural progression.

      Delivered in the now familiar plain brown box, the Coco de Mer ankle cuffs were presented in a natural cotton drawstring bag, with the logo on the bottom. Perfect for storing them in. When I opened the bag I was greeted with the most beautiful smell of leather.

      The leather is a rich deep brown colour, highlighted by the gold coloured metalwork. The ankle cuffs are very versatile as they can be adjusted between 6.5 and 11 inches, to allow for a perfect fit. The ankle cuffs are a substantial 3 inches in width, and the padding makes the cuffs almost half an inch thick. The finish on the leather is immaculate, smooth, soft, with perfect stitching. The end of the strap also bears the Coco de Mer logo.

      Personally I like to be restrained firmly, but comfortably. So I don't want rough unfinished leather, or scratchy rope to tie me down. These ankle cuffs are stunning, such soft leather, and the level of padding is both comfortable and luxurious. Having had an ankle cuff attached to each ankle my legs were then placed either side of the table leg and connected together using the leather and metal lobster clip strap. I was then blindfolded and my wrists tied together across the table. I was teased, and I wriggled and writhed across the table. The ankle cuffs held me firmly in place, but comfortably cushioned. There were no rough edges or scratchy stitching, complete comfort.

      The second time we tested the cuffs we used them on my wrists rather than the intended ankles. I'm a bigger lady (dress size 20) and I have a substantial wrist. This time the cuffs were a little loose, allowing some movement of my wrists, but there was no way I could get out of them. My OH is a bigger man too, and the ankle cuffs fit both his ankles and his wrists perfectly. If you’re a slimmer built person these would work well on your ankles but would be too big for use on your wrists. I predict that the larger size wrist cuffs would work well for most people as both wrist or ankle cuffs.

      I really like to be restrained, but wrapped in luxury and the Coco de Mer ankle cuffs certainly deliver. I really can't describe how well these are made, and the quality of the materials used. They really are a premium product, and if you like cushioned softness, combined with firm restraint these are the perfect option. However, if you like a more rugged or rough form of bondage these are going to be too soft and comfortable for you.

      Bottom line, amazing quality, comfort and firm restraint. A little expensive, but I can see why, given the quality.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Leather smell, colour, luxuriouse padding and perfect finish, firm restraint.
      A little expensive (largely justified by the quality).
      Bottom line
      Luxurious comfortable restraints. Could be too comfortable if you like a rougher form of bondage.
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