1. Fun Factory MISS BI Rechargeable G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

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      1. Fun Factory MISS BI Rechargeable G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      Curvaceous, powerful and sassy... No, we're not talking about Queen Bey. MISS BI's here to steal the show. With 7 vibration modes to massage your G-spot and clitoris, 2 extra powerful motors and a compact, curved shaft, next generation orgasms are yours.

      Truly a thing of wonder, MISS BI is a powerful rabbit vibrator designed to rock your world, G-spot and clitoris. With 2 independently controlled motors, tailored thrills are in the palm of your hand.

      Perfectly proportioned to fit most women, MISS BI's shapely 3 inch silicone shaft makes light work of locating and stimulating your G-spot, while a flexible, textured clitoral stimulator works its magic externally to bring you to an all-encompassing, blended shudder of ecstasy.

      The USB rechargeable vibe also boasts a bulbous swelling at the base of the shaft which stretches the labia and ensures no nerve-ending goes un-tickled. This innovative design makes you feel full and satisfied in every sense.

      Everyone knows wetter is better, so be sure to slather MISS BI and yourself with plenty of water-based lubricant before play for the ultimate slip 'n' slide fun.

      Maximum circumference: 5.1 inches

      Key Features:

      • Powerful G-spot rabbit vibrator for simultaneous dual stimulation
      • Main shaft with curved tip and bulbous base massage with precision
      • Textured, flexible clitoral stimulator maintains contact for blended sensations
      • Completely waterproof for versatile play locations
      • 2 independently controlled motors with 3 speeds and 4 patterns each enable tailored pleasure
      • Magnetic USB rechargeable motors for eco-friendly reliable battery life
      • User-friendly 3-button interface with handle for seamless use

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      Fun Factory MISS BI Rechargeable G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator 11 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Fun Factory MISS BI Rechargeable G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator
      2. Fun Factory MISS BI Rechargeable G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator


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    1. My new go-to

      Reviewed: March 3, 2018 by MolotovKing, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      I may not have bought this item from Lovehoney, but I felt that a review would help those seeking advice on it.

      The toy is a beautiful piece of equipment. Sleek, smooth silicone, nice handle. Easy buttons, too, which is always good when you’re in the heat of the moment. It has a very nice weight to it as well. The travel lock also makes it convenient for travel.

      The vibrations are very powerful. For those looking for some hearty tools, this would be that. It’s got deep, rumbly vibrations, and is definitely for those who are power queens.

      Overall, great. Worth over £100? Not sure, but still a great toy.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Good vibrations.
      Very pricey.
      Bottom line
      Great, would recommend.
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    1. Oh My Miss Bi!

      Reviewed: August 17, 2017 by 2Dogs, a Straight Married Male

      This is the OH’s favourite toy – maybe the one toy to rule them all!

      This vibe would be considered perfect by her for the following reasons:

      Girth at the base, clit vibe hits the spot, g-spot bump/vibe hits the spot, adjustable vibes, waterproof, great feel, and quality design overall (combined solo and couple play feedback).

      When I use this on her it is very typical to elicit the ‘slow down so I don’t cum too soon’ directive. At that time I can turn the vibes off for added play time – and from the looks and sounds, it is still very pleasurable even with no vibe.

      This toy is best used during couples play for us. We have not tried anal insertion but using the clit end down ‘there’ (spun 180) is good for some serious moaning and squirming. And I can provide oral to her in that position – many happy endings this way. Even with the ring-end, it can get slippery. But I would almost consider that a positive: hold on tight, here we go!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Fast and intense orgasms
      Cannot be left inserted without holding in place – will pop out
      Bottom line
      This is a must-have toy!
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    1. Little Miss.....

      Reviewed: August 8, 2017 by Pinky2105, a Straight Married Female

      I struggle to find the perfect G-spot toy as most of them are too long for me, so when I saw this I wanted to give it ago as it is shorter than most.

      It comes in an OMG... Sexy black box with a picture of MISS BI on the front, inside the black sleeve, is a gold coloured box with a flip up lid which reveals a red coloured lining and MISS BI sits in the middle complete with instructions and charger.

      This is quite a heavy toy but for me, that is a sign of quality. The material has a very silky, velvety, squishy feel almost real feel to it, but I must say it is a bit of a fluff magnet but as it is fully waterproof you can just wash it off easily.

      You will have to charge this for first-time use. It is very simple to do, you just attach the charger to the toy and plug into a USB plug and the 3 buttons on the handle will flash in sequence so you know when it's fully done.

      The operation is very simple too, there is a red fun button which turns the toy on and off and two more buttons, one for the main shaft and one for the arm. Once you have found the pattern in each of the buttons you like you can program it to remember this.

      You will need to use a good water based lube with this. So after all the unpacking and charging its time for use. I found this to be very quiet and the vibrations are a nice selection of high speed to deep and rumbly.

      Now for G-spot stimulation... It hits the spot perfectly and the varied vibrations are amazing. As for clitoral stimulation, I was a bit disappointed as the vibrations are not as strong as I thought they were going to be. You can feel the vibrations at the base but they get weaker as they go up the arm.

      Overall I do like this toy and the fact I can get G-spot stimulation is perfect.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Material, extremely quiet vibrations and size
      Clitoral arm vibrations not as strong as I hoped
      Bottom line
      A great toy that will keep you going 😊
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    1. A revelation in rabbits

      Reviewed: July 10, 2016 by delilahxx, a Straight Single Female

      When I first saw this toy, I really loved the cute look of it. I was intrigued by the look of the clit arm as it's unlike any I've seen before, and I really wanted to try it. I loved the bulbous look of the shaft and I just wanted it to be mine!

      Lucky for me it was in Lovehoney's infamous Christmas Day sale and I ordered it straight away, a sexy little Christmas present to myself. It took a little longer to arrive due to all the Bank Holidays, but finally it was here. I ripped the package open and put it on charge straight away, it had a small amount of charge but I had to wait around 2 hours for it to be fully charged.

      It's super easy to charge as the magnetic charger connects effortlessly to the base; with a strong hold, and has never come unconnected during charging. And this toy seems to keep it's charge for a long time, I've only had to charge it a couple of times since I've had it despite having regular use.

      Fun Factory packaging is colourful and fun, and once you slide off the outer sleeve, the inner box is classy and discreet. This one is in gold with red inside the box. With your toy comes the charger and a small book of instructions, mostly pictures rather than words but easy to understand.

      Once it's fully charged just press and hold the fun button to start. On mine both the motors start running, and I have to control them from there, the top button for the clit and the bottom for the shaft. Press and hold down independently to turn them off. Personally I prefer to insert it when it's turned off so it's annoying that it jumps into vibrating straight away.

      I have to say the vibrations are strong! If I only use the shaft motor, it's so strong it feels like the clit arm is on too. I love the deep vibrations, and the patterns, they really hit the spot for me. Having them both on at the same time is really orgasmic, and it never takes long to cum.

      I was a little worried the shaft would be too short, and although I have to rock the toy to reach my G-spot, I don't care, because this toy feels so good. And the girth of the shaft just enhances the feeling of this toy more. I love the feeling of just putting the narrower part of the shaft in and when ready plunge the rest in, so one minute I'm being teased, and the next I'm feeling full and stretched. Then rocking the shaft back and forward it tickles my G-spot, but with the powerful motor running, it's amazing.

      So for me the shape of the shaft really works, but what about the clit arm? It's unlike any other I've seen before, and reminds me of a big thumb. I have to admit the first few times I used it I really wasn't a fan. I was thinking it was never going to work for me. But suddenly I had a revelation. I found out pressing down on it while the shaft is in perfectly caresses my clit and surrounding area, and before I knew it I was having a very deep intense orgasm. And this has happened every time since.

      I love this rabbit, the bulbous shaft and big thumb-like clit arm are perfect for me. Not forgetting the fact it's made of soft silicone, one of my favourite materials; use lots of water-based lube with this to stop any drag. I also find the handle with loop very easy to hold during use, making it easier to rock it back and forwards, important for reaching my G-spot.

      This amazing toy is also waterproof, although I haven't used it in the bath yet, as I'm a bit scared of drowning during orgasm, so amazing this toy is! But this does make cleaning the toy super easy, spray with sex toy cleaner, rinse, and leave to dry. Simple as that.

      Overall, this toy is an amazing shape which works for me. It was trial and error to find the most pleasurable way to use it, and I'm so glad I took my time to play with it more, instead of sending it back, because it gives me some of the deepest and most intense orgasms compared to any other toy.

      Coupled with the good quality make and workmanship, as well as the soft silicone, and a great battery life. This toy is really worth getting your hands on. So it is worth the price tag? For me yes it is, as it does everything, and more; and maybe the same will be true for you.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The shape of the shaft and clit arm, the powerful vibrations.
      Shaft slightly short, vibrations start as soon as fun button pressed.
      Bottom line
      An amazing rabbit, the shape is a revelation.
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    1. Little Miss Bi

      Reviewed: August 5, 2017 by Fun Louise, a Straight Married Female

      I recieved the Fun Factory Miss Bi USB Rechargeable Powerful G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator as a test and review item.

      The outer black sleeve shows a scale picture of the toy inside, as well as listing the key features on the side. Remove the sleeve and you're left with a gold coloured box with the fun factory logo on the top. Inside the box your Miss Bi is resting in the middle of the box.

      This little black wonder holds plenty of promise. The black finger loop handle is made of plastic, and shows off the 3 buttons on the front. I particularly like the mirror shine silver colour of the inside of the finger loop. It looks very stylish.

      The body of Miss Bi is silicone, soft velvety silicone that has a slight squash to it, which increases the "real feel" of the toy. Miss Bi does suffer from the one flaw that all fun factory toys seem to have. She is a real dust and lint magnet. It's easily overcome, but does mean that you will need to wash your toy before you can use it, even straight from storage.

      Miss Bi is petite, with an insertable length of just 3 inches, and a substantial clitoral stimulator that is 2 inches in length and 1.25 inches wide. The clitoral stimulator is also very flexible at the point it attaches to the body of the toy. So you should be able to angle it exactly where you want it. There are three buttons on the front of the finger loop handle, Fun, a large circle and a small circle. Fun is your on/off button, while the large circle operates the shaft/body of Miss Bi, while the small circle operates the clitoral stimulator.

      But before you play you will need to charge the toy. This is really easy, and you simply attach the charging cable to the toy and into any USB plug socket. The circle buttons will flash until the toy is charge, when they will remain on. The magnetic charging cable is really easy to use, and the magnets stay connected very well.

      With just a spot of lube I set about putting Miss Bi through her paces. I pressed Fun and Miss Bi sprung into life. I then scrolled through the 7 different patterns of vibration for the shaft of the toy, finding one that I liked the feel of before repeating the task for the clitoral stimulator. The vibrations are strong and powerful, deep and rumbly, and with both the shaft and clitoral stimulator having their own independently controlled motor you can't fail to find a perfectly fun combination. The vibrations are quiet, even on the highest setting you can hardly hear the toy.

      I do really like Miss Bi. The different vibration modes are great, and the vibrations are strong and rumbly. Sadly she is not quite perfect for me. For me the 3 inch insertable length is just not quite long enough to reach my G-spot, which led to a quite frustrating session. The clitoral stimulator is powerful and flexible and could bring a woman to orgasm on its own. Coupled with the shaft to bring a strong blended orgasm.

      I haven't used Miss Bi anally, but I'm sure you could. The finger loop handle makes it safe, and the clitoral stimulator would bend enough to allow external stimulation too.

      In summary Miss Bi is a very good vibrator that has the potential to provide some amazing blended orgasms, but sadly she is just not quite long enough for me.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Strong rumbly vibrations, large number of vibration patens. Soft squidgy silicone, stylish.
      Attracts a lot of dust and lint. Not long enough shaft for me.
      Bottom line
      Powerful vibrations but quite a short insertable length.
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