1. Mystim Plunging Pete E-Stim Corona Glans Strap with Penis Plug

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      1. Mystim Plunging Pete E-Stim Corona Glans Strap with Penis Plug

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    1. Product Description

      Plunge your pete for erotic stimulation unlike any other. Blending the exciting sensations of urethral sounding with pulsing e-stim thrills, this glans ring surrounds the head of your penis for intense arousal inside and out. Talk about tased by the bell.

      Designed to be used with a Mystim power unit, this adjustable glans ring transmits gentle electrical currents around and over the head of your penis through slidable silicone straps and 24k gold plated electrode points.

      Move each gold bead along the silicone strap to alter where you feel most sensation and adjust the straps accordingly for the best contact and fit - you can even swivel the penis plug so that the probe sits outside of your urethra for first time play if you want to.

      Please note: Requires Mystim power unit to activate. As with all urethral sounding, this product should only ever be used with a sterile, water-based lubricant.

      Key Features:

      • Adjustable bi-polar glans ring with e-stim penis plug for concentrated penis arousal
      • 24k gold internal and external stimulators and silicone transmit full-bodied currents for sensational pleasure - move the beads and probe for custom sensations
      • Urethral dilator measures 1.35 inches in insertable length, and 4mm in diameter for satisfying stretch
      • Infinitely adjustable for a perfect fit around and over the head of the penis
      • Requires Mystim power unit to activate poles (sold separately)
      • Includes corona strap, leads, discreet storage tin and 24 month warranty

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    1. Mystim Plunging Pete Corona Glans Strap with Penis Plug

      Plunge into your peter for stimulation unlike any other. Blending the exciting sensations of urethral sounding with the pulsing thrills of e-stim, this glans ring surrounds your penis head for intense arousal inside and out. Talk about tased by the bell.

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      Mystim Plunging Pete E-Stim Corona Glans Strap with Penis Plug 3 3.5 out of 5 stars 3.5 out of 5

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      1. Mystim Plunging Pete E-Stim Corona Glans Strap with Penis Plug
      2. Mystim Plunging Pete E-Stim Corona Glans Strap with Penis Plug


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    1. Amazing pleasure solo or with a partner

      Reviewed: April 12, 2016 by StuartB

      I've been a fan of e-stim for a while and this is a great addition. Previously I had only experienced stimulation on the outside of the shaft. I'm also a fan of sounding as the feeling is unlike any other.

      The plunging pete incorporates both of these. I would say that this is an excellent opportunity for someone with experience in e-stim and wanting to try out sounding. Although for more experienced users a longer and thicker sounding electrode would be great.

      The Plunging Pete allows for great hands-free stimulation, and due to the localised stimulation of the head, allows an intense orgasm if somewhat slow achieving it, which is a benefit for BDSM play as it can be used for orgasm denial. I have found the best result for me has been to place one of the balls on my frenulum.

      The other great use for this is a submissive male in BDSM play by handing the controller over to your partner they can take you from a gentle tingling to a painful yet pleasurable experiences, one of the best I have every had ,and an orgasm I have yet to match.

      I only wish my e-stim unit had a higher setting so I could be pushed further.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Experience unlike any other I have had.
      Small sounding electrode.
      Bottom line
      Great addition for solo or BDSM play.
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    1. Hands-free awesomeness

      Reviewed: December 21, 2015 by Applemango

      I got my first e-stim toys about 10 months ago and have really enjoyed experimenting with them. I’ve previously used standard uni-polar e-stim straps and found the stimulation great so was really interested to try out this more intense-looking bit of kit.

      The packaging the strap comes in is great; inside the box is a sturdy storage tin which I’m now using to store all of my e-stim electrodes, straps and other bits and bobs. It comes with sample sachets of Mystim’s own lubricant and conductivity gels and, surprisingly, a set of electrode cables.

      The strap itself is reasonably easy to adjust. Once you’ve got the main strap that goes around your glans to the correct size, you pull the two thicker ends out to the sides to lock them into place. You then adjust the thinner section that goes over the end of your penis, which is a bit trickier. It was a bit fiddly locking the three sections into place whilst ensuring the strap fitted snugly but, once it’s done, you don’t need to adjust it again as you just pull it over the glans each time you use it. The pointed tip of the gold plug section is well rounded and isn’t uncomfortable at all to insert.

      In use, the strap is excellent. I’ve previously used a uni-polar strap around my glans with another around the base of my penis/testicles (with a positive electrode attached to one and a negative electrode attached to the other) which is great and very intense. What this strap allows you to do is apply both the positive and negative electrodes to the end of the penis as the section that goes around your glans and the other that goes over it are isolated from each other. Having all of the sensation throughout just the head of your penis is quite a different experience – it takes a lot longer to reach full hands-free orgasm and you need a lot of willpower to keep your hands off the shaft but you can hover at the point before orgasm for what feels like forever and, when it finally hits you, it’s amazing. If you’re wanting a session stimulating the whole of your penis, there’s nothing to stop you using this along with a strap at the base.

      I’m using this strap with my Electrastim EM80-E unit and it works perfectly with this so it’s not just compatible with the Mystim devices – your electrode cables just need to have 2mm pins.

      When I’m in the mood for something a bit more intense, I’ve been using the strap along with my Electrastim Noir Sirius prostate massager. I use both channels on my e-stim unit to make the current flow straight through my prostate to the end of my penis. This is hard to describe but feels awesome and leaves you breathless once you’ve orgasmed, especially when you turn up the intensity.

      As far as functionality goes, I can’t fault this toy. My only hesitation would be around the relatively hefty price tag for what the unit is made up of. That said, I’m very confident that the amount of use it’s going to get would balance this out so I’d still have no trouble recommending it.

      Whether you’re relatively new to using e-stim toys or you’re looking for something new, this is well worth a go.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      The sensation of the current through the plug and strap.
      It is a little pricey.
      Bottom line
      A great e-stim addition that adds something more than standard uni-polar straps.
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    1. A bit disappointing

      Reviewed: December 7, 2016 by boratuk

      Been thinking about trying this for a while but I found it very tricky to put on.

      Having lubed up and applied conductive gel it's tricky to get a grip on the bands to get a good fit. By the time I had messed around getting it snug I had lost my erection.

      Also very expensive for what it is. I feel I have wasted £70 on this. The sound could also do with being longer and thicker although it does slip in with ease.

    2. Overall Rating
      4 out of 10 stars
      The box it comes in.
      Tricky to wear and uncomfortable.
      Bottom line
      Not very impressed.
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