1. Baci Lingerie Sexy Red Lace Up G-String

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      It's the extra little details that take an outfit from drab to fab, and this sexy lace-up red and white G-string is the perfect way to vamp up any ensemble. Wear it underneath your role play outfit, or just with red nipple pasties to tease and titillate.


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      1. Baci Lingerie Sexy Red Lace Up G-String

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    1. Product Description

      It's the extra little details that take an outfit from drab to fab, and this sexy lace-up red and white G-string is the perfect way to vamp up any ensemble. Wear it underneath your role play outfit, or just with red nipple pasties to tease and titillate.

      Made from soft, sheer floral red lace, the central panel features a V-shaped cut-out that is tied with white satin lacing for a corset-style effect.

      The elasticated tanga-style hips feature adjustable sliders, giving you a comfortable and tailored fit every time.

      Key Features:

      • Red and white lace-up effect G-string to inspire passionate play
      • Mock lace-up detail in white satin to the front panel
      • Adjustable sides for the best fit
      • Sheer floral red lace allows a hint of skin
      • Cotton lined gusset for comfort and hygiene
    1. How it feels

      • Contains latex: No
      • Material: Lace
    2. Essential info

      • Fastening: Lace-up
      • Washing instructions: Hand wash only

    Baci Lingerie Size Chart

    1. Bust - measure the fullest part of the bust from the armpit.
      Waist - measure the around the narrowest part of the waist.
      Hips - measure the fullest part of the hips - around 8 inches below the waistline.

      Baci Lingerie Size UK Dress size Bust Waist Hips
      Small 6 - 8 32" - 34" 24" - 26" 34" - 36"
      Medium 10 - 12 34" - 36" 26" - 28" 36" - 38"
      Large 14 - 16 36" - 38" 28" - 32" 38" - 40"
      1X/2X 18 - 20 35" - 43" 32" - 40" 42" - 48"
      3X/4X 22 - 24 43" - 48" 40" - 44" 50" - 56"
      One Size 6 - 16 28" - 32" 24" - 32" 34" - 38"
      One Size Queen 18 - 24 35" - 32" 38" - 44" 42" - 48"
      Baci Lingerie Size US Dress size Bust Waist Hips
      Small 2 - 6 32" - 34" 24" - 26" 34" - 36"
      Medium 6 - 10 34" - 36"  26" - 28" 36" - 38"
      Large 10 - 14 36" - 38" 28" - 32" 38" - 40"
      1X/2X 16 - 18 40" - 48" 36" - 40" 42" - 48"
      3X/4X 18 - 20 48" - 54" 40" - 44" 50" - 56"
      One Size 2 - 14 32" - 38" 24" - 32" 34" - 40"
      One Size Queen 16 - 20 40" - 54" 36" - 44" 42" - 56"


    1. Customer Reviews

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      1. Baci Lingerie Sexy Red Lace Up G-String
      2. Baci Lingerie Sexy Red Lace Up G-String


        RRP: $8.99 You save: $3.99 (44%)

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    1. Impressively comfortable G-string

      Reviewed: December 20, 2015 by Lottie...., a Straight Engaged Female

      I received this item from Lovehoney in return for an honest review.

      As per usual with Lovehoney my item arrived quickly and discreetly. I was surprised that the G-string arrived in a little box as I was just expecting it in a little packet. The box didn't have the classiest of images on it but showed someone wearing the products and overall was very good.

      The actual product looked lovely and I was very excited to try it on. It fit really well and I loved the fact that the sides straps on it are adjustable, so you can get it to fit really well, so it doesn't dig in throughout the day at all.

      I was slightly disappointed that there were a few wispy bits of lace hanging of but these are very easily carefully snipped off, it is just the delicate nature of the G-string.

      I was so surprised by how comfortable the G-string was, I originally said to my fiancé I would see how long I could wear it for, for an honest review, but I wore it all day without any issue. In some ways it was more comfortable than say, french knickers or boyshorts, because of the lack of material as there was far less to get twisted or anything which was excellent.

      In terms of appearance the red lace up G-String looks even better then on the pictures. The red is lovely deep colour and the lace is so delicate and the white ribbon contrasts really well.

      My fiancé said it looked extremely sexy and delicate which he loved, so is definitely one of my favourite pieces of lingerie now.

      Overall, the Baci Lingerie Sexy Red Lace up G-String is excellent, so sexy and yet so comfortable, I would definitely suggest it, it would make an excellent choice if it was your first G-string as well because of the fit.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      The fit of it.
      Slight wispy lace hanging off.
      Bottom line
      An excellent G-string, would suggest it.
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    1. Who said you can’t be sexy and comfortable?

      Reviewed: February 19, 2016 by NatandTom, a Straight Going Steady Female

      I had seen Baci’s new lingerie pieces elsewhere on the internet, so was super excited when Lovehoney started stocking some of their lingerie that I’d been lusting after. I decided to go for this G-string first as I haven’t tried anything from this brand before and I didn’t want to go for one of the bigger pieces just to find the quality was bad. I was slightly worried I’d have nothing to wear this with, but the Lovehoney Love Me Lace Halter Bra matches it almost perfectly.

      For those who care about the packaging, this G-string arrives in a small cardboard box with a model on the front and back, and, whilst she may be scantily clad, she shows off the underwear beautifully. I think is tasteful and non-intimidating compared to some lingerie packaging. Inside the small box is a small plastic packet containing the G-string. I feel this packaging is nice enough that you could give this as a cheeky gift with no further wrapping required.

      The first thing that I spotted when removing the G-string from the packet, was the unnecessarily large tag hanging from the side of the gusset. It was highly visible and had to be removed straight away. Everything else about the product pleased me in terms of aesthetics. It appears to be well-made with only one minor bit of loose material, but I can let that slide as this was easily removable. I think this is worth the retail price however I’m not sure how long it will last as the lace does seem to be on the thin side.

      I ordered myself the size small (6-8) which is the size I usually go for in lingerie despite being a 4-6 as I find this usually fits fine but maybe a little loose depending on adjustability. This G-string fit as expected and features an adjustable slider on each side allowing me to tighten it to achieve the best fit. I feel that thanks to these sliders, the G-string should be comfortable for everyone as there’s the option to loosen the strings if they begin to dig in. For me personally, this isn’t the case but having the option is always nice and might come in handy for someone. I found the G-string pleasant to wear and I can wear it for hours at a time with no problems.

      The G-string is safe to machine wash, which makes a welcome change from having to hand-wash in cold water. A gentle spin on lingerie setting was enough to clean up the G-string perfectly and return it to its original condition. I’m happy to say the colour maintained and the material is still in tact. I did leave this to dry naturally as I wouldn’t want to risk the dryer.

      Overall, I like the G-string and may be tempted to buy the black version at some point. For the price, I don’t think you can go wrong with this. It may not be a forever piece of lingerie but I think it will last a decent amount of time if washed carefully. I think it’s a very sexy G-string and the lace-up contrast detailing was enough to catch my partners attention. There’s no true faults other than the overly big tag but one snip with the scissors and any sign of a flaw disappears.

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      Design, quality, adjustable and overall fit.
      Bottom line
      The perfect execution of sexy, yet comfortable!
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    1. Cute

      Reviewed: January 12, 2016 by PirateQueen, a Bisexual Engaged Female

      This was the other pair of panties bought by my partner as our Christmas treat.

      They are an adorable thong, just like you see in the picture. However - careful, they run small! And I mean very small, because we ordered a size up to our usual, considering my recent weight fluctuations, and they are still tiny, with the potential of cutting into your hips if worn too long on the wrong day.

      The material of the panties themselves is rather nice, if somewhat flimsy - one of the loops for the lacing arrived torn, but as this is just a minute with the needle for us, we didn't spoil our Christmas by sending them back and demanding a replacement... it happens.

      At first, I couldn't really wear them. And that even with the string bit (which is the roughest part of the thong) adjusted to the maximum. By now, they're a bit more comfy, but still not something I'd wear regularly until I'm back to my fully trim figure, with no cellulite these could bite into.

      They are adorable, and they will be a very much worn bedroom item... but, ladies, if you have a fuller figure, I cannot recommend these, as they most likely wouldn't fit well, and they would bite.

    2. Overall Rating:
      7 out of 10 stars
      The looks - they're absolutely cute.
      Sizing and fit, the rough string.
      Bottom line
      Runs small, not for larger ladies.
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