1. Star Fantasy Ultra Soft Realistic Vagina Male Masturbator

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      1. Star Fantasy Ultra Soft Realistic Vagina Male Masturbator

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    1. Product Description

      Utterly immerse yourself within the winding, pillow-soft fleshy canal of this masturbator for orgasmic stimulation so real, it's unreal. A kitten-soft set of natural-looking labia act as gatekeepers to a tight 4.25 inch canal that's begging to be filled.

      Squeeze through the tight entry hole, navigate the soft rippling rings then wind through the unpredictable twisting tendrils and pillowy dilations. Supercharge excitement by upping the pressure with a simple squeeze of your hand, for stroke-by-stroke tailored sensation.

      Moisten your masturbator with lashings of sex lube to intensify pleasure in play.

      Key Features:

      • Realistic male masturbator with textured vaginal canal for incredible stimulation
      • 4.25 inch canal for deep immersion of your penis
      • Amazingly authentic labia for a realistic experience
      • Better-than-lifelike petal-soft sensation
      • Textured for better hand grip

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    1. Star Fantasy Ultra Soft Realistic Vagina Male Masturbator

      Utterly immerse yourself into the winding, pillow-soft canal of this masturbator for orgasmic stimulation so real, it's unreal. A kitten-soft natural-looking labia acts as gatekeeper to a tight 4.25 inch canal that's begging to be filled.

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      Star Fantasy Ultra Soft Realistic Vagina Male Masturbator 3 4 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5

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      1. Star Fantasy Ultra Soft Realistic Vagina Male Masturbator
      2. Star Fantasy Ultra Soft Realistic Vagina Male Masturbator


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    1. A fun experience

      Reviewed: February 21, 2016 by PussnBoots, a Straight Married Male

      Male masturbators, or strokers as they are sometimes called, can be can be divided into those that attempt to be “realistic” and replicate a vagina and those that simply feel good with no attempt to look or feel like anything real.

      This item from Star Fantasy makes no disguise of the fact that it has been designed to look and feel like a realistic vagina. Mind you, you wouldn’t be able to tell that from the box it comes in. Absolutely everything is written in Japanese and even the cartoon drawing doesn’t really hint at the product inside, other than it being a typically overtly sexual anime illustration. The box is quirky enough that you’ll probably want to keep it, if for no other reason than to store the masturbator in it.

      The sheer weight of the product is intriguing. Somehow it manages to be heavy, solid and extremely soft all at the same time. The material lends itself perfectly to the idea of replicating those delicate external lady-bits and the masturbator certainly succeeds in this area. However, there is no attempt at accurate colouring, instead opting for the same pale cream colour throughout.

      The masturbator feels incredibly smooth to the touch and once you add some water-based lubricant it feels even smoother, and somehow even softer. In use, I couldn’t honestly report that it feels all that “realistic”. It certainly feels great, just not all that similar to a real woman. I suppose it must be the same thing a woman experiences when using a “realistic” dildo; feels great but not really like the real thing.

      Clean up is a doddle, just flip it inside-out and wash it under a tap. I’ve read other reviews that claim it is hard to clean because it doesn’t turn inside-out, but trust me when I say it does. It has been designed to do so. Don’t worry about stretching it, or tearing it. Flip it inside-out, wash it, towel dry it and stick it back in the box. Done!

      One nice thing I noticed about this product is that after washing it the material remains soft and with a lovely texture. Some masturbators require powder or something similar to prevent them feeling very sticky after they’ve been washed, but not this one. Somehow it feels freshly powdered all the time.

      If you’ve never experienced a male masturbator then it’s certainly worth trying one. They can be used when you are alone or you can get your partner to use it on you. Whichever way you plan on using it it’s sure to be a fun experience and if a fun experience sounds like your kind of thing, then this Star Fantasy masturbator is well-worth trying.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Incredible soft material and very solid feel. Feels freshly-powdered all the time.
      Bottom line
      A well-made product, using fantastic material that cleans-up easily and requires no maintenance.
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    1. Pocket pussy

      Reviewed: January 25, 2016 by Notsurename, a Straight Going Steady Male

      I received the masturbator as a free gift to test from Lovehoney, so first of all a little thanks is in order.

      As usual it comes in a nice plain box so no one will know what it is.

      The packaging itself was a normal square box with a picture of the pussy on it and some Japanese writing that I didn't understand. Not to worry as that was put straight into the recycling.

      I have three other realistic vaginas and obviously I can't review them without comparing them to the others.

      On first handling I would say this one feels just a slight bit softer, not much and not enough to put you off the others. It feels good in your hand and has a decent weight in it.

      I enter a finger for a quick feel around and it doesn't feel as tight as the others, there is space to move your finger around in. It doesn't have a air hole at the back end, so it creates a vacuum inside and air gets caught as you enter it at the very beginning. This soon disappears as the pussy starts to grip and take shape around your cock.

      So I grab some lube and give it a test drive. I squeeze it between two cushions so I can go hands-free, always feels better that way to me as long as it holds, which with a little manoeuvring and well placed arms it does perfectly. As mentioned, the first couple of strokes involve it filling with air, not loads but you can feel it, but soon disappears and the pussy grabs your cock. Once you get moving then the grip is amazing and keeps you super hard.

      I didn't plan on coming in it on its first test drive but eventually I had no choice, pumping away it took it all. One benefit of not having a hole at other end no lube/cum end up coming out the other end, although that's not so good for clean up. Really need to get your fingers in there, which will probably stretch it in time.

      So overall, a great wee toy, though not much difference than the Lovehoney ones which are a little cheaper. I would recommend the Monica, which is the dearer Lovehoney one, but the extra weight in it definitely makes a difference.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      Shape, size, weight, tightness were all great.
      The air getting trapped, but that disappears quickly.
      Bottom line
      Perfect item, if a shade more expensive than Lovehoney own brand.
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    1. Good for a change but not everyday use

      Reviewed: January 2, 2016 by Skitty, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      My partner and I were very excited to receive this product in exchange for an honest review - thank you, Lovehoney!

      The product packaging for this toy is really awesome as the box has an anime girl printed on it and everything is written in Japanese. It would make a great naughty gift for any Japanophile as it feels very authentic, like the sort of item that you'd get as an expensive import in the basement of a comic book shop between the manga and the love-pillows!

      Inside the box, the toy is contained in a sealed clear plastic bag for hygiene. It's obviously good quality material because there isn't any over-powering smell that I've come to expect from other strokers.

      As promised, the material of the toy is 'ultra soft', so I was quite surprised how it could feel so marshmallow-squishy and also be really quite heavy. The skin tone is extremely pale in person, adding to the anime aesthetic, and the labia detailing is subtle but sexy. The lips are really flexible so you can move them gently with your fingers. All very erotic and realistic.

      The opening hole is really tight, gripping even one finger very firmly. This makes it quite a challenge to get into, even when starting off partially soft and using lube. This is a problem that my partner has had with every realistic stroker he's tried so far, with the exception of the Fleshlight which has much larger proportions than most regular stroker sleeves. Because the hole is so small, it feels like the toy is trying to push you out of it all the time. Even just trying to insert two fingers into the toy caused the labia detailing to be pushed inside the sleeve, so it kind of feels like it's too tight for purpose.

      This toy has a better length than other strokers my partner has tried, but still stops slightly short of being a comfortable and fulfilling fit.

      The indentations for your hand seem like they're all over the place - I couldn't work out where my hand was meant to grip at all, so it feels unwieldy and hard to keep a good hold of, perhaps also because the material is very dense and heavy while being extremely squishy.

      The texture of the inner canal is pronounced so you can really feel it. If you like your toys packed with bumps and ridges, you'll probably really enjoy this stroker, especially because it has multiple different textures inside. The box shows a diagram detailing the different textures, showing that it starts with a 'narrow entrance', moving onto the 'spiral zone' of ribbed lines near the opening, then the 'pebbly zone' with rounded bumps, and the 'fold zone' which seems to incorporate the spiral ridge shapes but jumbled along the canal walls. I didn't like the look of it at all on the box, but from putting a finger inside the toy, I can see what it's getting at and it does have a semblance of realism that I wasn't expecting.

      Usually my partner has trouble discerning different textures in toys, but with this one he said that you can feel the difference between the uniform ridges at the top and the random melee of textures deeper down. He says that the textures are "really varied but consistent in their weirdness" because apparently they're quite unexpected. He said that even though the material is really soft, he finds the textures a bit uncomfortable and distracting rather than enhancing.

      The massive issue with this toy is unfortunately cleaning and hygiene. My partner didn't really enjoy the feel enough to want to cum inside it, which is very lucky because I think it may have been completely impossible to get clean. The hole is far too small to do anything clever like turning it inside-out, so you just have to spritz it with toy cleaner and pour water into it, but then there's no exit hole so some of the water collects in the ridges.

      After leaving it to dry for 2 days, it was still wet and squishy inside, with water coming out of the hole when inserting a finger inside it. By day 3 of it sitting drying on a bathroom towel, it was mostly dry inside but still retaining a bit of moisture. It's not exactly a toy you can use discreetly since it needs so long to dry. It would have been disgustingly unhygienic if there had been anything inside to actually clean out because it would mix with the water and then you can't get the moisture out of it very effectively at all. When you run a finger along the canal walls you can feel that every bit of the texture retains wetness, which would be deeply unpleasant if it had anything other than water inside it. The hole is so tight you can forget about pushing a paper towel or such like inside to dry it, so it's extremely hard to take care of it and keep it properly cleaned and maintained.

      Overall, the look of the toy is really nice and the material is soft but it has a fatal design flaw by not being able to be thoroughly cleaned and dried.

      It's high-quality and well-made, and the textures are thoughtfully done and would really suit anyone who likes a lot of texture inside their toys. It really is quite thoroughly ruined by the cleaning process though, which is unfortunate because I think it is a better design and quality than a lot of other realistic strokers and other than this issue I would definitely recommend it. As it is, I can only recommend this to people with a massive lust for internal texture who either want to use it just as foreplay, or don't mind a long clean-up process and only want to use it occasionally since it takes days to dry out properly.

    2. Overall Rating:
      6 out of 10 stars
      Soft material, realistic detailing, looks sexy.
      Too much texture, so tight it pushes you out, cleaning process is long and difficult.
      Bottom line
      Maybe good for a special treat but too much hassle for regular use.
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