1. Behind Closed Doors Sexplicit Sex Game

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      1. Behind Closed Doors Sexplicit Sex Game

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    1. Product Description

      Fill the blanks (and much more besides) with this cheeky card game for couples. Offering 100 different cards, each outlining a different sexy scenario as well as the choice to create your own, you'll never be bored in the bedroom again.

      To play, just shuffle the deck, and take turns picking a card. Fill in the gaps using the pencils provided, then read the card aloud to your lover before letting them act out the scenario. Then, it's their turn...

      Presented in a glossy hardcover box, this entertaining-but-erotic game makes the perfect present for anniversaries, Christmas, birthdays, or Valentine's Day.

      Key Features:

      • Erotic fill-the-blank style card game for couples
      • Contains 100 x scenario cards and 2 x pencils to fill in the gaps
      • Choose a card, fill in the gaps, and get your lover to fulfill the action
      • Comes in a glossy presentation box
      • Perfect as a gift on any special occasion
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      Behind Closed Doors Sexplicit Sex Game 2 3.5 out of 5 stars 3.5 out of 5

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      1. Behind Closed Doors Sexplicit Sex Game
      2. Behind Closed Doors Sexplicit Sex Game


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    1. Filling Out Your Fantasies

      Reviewed: March 30, 2016 by Vanilla_Kink, a Straight Going Steady Female

      Who doesn't love a good sex game to spice things up in the bedroom? Whether it's to find your style in a new relationship or to try some new things in a long term relationship, games always add to the fun.

      This game I found was a bit hit and miss. I am in a long-term relationship, so my partner and I look for games that will bring something new to the table. This is no easy feat though after a three year sexually adventurous relationship.

      The game comes in a box with the cards and a couple of pencils. The cards are fantastic quality and the pencils, complete with erasers, mean you can reuse the cards if you like.

      I think where this 'game' let me down was in describing it as a game. There is no playing involved. You really just have cards to fill out to your personal liking. An example of one of these cards is 'while standing, blank your lovers blank using blank.' Of course the blanks represent the areas which you would fill out yourself.

      Some of the cards, as above, are great for creating your own personal scenario. However, other cards seem to be very limited in how you can fill them out. An example of this is 'I've been misbehaving and am certainly in need of a blank. Bend me over your blank and then use a blank to properly punish me.'

      I can be quite shy in the bedroom, particularly in voicing my desires. For this the Sexplicit game was amazing. Being able to write down what I wanted gave me the chance to open up in a way I am unable to do verbally. Both myself and my partner were grateful of this and it has been the reason for bringing this game out again and again.

      It's not our favourite game, but it definitely has its positive points. If you are looking for a real 'game', though, I would recommend looking at what else Lovehoney has to offer.

    2. Overall Rating:
      7 out of 10 stars
      Fantastic quality cards, introduces new things, great if you're a bit shy!
      Not really a game.
      Bottom line
      I wouldn't call this a game, but it added some spice to our sex life.
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    1. Tame is thy name

      Reviewed: January 28, 2016 by era

      My husband and I like to spice things up in the bedroom occasionally with games too ever since falling in love with the Tie & Tease one. Sexplicit is a simple, straightforward game that is more suitable to use as a box of ideas, rather than an all-nighter.

      Its box is sturdy, tasteful, but not discreet, as you can probably tell from the images on the product page.

      The instructions are on the bottom of the box and they offer two ‘how to play’ options. One is to play it out taking turns with your partner; the other one is to leave the filled cards around for your partner to find. I think the first option is not quite “game on”, as the ideas on the cards tend to be complete sexual actions, so once you have completed the action on the first one drawn, you’ll probably call it a night anyway. We liked better the second suggested option, but we do already have the ‘I O U’ hot sex and fetish vouchers that we use exactly this way and they fit better the purpose as they are tiny and easy to hide in wallets, pockets, etc. whereas the Sexplicit cards are rather big (12,7 x 8,9 cm). You could of course make your own use of them though.

      There are 100 cards in two piles in the box, and also two black pencils with the ‘Sexplicit’ word in white on them. One of ours was not well sharpened, which isn’t a big issue at all, but for detail oriented people might be better checking before sitting down to play and not having a sharpener at hand. The graphite is soft enough to be comfortable for writing. The eraser works well too, although it’s of the more messy type.

      We found the cards to be too big (and unnecessarily so), angles and edges not perfectly aligned, but the design and print quality is good. The grammar is not perfect, but much better than others of the same category we’ve seen.

      The general comment about the ideas expressed on the cards is that they are diverse enough, even though we have seen a couple of scenarios already in other games. They are mostly good ones, we found nothing offensive or too out there. I personally don't like those that require you establish one or more specific positions for the night as I think this is too much rigidity for fluid intercourse.

      Disclaimer: as I am one that wants to read sample cards in all the games I consider, I will now give my general views on the cards themselves and samples will be shown. If you don’t want to read these spoilers, please jump to my last paragraph.

      There are five completely blank "Create your own" cards. We are not fan of these, but they do serve a purpose if you truly want to test your creative writing.

      There are only two cards that require very specific sex toys: one remote controlled vibrating panties (which I guess you could substitute for love eggs and such) and one suction cup based toy to perform with for your partner.

      We first distributed the cards in two categories: the ones we found to be good ideas and left enough space for the players’ creativity (further referred to as ‘ok’ ones), and the ones that were too explicit and therefore did not actually let you write anything down other than very obvious answers or words (the ‘no’ pile).

      We did go thru all the cards for the review’s sake, as we didn’t want to leave anything out given this was a tester item. We put 59 cards in the OK pile, and 36 (including the above two) in the “not enough liberty/fantasy” cards.

      In the “no” pile there were two cards that recalled light BDSM: one blindfold and tying up mixed with vanilla sex, and the other as follows: "I've been misbehaving and am certainly in need of a ... . Bend me over your ... and then use a ... to properly punish me." So this is one typical example of why we think that some phrases are worded in such a way to leave little to nothing to your own fantasy.

      In this pile there were five role plays: strangers in a bar, porn movie remake, homemade video, and twice ‘your choosing’. Again, we are not fans of games that promise you diversity, but then leave you with inventing the idea yourself. One bad example card of the strangers in a bar role play is: "Meet at a bar such as ..., pretend that you don't know each other, flirt, ..., and go home together as though it's the first time." Again, this pretty much says it all, might have as well filled the blanks as you really don’t need to put your own effort in. Nine cards require edible things or ice as props.

      Seven cards were completely superfluous to us as they leave little to nothing to imagination, such as "Spend at least ... minutes massaging your lover, but then spend the next ... minutes performing oral on them. Follow it up with your favourite position, ..., for ... minutes." or "Set the mood with music, champagne, and dimmed lights. Perform ... on your lover until they ... ." or "Wake your lover by performing ... sex. Once fully aroused, use your ... to bring them to orgasm." One example of a good idea, but overly developed instead of leaving you to “write your own erotic adventure” as the box promises is: "Invite your lover to the darkest closet in the house for a round of seven minutes in heaven. Use your ... to ... their ... ."

      Three cards were all about discovering each other’s bodies in a sensual way (such as yoga) and therefor I think this game would be suitable to couples just starting out. But then four were about improving intimate communication (being vocal during sex, selfies and sexting, guiding his hand to masturbate yourself), which is helpful at every stage of a relationship to build intimacy. Three were plain old vanilla sex and all in all I would say this game is not so much about experimenting with different things as in spicing up ‘traditional’ or – should I say – shy relationships.

      In the ‘OK’ pile we found four BDSM themed cards (containing phrases such as "splashes of pain” which I very much liked, "sex slave for the night", "take control", spanking until finding your limit). The easy, tame wording is again apt for couples just beginning to experiment and leaves space for broad interpretation, so there’s nothing to get scared of.

      We also found a good example of the strangers in a bar role play: "Pretend your lover is a stranger. Assume new identities, wardrobe styles, and histories. Take your lover home or to a hotel and have ... sex without breaking character." The way we see it this card puts the effort in to set the theme and even though you only have to add one word to it, this could be anything at all as it is really not implied at all. The making of an erotic movie card also gives you more freedom to adapt the scene to your own needs from the way it was worded as opposed to the similar one in the ‘no’ pile. Again, 5 cards in this pile required edible stuff. It’s amongst these that we actually found the only almost identically repeating idea, but we liked the twist on the “challenge to find the edible stuff”.

      I particularly liked the cards that encourage couples to do activities together: exercise, go sex toy shopping, be more exposed publicly (again, you set your own limits and cards do allow you to stay in your comfort zone) such as dancing or having a picnic, or just simply have a little 'light fun' (like naked pillow fight). My personal favourite card says: "Get dressed up for a date. Once ready, make love, taking care to incorporate as much ... as possible in as great a variety of positions as possible: ..., ..., and ... . After climax, do the minimum to get ready again.

      Go on the date knowing it may be a little obvious that things got rowdy." My husband almost put this to the ‘no’ pile, but despite being one of those cards that ask you to establish positions beforehand (as said above, not a fan of these), I very much like it because it's about going out together (it never hurts any couple, does it?), it implies there’s unpostponable passion between the partners, it suggests risking to be ‘outed’ publicly without actually doing anything foul (just your little secret, is it not?), it actually continues to be acted out after the deed, the wording is permissive enough for you to “incorporate” whatever you have fantasy for into your session (sounds, toys, roughness, clothes, etc.).

      Second best for me would have to be the very simple, but very effective " Compete to see who can bring the other to climax first using only their ..." The sky truly is the limit for what you wish to put on the blanks here.

      Amongst the remaining ‘ok’ cards 18 were simply variations to ‘basic’ sexual experiences (such as the favourite "Using a ..., take turns ... each other's ... ."), that instigated to get creative ("Stimulate two parts of your lover's body simultaneously. Use your ... on one part of their body while your ... pleasures their ... .") We loved these ones as they did set a “line for questioning”, but left so much creative liberty to the writer, that they could become as tame or as much as the player wanted them to become. This, I think, is the true spirit of this set of cards.

      One last mention to those couples looking to increase sexual communication between themselves, as I know there are many in this situation. Our ‘ok’ pile contained ten cards inspiring the players to express their ideas and create anticipation (such as sexting) and six help improve communication in a complementary way ("When we're in bed, I love when you use your ... to ... . What do you like?" or "I've always wanted to use a ... on your ... and then incorporate it into our lovemaking.").

      All in all I’d say the best thing about these cards is that they are ‘light-hearted’. The looks are tasteful, the words are non-offensive, and the ideas are ‘politically correct’. Everybody can have fun with them. They are so easy and straightforward, you could actually have a card-inspired session every night for at least a year. Maybe even longer if the eraser hasn’t finished yet on the included pencils.

    2. Overall Rating:
      7 out of 10 stars
      The design, the idea, the variety of ideas suited to most.
      The size of the cards, the uneven edges, the over-explanation in some.
      Bottom line
      Very easy going, definitely worth a try.
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