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    1. Mega Bator USB Rechargeable Vagina Male Masturbator with Suction Cup

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      1. Mega Bator USB Rechargeable Vagina Male Masturbator with Suction Cup

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    1. Product Description

      Thumb wars, high-fives, peace signs... a world of hand-based activity is open to you with Mega Bator, a male masturbator that boasts game-changing innovation in its tandem spinning, stroking and thrusting movements, all designed to be enjoyed hands-free.

      Adhere its suction cup to any smooth surface and adjust the swivel base to suit your position. Clip your mobile phone onto the holder if using to watch your favourite videos while at work, then switch the toy on, slip inside the tight vagina entry and begin scrolling through the 5 speeds and 10 patterns.

      Mind-bending arousal is achieved by the stroker's spinning, undulating insert, whose exclusive sleeve suspension system and dual gear drives its partner to spawn an agile spectrum of motility.

      Designed with easy cleaning in mind, after use simply unscrew the top, remove the pleasure sleeve and restore to its former glory with the included toy cleaner.

      What's missing from your sausage-tugging funfest? Water-based lubricant of course - slather on liberally for the best sensations.

      Key Features:

      • Spinning and thrusting male masturbator with LED light show
      • 5 speeds and 10 patterns for mind-blowing variation
      • Wireless and waterproof for use in the shower or bath
      • Suction cup for hands-free use with adjustable swivel base for the perfect angle
      • Adjustable detachable phone clamp so you can watch videos hands-free
      • Includes bottle of lubricant and toy cleaner

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    1. Mega Bator USB Rechargeable Vagina Male Masturbator with Suction Cup

      Thumb wars, high-fives, peace signs... a world of hand-based activity is open to you with the Mega Bator, a male masturbator that brags game-changing innovation in its tandem spinning, stroking & thrusting movements, all designed to be enjoyed hands-free.

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Mega Bator USB Rechargeable Vagina Male Masturbator with Suction Cup 3 2 out of 5 stars 2 out of 5

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      1. Mega Bator USB Rechargeable Vagina Male Masturbator with Suction Cup
      2. Mega Bator USB Rechargeable Vagina Male Masturbator with Suction Cup


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    1. A trist with a twist

      Reviewed: February 3, 2016 by Thumper the Rabbit

      As usual the product arrived discreetly and quietly, to the point that I am now wondering if Lovehoney is employing a team of ninjas to organise their logistics and deliveries.

      The packaging of the toy itself was less than discreet with a massive picture on the box of the toy and the words "Mega Bator" written for all the world to see. No recycled pictures from a 70's porn studio editing floor though, so that is definitely a plus.

      When you first take the toy out it feels huge! I think it is the largest and bulkiest toy that I own, but then again it is full of gears and motors so that is not unexpected. There is a degree of assemblage to this product, but if you have ever put together a Kinder Egg toy, this shouldn't be a problem.

      Once the toy has spent some time charging, and you have spent time getting excited, then you are ready to rock. I was nicely wound up thinking about the potential of the toy and the intimacies I would experience on this solo project.

      I lubed up all the important parts, and prepared myself for lift off. The first thing I noticed was how tight the entrance was. I am on the girthier and longer side of the equation, and I it was a massive struggle, even with the addition of more lube, to enter the toy. After quite the effort, I managed to get in, but it felt quite restrictive and took a while to get comfortable.

      Once I was relatively satisfied with my entry and position I turned the device on. The inner chamber spun slowly around my member and occasionally stopped, I turned up the speed and the same problem kept happening. Worried that I had some sort of a dud mechanism, I decided to pull back a bit and the machine jumped back into motion, this time thrusting as well as spinning. I came to the conclusion that the device has a safety cut off which stops it from pushing against too much resistance, it is a little annoying for a man of my size as I was not fully inserted at the time, but I can more than understand the manufacturer's reasoning for this.

      Once I had the right position I started to really get into it, the toy stimulated me and I could enjoy it without using my hands, this let me spend time fantasising and concentrating on my pleasure. Other times that I used the device I had my phone playing stimulating images while mounted on the attachable and ingenious clamp.

      When the device is on there are a series of LEDs that flash out coloured light at a variety of tempos, I cannot think of any reason for them being there as they can be rather distracting, however my GF has humorously named the device the "Dick disco" because of them... s that has to be in the positive category.

      When if finally comes to the time of reckoning, and the flood gates open, this toy is brilliant. It continues at the same pace as that which got you there and stimulates you with wave after wave of pleasure when you are at your most sensitive. This gives you a ridiculously intense orgasm that lasts 30-60 seconds, possible a world record in male orgasm terms!

      Clean up is easy, simply disassemble your lego set, wash it, dry it and rebuild.

      The bad points of this toy unfortunately have to be mentioned. Firstly the entrance is just too tight, I know it stops the lube and other fluids from leaving the inner chamber, but it feels like your downstairs neighbour is being strangled, it can be difficult to get comfortable and enjoy the other sensations because of it.

      The thrust motion being hindered by the safety mechanism is irritating and I am sure there is another way of keeping people from injury without compromising the toy's abilities.

      The inner chamber and stroking sleeve should be longer to give more stimulation to the shaft and a greater perceived thrust range.

      Finally there should be a wider range of speeds from slow to extra fast to give a better selection of stimulus.

      If this toy were to be improved on these fronts then I am sure it would go down in the ages as one of the greatest inventions of modern history.

      In saying all of that, this toy is still really fun and definitely does the job well once you get used to it, and ignore some of its imperfections. Particularly during orgasm, this toy sends waves of pleasure from one side of your todger to the other, and when coupled with a prostate massager, makes you feel like your entire undercarriage is being shaken by some divine earthquake.

      I would recommend this toy to someone that is serious about wanking, particularly a person that wants to explore their own pleasure and is not worried about some mild discomfort in the process.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      The sensations were great, good power and speed, fantastic and intense orgasm.
      The entrance is too tight, it could do with a longer inner sleeve.
      Bottom line
      Good toy for the intrepid masturbator searching for their next titillating thrill.
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    1. Well, it will get you there, eventually

      Reviewed: January 29, 2016 by l0veh0neyuser, a Straight Going Steady Male

      An interesting experience, this toy has potential, but it's not there yet.

      First let me talk about the Lovehoney ordering process, just in case you're a first time buyer. Buying from this site really is effortless and highly recommended. Your item arrives promptly and in a nondescript box, the sender is labeled as LH Trading. You could have your order sent to your place of business and not feel embarrassed. A bonus with this item is it qualified for free priority shipping and turned up on the day Lovehoney said.

      Okay now the part you're all waiting for, how does this toy perform? Well, unfortunately, it's not as you would expect considering the price.

      First the entrance which in this version is a pussy, is very tight. If your an above average size your not getting into this. However it does provide an incredibly satisfying feeling once you past the lips. Actually it would make a great manual stroker, this is however is automatic and what your paying for.

      Now this is where it gets interesting. Considering how tight the entrance is, there is ample room inside, actually too much room. I found that only one side of my penis was being touched at one time. So to get maximum enjoyment out of this item, you need to be above average thickness however if you are than you won't get past the entrance.

      Now onto the important part, the stroker. Lovehoney says there is 4 inches of depth and they're correct, however, the stroker is more like 2 inches in size. This means that really only the head is receiving any stimulation, I found myself wanting more. Speaking of which, use a lot of lube. I recommend "Liquid Silk", it costs a little more but it's amazing. The first time I used this device I put in the same amount I use for my Tenga products and found it somewhat uncomfortable.

      While on the subject of lubrication, if your laying down while using this, the lube will be promptly removed from your penis and spun off into the external chamber. So after a while you'll need to reapply.

      So remember how I said that the actual stimulus was only 2 inches? Take a close look at the pictures. You'll notice that at the base there are horizontal lines going all the way around. These provide no feeling, take that 2 inches and half it. A better way would have been to continue throughout with the dots that are at the bottom of the cup.

      The controls are very easy to use, you have a forward and back for going through the 10 programmed movements and faster and slower. I found myself wishing for a slower setting but it's fun enough. The issue is that the back control stopped working after my first use, now consider the price.

      The included suction cap keeps this item on the wall only as long as you're inside it to provide extra support, but it's an nice idea, as is the included screen holder for media devices.

      So will this device get you there? Well yes but it will take ages. However because it simply keeps going while your cumming and feeling most sensitive, it's pretty intense. It's just with the many shortcomings and build quality it's far from worth it.

      So cleanup. Everything comes apart easily enough however this is where I see another potential problem. When putting back together the plastic ring that holds the stimulator, pinches it and I'm sure will eventually cause a rip.

      I feel that as far as sex toys for males are concerned, we are at the beginning and this is a step in the right direction. It's just not thought out very well. I must admit I did try to put a longer stroker inside, as that would improve this so much.

    2. Overall Rating:
      3 out of 10 stars
      Easy to clean. The feeling upon entering. Inbuilt rechargeable battery.
      Build quality. Not really designed well.
      Bottom line
      Look, it will get you there but the journey is boring.
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    1. Don't waste your money

      Reviewed: July 30, 2016 by Suffolksam, a Straight Married Male

      Very excited when this arrived. Discreetly packaged, with no hints on the outside. It arrived uncharged which was a bit disappointing, as the charge cycle takes 2 hours.

      There are several bits of plastic you have to remove before use that weren't listed in the instructions. Eventually, I lubed up and prepared. What a disappointment. It's noisy and heavy but didn't hit the spot on any level at any speed or setting.

      The search is still on for a stroker that actually stimulates.

    2. Overall Rating:
      1 out of 10 stars
      Everything else.
      Bottom line
      Don't waste your money.
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