1. Diogol Aluminum Small Swirly Butt Plug with Swarovski Crystal

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      1. Diogol Aluminum Small Swirly Butt Plug with Swarovski Crystal

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    1. Product Description

      Honey-dipper swirls around the full insertable length of Diogol's lustrous metal butt plug elicit strong stimulation in a beginner-friendly size. A glittering Swarovski crystal base draws all eyes to your illicit intimate area as it pleasures you.

      Shaped with a flared base and designed for hands-free use, you can enjoy sensual adventures uninhibited. Chill the aluminum before use for an added tingle, or gently warm for increased comfort.

      A simple yet charming gift box makes this the perfect present, and easy to safely store between uses.

      Coat with water-based lubricant for the slickest experience.

      Key Features:

      • Small aluminum butt plug from Diogol
      • Features stunning embedded Swarovski crystal
      • Swirly body with 4.4 inch girth for extra stimulation
      • Temperature-responsive material
      • Flared base for safety

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    1. Diogol Aluminium Small Ribbed Butt Plug with Swarovski Crystal

      Put the sparkle in your behind with Diogol's metal butt plug, the glittering Swarovski crystal base draws all eyes to your illicit intimate area. Shaped with a flared base & designed for hands-free use, you can enjoy sensual adventures uninhibited.

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      Diogol Aluminum Small Swirly Butt Plug with Swarovski Crystal 2 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Diogol Aluminum Small Swirly Butt Plug with Swarovski Crystal
      2. Diogol Aluminum Small Swirly Butt Plug with Swarovski Crystal


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    1. Diamonds are forever, crystals are for your butt

      Reviewed: May 10, 2016 by Lola Mahou, a Bisexual Single Male

      The plastic box protects and presents this nether jewel well and I will be keeping it inside it, although this plug doesn't feel like it needs protecting with its solid aluminium and wonderfully sparkling crystal seeming very sturdy and well crafted.

      I am used to playing with my kinky back passage but was a little out of practice when this turned up but with just a little relaxation and a generous amount of lubricant it slipped in easily. I've worn it almost every day since for an hour or two and it just takes a small amount of lube before my tush greedily sucks it up. It still tingles because of it being cold but you can warm it up easily if you don't like the sensation, personally it excites me so much I have to calm down a little after it's in so that play time isn't over too quickly!

      This plug is quite girthy but you get used to it quickly and I find it to be very enjoyable to wear even for longer periods of time. I wish it was a little longer so that it would tickle my prostate better but this is the small plug so it is understandable and I do like the way it teases me by not quite pressing enough on that magic button so as to tempt me to move on to bigger things after it has warmed me up.

      I took pictures and was so impressed with how it look I sent them to a few friends who were jealous and aroused by what they saw, I now have a few dates lined up and will definitely be wearing it on them. You can feel just how high quality it is when you look it over in your hands, which trust me you won't be doing for very long unless you buy a second one! As soon as I was comfortable with it in I didn't want to take it out but after a while I knew I had to otherwise I was going to keep going in a never ending circle of arousal.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Sturdy, gorgeous, comfortable, quality, teasing and sparkly, everything you want in your butt.
      Bottom line
      It makes my tush look and feel amazing!
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    1. As good as it looks

      Reviewed: April 23, 2016 by smithereens, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      Having recently decided I wanted to step up from my small Julian Snelling plug, but not really sure that I wanted to step up my budget, this piece by Diogol turned out to be the perfect choice.

      The second I'd shut the door behind the postman, Lovehoney's usual, discreet packaging was eagerly torn away to reveal my new plug, elegantly presented in a transparent plastic box, with some foam cushioning behind and a minimalist cardboard surround which lacks instructions but includes some of Diogol's other products and a link to their website. I will be throwing away all but the box, and finding some fabric to protect the plug from scratches. Whilst the packaging is lovely, and perfect if you intend to buy this as a gift, I personally would have preferred a little storage bag.

      On to the plug itself, though: resting it in the palm of my hand, I did notice that the aluminium surface isn't quite 'perfect'. There are a few super tiny imperfections but they don't look as though they'll compromise how hygienic and easy-to-clean the toy is overall. The part that's visible in use, though, is absolutely stunning. The photos and the video on this product's page really don't do it justice. Several minutes were spent watching tiny rainbows skit across the walls as I held the crystal element under a light. Honestly, the jewel is what we're all here for and it most definitely does not disappoint.

      Finally, let me talk about using this plug. Although I was initially a little nervous about the size (with more than an inch extra in girth in comparison to my other plug), some warm-up and plenty of lube made inserting it a dream. With smooth plugs, the slide and pop of insertion is very satisfying, so here the honeycomb ribbing makes for an interesting change. I found that each ridge heightened my awareness of the size of this thing, which is a great turn-on. Also very enjoyable is how cold this plug is, although as it's aluminium you can easily run it under some warm water if you prefer comfort to nerve tingling chills.

      Once situated, I took a quick trip to the nearest mirror to admire myself. The jewel looks no less stunning in situ and is everything I was hoping for. The weight of this plug ensures that you won't forget it's there, no matter what else is going on, and with its flared base you really can get up to whatever you please without having to worry about the worst case scenario becoming the worst case reality. This all adds up to (at least) one amazing climax.

      I would absolutely recommend this plug to anyone looking to add a touch of luxury to their toy drawer.

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      Gorgeous and high quality. A fantastic touch of luxury.
      The gradient between the stem and bulb may be the tiniest bit too severe.
      Bottom line
      Worth every penny.
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