1. UPRIZE Remote Control Erecting Realistic Dildo Vibrator 6 Inch

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      Revolutionize your sex life with the world's first bionic vibrating dildo. Thanks to cutting edge innovation, UPRIZE's patented technology and state-of-the art engineering give you rock hard erections on demand – your ultimate tool for penetrative sex.

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      1. UPRIZE Remote Control Erecting Realistic Dildo Vibrator 6 Inch

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    1. Product Description

      Revolutionize your sex life with the world's first bionic vibrating dildo. Thanks to cutting edge innovation, UPRIZE's patented technology and state-of-the art engineering give you rock hard erections on demand – your ultimate tool for penetrative sex.

      Once charged, depending on UPRIZE to enhance your sexual experience is easy. Rest assured knowing it'll always rise to the occasion and treat you or your partner to perfectly proportioned, expertly angled internal massage.

      The one-of-a-kind system's hidden framework and in-built wireless technology allows you to unleash extraordinary vibrations on yourself or your partner, while in erect mode. Explore the 10 incredible vibration functions from using the toy itself or the sleek, wireless remote – the power to go beyond your penetrative potential is in your (or your partner's) hands.

      UPRIZE has been created to work in unison with the UPRIZE Harness for ultimate strap-on or pegging play.

      Waterproof, UPRIZE gives you the freedom to take playtime wherever you like.

      USB rechargeable, a full charge offers up to an hour of intense vibrations and play.

      For the best results, smother with a generous helping of water-based lubricant and let peak pleasure ensue.

      UPRIZE: Rock hard erections at the touch of a button.

      Key Features:

      • Revolutionary technology brings you an advanced, auto-erecting vibrating dildo for intense, otherworldly play
      • Using patented technology, UPRIZE delivers rock hard erections with 10 modes of vibration
      • Wireless remote control operation for hands-free fun or power play with a partner
      • Smooth, silicone dildo curves upwards for G-spot or P-spot stimulation
      • Harness compatible for strap-on and pegging penetration
      • USB rechargeable for worldwide use and eco-friendly play
      • Waterproof for transforming your aquatic adventures
    1. How it measures up

      • Circumference: 6 inches
      • Insertable Length: 6 inches
      • Length: 8.5 inches
    2. How it feels

      • Flexibility: Firm
      • Material: Silicone
    3. Power and speed

      • Power Type: Rechargeable
      • Vibration speed: Speeds and patterns
    4. Essential info

      • Waterproof: Submersible
      • Allergens: Phthalate-Free
      • Allergens: Latex-Free

    Product Videos

    1. Dance of the Uprize

    2. UPRIZE Remote Control Erecting Realistic Dildo Vibrator 6 Inch

      Revolutionise your sex life with the world's first bionic vibrating dildo. Thanks to cutting edge innovation, UPRIZE's patented technology and state-of-the art engineering give you rock hard erections on demand – your ultimate tool for penetrative sex.

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    1. Customer Reviews

      UPRIZE Remote Control Erecting Realistic Dildo Vibrator 6 Inch 14 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. UPRIZE Remote Control Erecting Realistic Dildo Vibrator 6 Inch
      2. UPRIZE Remote Control Erecting Realistic Dildo Vibrator 6 Inch

        You save:
        $90.99 (70%)

        Hurry! This discontinued item won't be restocked!

    1. Bottom dysphoria be gone

      Reviewed: December 30, 2019 by Lovehoney - DonnaMae

      Upon hearing this toy has been discontinued, I only hope it is to introduce a somehow even better product, because I frikken love this toy!

      This does wonders for my bottom dysphoria as a trans-man, and fits brilliantly in the harness briefs also sold by Lovehoney for added "authenticity". Not only that, but as the motor is in the base of the toy, it vibrates against my own body while worn in the briefs so it can provide pleasure to both parties.

      This is a fantastic shape, girth and vibration strength. I have nothing but good things to say about this toy! If nitpicking, I would say the base is quite large, but that is to be expected considering the mechanics behind this product.

      I cannot recommend this toy enough!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Bottom line
      Just the best.
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    1. Dynamic dildo!

      Reviewed: August 25, 2019 by Terri JJ

      Before you even get to open this everything about the packaging screams luxury. A beautiful black box with pink sides. Inside that, another black box with a moulded black foam insert with indentations for the dildo, remote and charging cable. All this is covered by a fairly rigid clear plastic cover. In my opinion, the packaging is not gender-specific in any way.

      The dildo is flaccid in the box. I assumed it would be erect, no idea why. Once removed from the packaging it felt absolutely gorgeous. Silky smooth with no imperfections at all and definitely no smell. The head does look quite large and I think a few veins would have improved the appearance, possibly made it look a little more realistic.

      Mine took approximately 90 minutes to charge. Flashing lights tell you it's charging which became static when ready for use. The remote control just needs the back removing and a small plastic strip pulled out and you're all ready to go.

      2 buttons on the dildo control the erecting side of things and enable you to scroll through the vibrations and various patterns. The erection and vibrations can also be controlled using the remote but it was quite a task to figure out what does what. For example to scroll through the vibrations the + and - buttons need to be pressed together which needs 2 hands. Not ideal if you're playing alone as this obviously leaves you without a hand to hold the dildo.

      This is where the suction cup comes into play though. I stuck this onto a variety of surfaces and it didn't even move an inch, probably the strongest suction cup on a dildo I've ever come across. Being waterproof, it's ideal for playtime in the bath or shower (sticks brilliantly to the tiles).

      One thing definitely worth mentioning is that you can't turn the power off and on with the remote, this needs to be done with the buttons on the actual dildo. This feels great during use and the wrinkles which are obviously there to allow it enough give to erect feel amazing. Once erect it is hard enough to insert without difficulty but has enough flexibility to be comfortable. When flaccid it isn't completely floppy due to the mechanism inside but it does sit at a realistic angle. Watching it erect made me giggle but at the same time, it is quite mesmerising.

      Noise wise, it's pretty quiet. No way could I hear it outside the room once the door was closed. Vibrations are impressive, and that's coming from a self-confessed power queen. They definitely lean towards rumbly more than buzzy, perfect for me, I don't do buzzy.

      Cleaning is easy. Being waterproof just run it under the tap, wash with little soap, rinse, dry and spray with toy cleaner. I'm storing this in its box. It's worth too much money to risk damaging it but a storage bag would be fine.

      This is certainly a high-end toy. It does have an expensive price tag but the quality is second to none. It's obviously the erecting side of things which sets it apart from other good quality, remote control dildos. Not sure why you would actually need a dildo that goes from flaccid to erect, a floppy dildo is not much use to anyone. However, I'm sure there will be people who enjoy the novelty side of watching it.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Great, powerful, rumbly vibrations. Beautifully smooth.
      Personally I can't see the point of it being flaccid then erecting.
      Bottom line
      A great dildo when erect. Definitely very superior quality.
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    1. Wow great new idea

      Reviewed: November 18, 2017 by Racer248, a Straight Married Male

      Was very privileged to be given the chance to test this item prior to its release.

      First impressions were very good, felt nice and heavy in a good way, no bad smells from the material and very pleasing to the eye.

      The main feature of this is the automatic hardening of the cock. It's flaccid but once you press a button it makes itself hard which is a great novelty. It's a good size and feels right too, very similar to a real penis.

      It also has a suction cup bottom for perhaps some fun on your own!

      Great item and would 100% recommend to buy it as soon as released.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Great size and features
      Bottom line
      My new favourite toy
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    1. Left fulfilled

      Reviewed: January 23, 2020 by GentlemanG, a Other Married Male

      From the very beginning, you know this is going to be a good quality product. It is well packaged with clear descriptors of the toy: Waterproof, Harness Compatible, 10 Vibration Modes etc. Clear instructions are contained inside and it really is straightforward to operate.

      The dildo itself is made of soft silicone which feels fantastic. It comes with a suction cup for solo play but can also be used in a harness for couples fun. With 2 simple buttons - 1 for "erection" and one for vibrations, it is easy to operate and comes with a travel lock to prevent unwanted button presses. The only issue is that with the travel lock on you can't change the vibrations, but without it in you risk accidentally hitting the erection button which while inside you can damage the mechanism and stop that function working.

      It also comes with a remote making solo play easier as well as changing vibrations if used in a harness, or having the fun of making it erect hands free! The head reaches 6" and then tapers inwards down the shaft, although ridges on the shaft add extra pleasure during use.

      So, down to business! It does take 150 minutes to charge, which when you first get it out the box and are ready to play can be vexing. The battery lasts for a respectable 60 minutes though so after first charge you should be okay.

      My wife had great fun making "her penis" go hard using the self erection function. It is important though to not use this while inserted as it can break the mechanism.

      I'll be honest when I first tried to insert this I found it was too big and I had to go back to using some smaller toys to build up to the 6" girth of the head. Once I managed to take it inside my anus though... well let's just say I certainly felt fulfilled! The girth of the tip also makes it feel like it is longer than it really is as it fills you all the way up. The flared head also means it won't just "pop out" on accident during solo play which is great. It also gives a tugging feeling if start to pull it out which felt great.

      The ridges on the shaft added extra pleasure during thrusting and weren't uncomfortable as I first expected - probably due to that flared head having already stretched me out a bit.

      Next the vibrations... WOW! They added a whole other level to an already impressive dildo!. With 10 functions there is loads of variation and you're bound to find something that hits the spot for you. The girth and vibrations combined were enough for me rub one out, without any thrusting needed. Once my wife used it on me in combination with a strap on harness it got even more exciting and my wife certainly enjoyed giving it to me!

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Good size, strong vibrations, versatile for solo or couples play.
      150 minute charge time, easy to knock erection button by accident during solo play.
      Bottom line
      Versatile for solo and couples fun. Fulfilling and intense while also great fun!
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    1. Up and Down and Up and Down

      Reviewed: September 4, 2019 by kelly_michelle, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      I've been lusting after one of these since they were first launched and so I was really excited to be chosen to test this one. Having said that, I did have one little nagging doubt in the back of my mind: Is this just a gimmick or is the erecting function actually useful during sex?

      The toy itself is just so touchable. The silicone is really soft and smooth (apart from one seam) but not just that, the ridges feel really good to stroke. It is quite weighty, which I guess you would expect considering this toy vibrates and erects. The suction cup is large and is definitely strong enough to hold the weight. In my hands, it just feels like a good toy.

      Generally, I'm not a big fan of realistic toys. I like a 'head' on them, but that's it. This is quite a good compromise, as it has the head and an element of realism to it (you can tell it is supposed to be a penis), without it looking too real. Obviously, this is helped by the fact that I have this toy in purple.

      I like the fact that this toy has a remote. I'm not 100% convinced it needs a remote, but it is nice to have the option to use either the buttons on the side or the remote. I was a little bit sad that the remote is black not purple as I like to be able to see at a quick glance which remote goes to what but that is me being super picky (and very lazy with my toy storage). The remote is also battery operated (which most are). It would be nice to see companies make more rechargeable remotes.

      As it has a moving part, I did expect a bit of noise and this is definitely not a quiet toy. A closed door and some background noise will drown it out though.

      The vibrations are a lot stronger than I was expecting. They spread really nicely through the whole toy including the suction cup so if you are using this in a strap on harness, the wearer will get some really good vibrations too.

      The instructions only talk about using the vibration when the toy is erect. You can get the vibrations to be on when it isn't erect but it isn't very clear whether this is damaging the toy. I do hope not as I quite like using the vibrations like this during strap-on play; having the toy in the curved, downwards position is great for stimulating the vulva before penetration.

      It is slightly annoying that you cannot turn the vibration down on the toy itself, you either have to press to go through the settings, turn the vibration on and off again or use the remote.

      I really like the size of the toy and the ridges feel great. It is a pretty firm toy too, which is a bonus for me as I much prefer harder materials normally.

      Although the toy is quite weighty, it does sit in a strap-on harness really well. It takes a 2-inch O-ring and a bit of fiddling to push the suction cup through (although it gets easier with practice). I have the UPRIZE harness which makes a great set, although I would probably suggest going for a harness with a wider back strap to give a bit more support and comfort.

      So, is the Auto-Erect Technology a gimmick? For solo play, yeah a bit. You can grind against it while not erect and then erect it when you want penetration but I'm not sure that is enough of a reason to have it.

      For strap-on play, it makes a lot more sense. It does mean you can have the harness and toy on and ready without having a dildo sticking out. As the strap-on wearer, I also found it quite empowering and satisfying to erect it when I was ready to. From a Domme point of view, there is definitely some fun to be had with building anticipation and teasing by erecting and then unerecting the toy. So no, it isn't just a gimmick in this case.

      This isn't going to be a toy I reach for a lot. I don't do strap-on play often enough and, although it is pleasurable as a vibrating dildo, it just suits being a strap-on dildo so much better.

      If you do a lot of strap-on play, I would definitely say this is something worth seriously thinking about. I'm finding it really hard to actually conclude that if you just want a vibrating dildo, this isn't the one for you. It is a really good toy and deserves to have its praises sung but I just don't see the point of the erecting feature when not used for strap-on play and the erecting feature is the whole point of the toy.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Genuinely a quality toy.
      Actually, not much.
      Bottom line
      Not just a gimmick.
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