1. Fetish Fantasy Thrusting and Stroking Sex Machine

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      1. Fetish Fantasy Thrusting and Stroking Sex Machine

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    1. Product Description

      Introducing the world's first sex machine for couple's or solo play. The revolutionary Fetish Fantasy Couple's Sex Machine combines 2 multi-award winning brands for powerful motorised pleasure, with international compatibility in more than 150 countries.

      This first-of-its-kind sex machine comes with two generous King Cock attachments measuring 7 and 8 inches, plus a Pipedream Extreme Ass to plunge into.

      Sleek and travel-friendly, this portable sex simulator fits into your suitcase for on-the-go adventures and comes with a universal adaptor for over 150 countries. Plus, both sides have plastic caps for ultimate discretion and portability.

      To fulfil your extreme fantasies, the international sex machine comes with a wireless remote control, mobile device holder and an array of other fantasy-tastic attachments including handcuffs, a spanking paddle and a love mask.

      Screw on suction cups stick to nearly any flat surface and can be removed to use as a handheld sex machine.

      Key Features:

      • The world's first sex machine designed for couple's or solo play
      • Features a super strong piston for powerful penetrative thrusting, and a Pipedream Masturbator with internal stroking mechanisms
      • Choose between 7 powerful thrusting patterns with easy-touch controls
      • Includes Pipedream Extreme Ass and two King Cock attachments measuring 7 and 8 inches
      • Comes with a wireless remote control for hands-free play
      • Includes a universal adaptor with compatibility in over 150 countries

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      1. Fetish Fantasy Thrusting and Stroking Sex Machine
      2. Fetish Fantasy Thrusting and Stroking Sex Machine


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    1. Big bundle of fun

      Reviewed: April 20, 2017 by Lovebirds_x, a Bisexual Engaged Female

      This is going to be a long one! Please excuse me if I sound at all curt, there’s a lot to cover with this set and I don’t want to keep you reading for hours, so I’m trying to keep it brief but hopefully still informative.

      I’m going to jump in with some general observations on the machine itself. It’s compact and lightweight and really this is what sets it apart from a lot of other sex machines out there. It’s no great strain to hold the machine in position during use and finding a storage space shouldn’t be a problem.

      The cable is a good length, so no worries how far away your sockets are from your bed, and the non-slip feet work perfectly on hard floors if you fancy taking things away from the bed (although we didn’t find they worked well as suction cups). All in all a well designed, non-intimidating little machine.

      Until you turn it on that is. This thing is LOUD and boy is it off-putting. All pretense of a cute friendly little sex machine goes out the window and you’re left wondering how on earth something that small can make so much noise. This is definitely not suitable for anyone who needs to be discreet, and yes, your neighbours will be able to hear you, and no, loud music is not going to cover this up. I can’t stress enough that you need to be okay with a loud sex toy to add this to your collection. It gives me a headache. This is by far the worst aspect of this machine. In my opinion the noise level effectively cancels out any travel friendliness this machine has, probably the only acceptable place to use it would be a remote log cabin. Anyway, that's the big negative out of the way so moving on!

      The machine is easy to control whether you use the buttons on the machine or the included remote, with the one downside being there is no way to control either end individually. Beyond this meaning you can’t adjust for personal taste if you’re using it together (i.e. one person wants it faster, the other slower) it makes solo use of the stroker end awkward as the arm is pumping away on the other side of the machine at the same time. Care should be taken not to angle the other end towards objects or yourself, it sure spoils the mood when it painfully thwacks you in the knee!

      The machine is very much zero to hero in terms of speed. It doesn’t exactly have a ‘slow’ setting. I’d recommend you warm up prior to use as it thrusts/strokes very fast even on the lowest setting. There are three intensity settings (fast, faster and inhuman speed) and a variety of intriguing patterns that sound absolutely awful and make you think your machine is malfunctioning but are actually pretty cool to see in a sex machine. They alter the tempo of the thrusts/strokes and work well to mix things up if you’re getting bored of the constant speeds.

      So, how is it during use?

      The motor is certainly powerful as the speed barely slows at all once you pop yourself into the attachment (or vice versa). It just keeps on going strong, which is exactly what you want in an automated sex toy I suppose! It can’t cope with anal insertion though. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to or not but it just isn’t strong enough to deal with the might of an anus. Neither of us had a problem with the fixed angle of the machine, but it’s worth noting this isn’t adjustable.

      My partner found the stroker end very effective indeed. Inside the machine are two circles of beads mounted on springs, which can extend to accommodate larger girths and then tighten to fit you once you’re in. My partner found the stroker tight but not uncomfortable. He was able to feel the beaded rings moving up and down through the ‘flesh’ of the stroker but couldn't feel the beads themselves. He found the stimulation lessened on the faster speeds and tended to focus on the head of the penis/upper end of the shaft. It’s pretty awkward to clean the stroker due to the closed end and internal textures.

      When it comes to the dildo end, you get a choice of two dildos. The girth is the biggest difference between the two, the black dildo is not for the faint hearted! Both are super squishy, with the feel of a semi-erect penis more than a full erection. It can be tricky to insert them (and keep them inserted) due to this softness. They’re super realistic and sure to please fans of the King Cock range, though they do have a rather strong chemical smell which is somewhat off-putting. It’s also a bit tricky to pop them on and off the plug that attaches them to the machine, but once they’re off it’s worth experimenting with any other dildos you have with a hole in the base as we found a few of our existing collection fitted onto the machine as well. Bonus!

      This machine boasts an ability to please both partners at once, but it’s pretty tricky to get it right. It’s tricky to get the angle right for both partners at once considering the lack of adjustment on the machine itself, with the motor stuttering and stalling if you get it wrong. It does manage to keep the power level strong once you get it right though and is certainly a unique experience. A little strange and impersonal at first, but both partners do get effective stimulation.

      You get a lot of accessories with this sex machine. Here’s what we thought of each of them:

      Phone holder- strange as it may sound this was our favourite accessory! The holder has a good amount of padding on it and clamps your phone very securely in place. It is very adjustable height-wise and was able to hold my phone in both a vertical and horizontal position. All of the side buttons remained accessible and none were accidentally pressed down by the holder. The suction cup sticks securely to the machine at a good viewing angle. Hands down the best accessory for solo play!

      Storage bag- great quality, sturdy bag that comfortably fits the machine, attachments and accessories. You’ll need to grab individual toy bags for the attachments though as they shouldn’t be stored touching each other and the bag is just one big compartment inside. Brilliant for storage but not so discreet for travelling with as there is a large ‘Pipedream’ embroidered on the side of the bag.

      Remote control- comfortable in the hand and simple to use, machine responds quickly to button presses. The range is outstanding. We found we could place the sex machine in one room and control it from anywhere else in the house. Obviously I’m not advising you leave someone in another room attached to a machine. My point is simply that the range is massive.

      Spanking paddle - I’ve seen some people confused about this, so it’s worth noting this does not attach to the machine in any way. It is a stand alone item. The paddle is thick, weighty and gives a thuddy sensation along with a loud smack noise. Depending on the force behind it it is great both as a gentle warm-up and for more intense impact play and it does indeed leave an amusing faux handprint stamped on your behind. So far it seems sturdy enough to take a beating (or should I say give a beating?). All in all this is a decent quality and versatile paddle that can add a very fun dimension when combined with the machine.

      Handcuffs - these are surprisingly well built, they’re solid and heavy. They click securely into place and stay put even with wriggling and pulling against them. They haven’t broken so far and that’s more than we can say for pretty much any other set of cuffs we’ve owned (I’m a bit of a struggler!). The black paint has started to flake off the chain, so I daresay these will end up silver at some point!

      Blindfold - very comfortable to wear, the elastic doesn’t dig in at all and the inside of the blindfold is lined with a soft, velvety material that is lovely against the skin. Does a good job at blocking out light. There’s a little light leaking in around the nose area but not enough to be able to see what’s going on around you.

      Lube and cleaner - hmm, best to think of these as free samples and take the loss. I don’t know why the lube is labelled ‘anal’ as it’s definitely not suitable for anal, not even with the fake bum on the machine. It’s very very runny and dries out quickly, neither of which is desirable in a lube. I’d really advise getting a good quality water based lube for use with both attachments. The cleaner isn’t particularly effective. It would do in a pinch but I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy it again.

      All in all we found this is a great set up. It provides great stimulation for both partners (solo or at the same time) and a range of different ways to play with all the different accessories. This would be great for a couple looking for a small but powerful sex machine who would also like to introduce a little kink.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Powerful, compact size, great range of accessories, great stimulation when used both solo and simultaneously.
      Very very loud! Not discreet at all. Tricky to assemble and clean.
      Bottom line
      Great for couples wanting something small but powerful, accessories present lots of kinky possibilities!
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