1. Ride BodyWorx Silk Hybrid Lubricant 4.2 fl oz

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      1. Ride BodyWorx Silk Hybrid Lubricant 4.2 fl oz

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    1. Product Description

      Bringing you the best of all worlds, this hybrid lubricant from Sliquid combines the versatility of water-based lube with the long-lasting benefits of silicone, plus it's female-friendly, vegan-friendly and free from fragrance and parabens. Aw yisss!

      Ingredients: Purified Water, Plant Cellulose (from Cotton), Isopropyl Palmitate, Polysorbate 20, Dimethicone, Emollient Ester, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid

      Key Features:

      • Hybrid water-based-silicone lubricant for long-lasting glide during intimate fun
      • Paraben-free, fragrance-free and glycerin-free for female-friendly lubrication
      • Water-based, hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types
      • Formulated to moisturize whilst lubricating
      • Compatible with all sex toy materials, condoms, skin types and body parts Brought to you by world-famous vegan lube connoisseurs Sliquid
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      Ride BodyWorx Silk Hybrid Lubricant 4.2 fl oz 1 5 out of 5 stars 5 out of 5

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      1. Ride BodyWorx Silk Hybrid Lubricant 4.2 fl oz
      2. Ride BodyWorx Silk Hybrid Lubricant 4.2 fl oz


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    1. Slippery and Sensational

      Reviewed: May 15, 2017 by Shadow Collector

      I was sent a bottle of Ride Bodyworx Hybrid lubricant to test in exchange for my honest review. As it is an essential, I’ll try and keep the review succinct and to the point. Nobody needs an essay on why a bottle of lube is worth buying!

      The bottle comes in is a really sleek design, matt black with purple and silver accents that could easily be mistaken for some high-end hair product or body wash if it was left out on the counter. The top is a simple push-to-release nozzle and to get the lube out all you need to do is lightly squeeze the bottle. It’s all self-explanatory and easy to use, which is a huge bonus. There is nothing sexy about having to halt your sexytimes because the lube is playing hard to get!

      In use, I found it to be a lot thicker than any water-based products I’ve ever tried and long lasting as well. A single squirt was all it took for me, and while this will vary from person to person I think it’s also indicative of the bottle’s longevity.

      I noticed no odd smells, no funny tastes, and absolutely no irritation. I’ve reacted badly to a couple of lubricants in the past and it’s not fun, so finding a really good product like this one that doesn’t leave me trying desperately to distract myself from the feeling of a thousand fire ants biting my vagina is always a welcome experience.

      Two words of advice: Don’t use it with silicone toys and do not spill it on a wooden floor. The silicone thing is pretty self-explanatory; silicone lube doesn’t mix with silicone toys, so unless you want to risk ruining your favorite rabbit it’s better to play it safe. The other point, that comes from a painful place for me, by which I mean I did exactly that and I’m still nursing the bumped head. To be fair, I am unnaturally clumsy but it’s sound advice nonetheless. The whole point of lube is to be slippery; do not underestimate its power!

      In short, it’s a great wee bottle of lube that’ll last you a long time and I would highly recommend that you give it a try. I know brand loyalty is strong with things like lube, I usually am staunchly Lovehoney’s own brand myself, but it hurts nobody to broaden your horizons and who knows? You might find a new favorite… :)

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Great quality and looks brilliant too
      Bottom line
      Quality product!
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