1. Bondage Boutique Black Rose Whip

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      1. Bondage Boutique Black Rose Whip

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    1. Product Description

      Indulge in a little Indiana Jones roleplay with this sturdy yet sensuous signal whip. Much like a bullwhip but measuring a miniature 35 inches in length, you'll have room enough to raid your very own lost ark without ever leaving the bedroom.

      With a soft center braided in the beautiful Black Rose pattern, this flexible faux leather whip promises a cracking treat for intermediate and advanced players alike - and you don't need to be a Scorpio to benefit from the extra sting of its pointed tail.

      Collect the full Black Rose Pleasure collection to add style and sophistication to your BDSM play box.

      Key Features:

      • Faux leather whip, ideal for BDSM players with some experience
      • With 35 inches of length, it's easy to handle and travel-friendly
      • A firm 5 inch handle and wrist strap ensure you won't lose your grip
      • A perfect pint-size whip for role play, cosplay and fancy dress

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      Bondage Boutique Black Rose Whip 4 4 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5

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      1. Bondage Boutique Black Rose Whip
      2. Bondage Boutique Black Rose Whip


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    1. Powerful value

      Reviewed: March 28, 2020 by Luke_149, a Straight Going Steady Male

      My expectation was a little novelty whip for light play.

      That is really not the case!

      This whip is pretty dense and flexible. It stings and very quickly gets the blood flowing even from relatively weak swings - great for someone who's just starting out or a bit shy.

      However, the material doesn't seem particularly fancy and the individual braids have rough edges which seem prone to wear.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Small and packs a punch.
      Construction doesn't feel very sturdy or durable.
      Bottom line
      Great little whip if you don't already have a preference.
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    1. Small but mighty

      Reviewed: January 3, 2020 by Nyx1995, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      First off, aesthetically I would say the whip does look like something you’d get with some kind of fancy dress costume. That’s not to say that it looks bad, but you can definitely tell it’s not of particularly high quality.

      Having said that, it’s not bad for the price and it has a loop to easily hang it away, being narrow enough to hide away pretty much anywhere.

      Onto functionality, don’t let its looks fool you, it can definitely pack on some serious sting and I wouldn’t say this is a beginners toy! However, if you want it more for the threat of it, leaving it in sight or trailing it along your partner, rather than the using it as a whip itself then it could still be a lot of fun even if you’re not into that but of pain.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Serious sting, loop handle.
      Looks cheap.
      Bottom line
      Does the job.
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    1. Not for the faint-hearted

      Reviewed: May 12, 2019 by Exploringgirl2, a Bisexual Other Female

      This toy is definitely not for beginners. There are plenty of easily controlled impact play toys such as paddles that would be much more appropriate for a newly exploring person.

      For roleplay and cosplay this whip would be wonderful. It is realistic and looks very pleasing to the eye.

      The material of this whip is an okay quality. It is great quality for the price, but I would say that if you wanted something that was going to last a little longer go with real leather.

      The handle of this toy is comfortable and easily to grip. I like that it has a small piece of material so it can be hung up.

      For a seasoned BDSM couple this toy could really be loved by both masochists and sadists alike.

      My partner tested this toy out on me and it is definitely a stingy sensation and not thuddy.

      The whip is on the longer side, so if you are looking for a first-time practice whip I would personally recommend something a little shorter for better control and aim.

      This whip in particular is slightly unpredictable and difficult to use at first because of the flexibility in the materials used.

      Overall I loved the feeling of this on my skin and it most certainly packs a punch. It can be used in many different forms of play, and the versatility of it is what makes it so great.

      It could be just something to scare your partner into thinking you're going to use it, or even just for sensation play. By running it along their skin of brining it down on the bed close to them to build anticipation.

      Or it can be used as a whip and in that case it works great too.

    2. Overall Rating
      7 out of 10 stars
      The material is sturdy and cheap.
      Not for beginners.
      Bottom line
      Great price for a great toy.
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    1. Seriously Stingy

      Reviewed: October 25, 2017 by kelly_michelle, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      As a prop, this whip looks the part. The roses give the whip a shine effect as the light hits it, although it I a little difficult to make out the actual rose pattern itself.

      The length makes it easy to store and easy to carry, so if you are intending to buy this whip as part of a cosplay or fancy dress outfit I would suggest you stop reading this review here and seriously consider purchasing it. It does look the part, the only thing it does not do is crack.

      However, if you are looking for a new impact toy, I would urge more caution before purchasing this toy, so please do read on.

      This is not a good toy for someone new to BDSM, whether you are the wielder or the receiver. Whips generally can be difficult to control if you do not know what you are doing and there is a good chance you'll end up hitting yourself with it. And it really does sting!

      Impact toys are normally classed as stingy or thuddy. This is at the high end of the stingy category and so if you are not used to stingy pain, this really is not the toy for you right now.

      However, if you have more experience with impact toys, then this could be a great toy for you.

      The whip is quite flexible and so can be a little uncontrollable at times; if you are you intending to wield this, I would strongly advise you to practice alone first. It was once recommended to me that attaching a small badge to a pillow case and trying to knock the badge off is a great way to improve your aim when using a flogger. I think the same is true here though and would thoroughly suggest trying this.

      If you are looking for a little versatility with this toy, take hold of the end of the whip and hold it against the handle, creating a loop, now you have a spanking racket which gives a completely different sensation.

      The sting sensation is very close to what you would get with from a standard whip and so this is actually a great toy if you either like to try a whip or already enjoy using whips but do not have the space.

      As I have said already, this is really not the right toy for someone new to BDSM, however, it is a good introduction to whips for those of you who have a good grasp of other toys and enjoy stingy pain.

      The size makes it easy to store, either folded in a box, bag or drawer or it could be hung up. The quality is generally good, although I do have some concern as to the attachment of the tongue part on the end, as the stitching has come a little loose on mine, although I do not think it will fall off anytime soon.

    2. Overall Rating
      7 out of 10 stars
      It is a mean, stingy toy.
      Quality lacking a little. It is also a little too flexible for me.
      Bottom line
      Good intro to whips without needing a lot of space.
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