1. PDX Elite 10 Function Rechargeable Masturbation Machine

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      1. PDX Elite 10 Function Rechargeable Masturbation Machine

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    1. Product Description

      Dreams meet reality with the most advanced, hands-free stroker to hit the market. Pipedream have got your future orgasms covered with this all-round thrill machine. No pumping, stroking or squeezing, just a push of a button and explosive results are yours!

      The advanced innovation of the Mega-Bator combines spinning and thrusting movements that deliver amazing thrills and endless pleasure combinations. Enjoy intense rotation with powerful piston-action thrusting from the pleasure sleeve, covered in tiny textured ribs to send you over the edge.

      A magnetic state-of-the-art suspension system with a powerful magnet lock makes removing the sleeve for cleanup easy as pie.

      Choose from 3 pleasure toppers - a snug pussy, tight ass or supple lips. Smooth and temperature responsive, each one gives an amazing skin-like sensation.

      Easy to use control pad navigates through 5 powerful speed settings and 10 thrilling rotation patterns.

      The powerful suction cup has a simple locking mechanism for safe hands-free enjoyment, while the mobile device clamp means that you can combine the physical with the visual and take your play to new hedonistic levels.

      Key Features:

      • Deluxe mega-bator male masturbator featuring innovative simultaneous spinning and thrusting action
      • One-touch control pad makes simple work of controlling this complex pleasure system and exploring the 5 powerful speeds and 10 patterns
      • Use as a hand-held stroker or mount it to the strong suction cup for hands-free fun
      • Waterproof for your aquatic adventures
      • Rechargeable for use again and again
      • Use the device clamp with your mobile or tablet for added visual stimulation
      • Free prep kit included, with silicone cock ring set, body lotion and sex toy cleaner

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    1. Pipedream Extreme PDX Elite USB Rechargeable Deluxe Mega Bator

      Fantasy meets reality with the most superior, hands-free stroker to hit the market. Pipedream have your future orgasms covered with this all-round thrill machine. No pumping, stroking or squeezing, just a push of a button & explosive results are yours!

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      1. PDX Elite 10 Function Rechargeable Masturbation Machine
      2. PDX Elite 10 Function Rechargeable Masturbation Machine


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    1. Put me in a mild spin but didn't deliver a full-on sexual revolution

      Reviewed: June 28, 2017 by Optimized, a Bisexual Going Steady Male

      I was really chuffed to be selected to test the PDX Elite Deluxe Mega Bator as I’ve only ever tried manually operated male masturbator toys before, and not an automatic stroker like this one. As usual, the toy arrived from Lovehoney in discreet postal packaging and I was looking forward to giving it a thorough test run. The toy comes in classy black product packaging featuring images of the product and blurb on the back of the box summarising key features. The Mega Bator usually comes with a free prep kit (including cock ring set, lube and sex toy cleaner) but I wasn’t sent these so my review doesn’t include these extras.

      The toy is easy to assemble and is fairly quick to charge using a handy and convenient USB charger cable which is included. The instructions indicate that it can take up to two hours to reach full charge but in my experience, it was usually a bit quicker than this. The toy seems well made and comes with a selection of 3 toppers (essentially lids) modelled on lips, ass and pussy. These only really provide some visual variation as they’re basically just lids containing similar orifices that you penetrate to get to the spinning and thrusting sleeve inside.

      In fact, the toy is marketed on its ability to provide both spinning and thrusting action for a hands-free masturbation experience where the toy “does all of the work for you”, so I could hardly wait to get started. I turned the toy on, lay on my back and brought the toy down onto my manhood and immediately felt a pleasant stroking and rubbing sensation against my penis head.

      There are 10 different movement cycles that you can scroll through, and also speed controls giving 5 levels of intensity. This initially sounds like lots of exciting possibilities. I scrolled through the 10 different movement cycles, giving each a good go, and varying the speed intensity too. However, I concluded that at least 6 of these modes tended to be a little abrupt in the way that they transitioned between different rotation directions, stopping and starting and the speed of their various thrusting movements. I much preferred the two or three modes that featured pretty much the same continuous rotation, speed and thrusting action (for me the best was the simplest - mode 1). This allowed me to get used to a particular pleasurable sensation and use the speed controls to increase the intensity, allowing the sensation to gradually build up. With the more ‘jerky’ movement modes it felt like my penis was being randomly rubbed this way and that way, and therefore I didn’t find them particularly pleasurable. The toy retained its charge very well and I used it for in excess of 30 minutes on each occasion without any noticeable drop in performance (however, it will benefit from recharging between uses).

      I’m happy to report that I managed to orgasm each time I used the Mega Bator but they were certainly not the strongest orgasms I’ve ever had and didn’t exactly live up to the ‘extreme’ experience suggested by the product name. I think the reason for this was because the rotating motion, thrusting and pressure are just too constant and uniform – even the more erratic cycles are repetitive. This is, of course, understandable for a mechanical masturbation device but for me, crucially, it felt like there was not enough variation in pressure. However, I did find that the sensation was improved if I mounted the masturbator on its stand and stood up to use it as I was able to introduce some thrusting motion myself, rather than lying down on my back and using it in a handheld way.

      But another drawback of the Mega Bator is that the more you thrust and press inwards, the more strongly you make contact with the rotating, ribbed sleeve. Although this feels good as it feels like more of a squeeze, it results in the added friction slowing the motor down so inevitably the speed decreases. Occasionally this causes the spinning and thrusting motion to stop altogether and frustratingly you need to withdraw and allow the motor to resume and start rotating again. This is not ideal but once you’ve worked out how far you can insert yourself without causing this sort of interruption then it’s not an unworkable problem.

      I have to say that this is certainly not a toy for those who need to be discreet. It is one loud piece of kit, combining both the noise of the motor and the ‘rattle’ of the spinning insert against the plastic of the outer casing. However, as if that wasn’t enough the toy incorporates a flashing LED light show which to me felt unnecessary and a bit of an unnecessary feature. In fact it gave me the slightly nagging feeling that perhaps something a little more exciting should be going on in the Mega Bator than there actually was! On a practical level it’s also a bit distracting - especially if you’re trying to watch something on a media device mounted on the stand.

      The toy is easy to disassemble and clean with sex toy cleaner and the separate parts dried fairly quickly, and it was reasonably easy to put back together again. But having said that it’s definitely one of those toys where it’s worth reading the instructions beforehand so you know exactly what you’re doing.

      As mentioned earlier the Mega Bator comes with a mount which allows you to use it hands-free. This is a great idea but I found that the ‘lock-seal’ mount only really stuck to a couple of surfaces in my house – basically anything ceramic like the top of the toilet cistern. The media device holder is another nice feature and I used it to hold my mobile phone whilst playing a video, and it can easily be adjusted for larger phones and tablets. However, I would strongly advise that you make sure that the vacuum lock seals firmly on whatever surface you mount it on, otherwise you could end up having a rather expensive accident.

      For me the bottom line is that the Mega Bator is a good idea but doesn’t really deliver on the full-on ‘extreme’ feeling that I was expecting. It provided a pleasant and mildly arousing sensation but certainly didn’t have me gurning in ecstasy.

      I didn’t find it to give a particularly realistic sensation but then I don’t necessarily mind that in a sex toy as I like to experience new and different sensations. However, this was not as enjoyable as using a manually controlled male masturbator (such as Fleshlight or Pocket Pussy) or even simply masturbating using my hand. The automated nature of the cycle created too much of a uniform sensation, and although the rotating and thrusting motion is a unique selling point, it’s the lack of variation in pressure (or squeeze) that I felt I was really missing.

      But having said that this might be the kind of toy that benefits from being given a bit of time so that you can work out how to get the most pleasure out of it based on your own particular masturbation preferences. Unfortunately for me, I think I’ve already established that manual masturbation toys and the humble human hand offer more tempting alternatives than the Mega Bator.

    2. Overall Rating
      6 out of 10 stars
      I liked the combination of spinning and thrusting, and the media device holder.
      The sensation didn't blow me away, noisy and didn't like the LED lights.
      Bottom line
      A great idea but fails to fully deliver on intense, pleasurable sensation.
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