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    1. Vicky Vette Main Squeeze Textured Vagina

      Average customer review 4 out of 5 stars3 reviews

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      1. Vicky Vette Main Squeeze Textured Vagina

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    1. Product Description

      Give MILF of the moment Vicky Vette a veritable squeeze with this lifelike stroker formed from the porn sensation's very own vagina. With a deliciously textured canal, squeezable grip and real skin feel, the mother of all solo sessions is in your hands.

      The Main Squeeze toy has a unique squeeze plate which boasts an airtight end cap allowing you to adjust the amount of suction to suit your mood.

      Made from super soft ULTRASKYN, the temperature-responsive inner sleeve features a textured interior to mimic real life sensations.

      Apply a generous handful of water-based lubricant to both your penis and the stroker before use.

      Key Features:

      • Lifelike stroker formed from the real life pussy of porn star Vicky Vette
      • ULTRASKYN material mimics the feel of real skin giving you optimum sensations
      • An airtight end cap allows you to adjust how much suction you want with each stroke
      • Compatible with Doc Johnson Main Squeeze Suction Cup for hands-free play
      • The squeezable grip means you can vary intensity to suit you
      • Double-ended hard design makes for discreet storing
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      1. Vicky Vette Main Squeeze Textured Vagina
      2. Vicky Vette Main Squeeze Textured Vagina


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    1. A very enjoyable experience

      Reviewed: July 26, 2017 by NJCox, a Straight Going Steady Male

      Firstly I would like to say wow. The speed this item got to me was exceptional. Lovehoney don't hang around and waste time. Also, as usual, very discreet. Nobody in my household suspected a thing.

      The first thing I noticed about this product was how heavy it is. I thought this may be a problem, but later found it wasn't. I just put it down to how solid and well built it is, and very high quality.

      So I got down to using it later the first day, used some water based lube, and I must say it felt really nice, the nodules on the inside doing the work. I liked the panel that you squeeze to make it tighter, how it's magnetic so it easily springs back to its original position so no fiddling about with it.

      I can tell you now, I did not last long with the sensations I was getting.

      The rubber was easy to remove, making it very easy to clean up.

      A few things I didn't like. It had a weird smell to it. The lube I used was unscented, so it didn't cover that up, but it wasn't a deal breaker. I got past it.

      The suction option to me was a waste of time. I didn't notice it making any difference. I took the cap off, felt the same, left it on, felt the same. Maybe it's just me?

      I loved the way it came in a very discreet kind of travel case also.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      The sensation, easy cleaning. and the discreet case it comes in.
      Smell was weird but not too overpowering, suction option was a waste of time.
      Bottom line
      Very much worth the money, easy to use, very pleasurable.
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    1. Ultra-Awesome Ultraskyn

      Reviewed: June 21, 2017 by Bearjamin, a Straight Married Male

      This is my third ever male masturbator I have tried. Thank you, Lovehoney for sending this to me in exchange for an honest review.

      The box felt quite heavy! As soon as I opened it, out slid this monster masturbator. Almost resembling some Thermos-like black obelisk. Twisting large cap off presented the business end of the stroker. This the first realistic looking stroker I have used, so it took me a while to get over the disembodied downstairs anatomy. Just felt a little strange to me at first, but I soon got over it.

      I'm usually quite sceptical of marketing claims by default, so was intrigued to see what all the fuss is about the Ultraskyn material. To be fair I was extremely surprised, in a good way, by the feel of the Ultraskyn. It was almost uncanny how soft and pliable it is, yet still, holds its shape. It's unlike anything I've felt before. It feels really nice.

      With a squirt of waterbased lube, slipping inside the stroker felt delightfully silky and smooth. The most realistic I've tried so far. The inside of the stroker sleeve is textured with bumps and ridges to add to the sensations, however the drawback of the softness of the material meant that ridges kind of squish out of the way fairly easily, so there is not much resistance and I personally felt the effect of the texture is lessened, but still feels nice. But that's where the main squeeze feature comes in!

      The cleverly designed panel on the surface, attached via magnets, can be squeezed inward to press against the stroker sleeve, meaning I could experiment with the experience of how tight it feels.

      The only thing that disappointed me about this stroker is the adjustable suction feature. I tried every combination of having the top open/closed, the shaft in/out, and squeezing, but nothing seemed to make a difference. Now, I like to think I understand physics and how to make a vacuum, but I just couldn't feel any difference. I thought it was working at one point when I started to feel like it was harder to pull out, but under a control test it just turned out to be increased friction from the lube getting a bit dried up.

      Although surprisingly large on the first impression, it's real to its benefit. The other strokers I've had aren't long enough to fully insert myself and I have ended up popping out the top. This Doc Johnson Main Squeeze has plenty of length to get the 'balls deep' feeling. The hard outside casing also makes it much easier to hold than slippery lubed up jelly-like strokers, and the weightiness helps to fully slide it down your shaft easily.

      Apart from the struggle of getting the suction feature to work, overall, the Doc Johnson Main Squeeze is a quality product and a welcome addition to the male masturbator collection. If you never tried anything like this, then I really recommend it. The Ultraskyn is something that needs to be felt to be believed.

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      Ultraskyn feels fantastic. Squeeze feature works really well. Easy to clean.
      Can't get suction feature to work. Would like a more prominent inside texture.
      Bottom line
      If you want that balls deep feeling, you can't go far wrong with this.
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    1. It's okay

      Reviewed: August 11, 2017 by sexytime87, a Straight Engaged Male

      My partner and I order quite a lot from the UK site. We had a chance to test this Doc Johnson stroker. I really couldn't resist telling Lovehoney I would love to test it.

      As always with Lovehoney, the package came in a brown discreet box and was really quick to get to me. Inside the packaging, I could see the box which held the stroker. On this box there is a rather large picture of the woman that this stroker is moulded from. On the back of the box there is a picture of the insert. This did look like it was going to be quite some fun!

      I couldn't wait to have a look at the stroker itself so I dove into the box and took it out. The case of the toy felt like it was hard silicone – a really nice smooth feel. It was really easy to take the lid off as it is just a screw top. There is a “click” noise that comes from the lid – to show it is being opened/closed properly.

      Before I get on talking about the insert, I should point out that there is a shiny plastic magnetic piece. This is so I can control the pressure I have whilst in use. As it is magnetic, I'm sure you can imagine, it's not the quietest of things. I wouldn't feel comfortable using this if I was still living with family members. There is also a screw bottom to the toy which can also be used for making the suction tighter or looser. Again I feel that while screwing this it is slightly noisy.

      On opening the lid I didn't notice any “funny” smells to the insert – which is nice. Okay so onto the insert of the toy. I will say that I have felt materials that feel more like real skin – but this does still feel quite good. The mould of the vagina does look really good and there are even some creases in the skin to make it look more realistic.

      I put my finger inside the toy just to have a quick feel. This I was slightly surprised about this, as it did feel quite good. Before using the toy I gave it a good clean out and left it to dry overnight. I then couldn't wait to try this out so the next morning I decided to give it a good old go.

      I applied some lube onto myself and inside the toy. I slid in really easily and in the first instance, I didn't really find the insert to be amazing. I gave it a good seeing to and again really didn't find it to be very interesting – this is personal preference.

      I thought maybe using the side squeeze plate may make the feelings more intense. This worked for a little bit but then I just became used to the sensations. I began alternating using the squeeze plate and letting it go. This made it feel much better and doing that for a while made me explode inside. Now I wouldn't say that this was the best orgasm I have ever had but it was good.

      The clean up of this toy was really easy. I used the Lovehoney toy cleaner and some warm water. I put my fingers inside the toy and made sure the inside was nice and clean. Once I knew it was all clean I left it out over night to dry. I made sure it was dry before putting the insert back inside the case. Then slotted the whole toy away from prying eyes.

      I would recommend this toy to men who want to try something different. Me, personally, I don't think that this is a toy I would use continually. It will be a toy that I use when I feel like it. I have got others that I prefer over this one. I think if you are new to strokers then this would be a good one to start off with and then try others.

    2. Overall Rating:
      7 out of 10 stars
      The look of the toy was quite nice.
      The insert got boring quick, the squeeze plate was loud.
      Bottom line
      A good toy, but just not 10/10.
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