1. THRUST Pro Ultra Abbie Realistic Vagina Super Tight Cup

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      Meet Super Tight Abbie, a realistic vagina with velvety soft lips and a super textured canal that has been specifically designed to make you moan. Abbie's tighter-than-average opening is smooth and supple, and perfect for accommodating your desires.


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    1. Product Description

      Meet Super Tight Abbie, a realistic vagina with velvety soft lips and a super textured canal that has been specifically designed to make you moan. Abbie's tighter-than-average opening is smooth and supple, and perfect for accommodating your desires.

      Abbie's sleek casing gives you complete control over your every stroke. Adjust the suction to the strength of your choosing and pump away.

      To really amp up sensations, slide a bullet vibrator into the hole in her base and let the vibrations take your solo session to ultra intense new levels.

      Smother Abbie with water-based lubricant before use.

      Key Features:

      • Realistic vagina masturbator with extra tight vaginal opening
      • Textured canal with ribs and bumps for intense all-over shaft stimulation
      • Soft vagina opening looks and feels super real
      • Vibrator-compatible for extra intense sensations
      • 6 inches to accommodate most men
    1. How it measures up

      • Canal diameter: 0.2
      • Internal Length: 6 inches
      • Opening: Vagina
    2. How it feels

      • Contains phthalates: No
      • Material: TPE
      • Texture: Textured

    Product Videos

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    1. Customer Reviews

      THRUST Pro Ultra Abbie Realistic Vagina Super Tight Cup 4 5 out of 5 stars 5 out of 5

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      1. THRUST Pro Ultra Abbie Realistic Vagina Super Tight Cup
      2. THRUST Pro Ultra Abbie Realistic Vagina Super Tight Cup


    1. New THRUST masturbator pleasures

      Reviewed: October 11, 2017 by bondagegod, a Straight Married Male

      As someone who owns a number of products from the existing THRUST range of masturbators, I have been impressed with the new style of thrust toys that Lovehoney have added to the already impressive collection.

      I was excited to experience the brand new THRUST PRO Abbie Vagina Super Tight as the sleeve now comes with a smart black plastic outer casing. This gives a tasteful style to the masturbator and allows you to feel there is a non-intimidating appearance to this particular male toy.

      The outer black casing has a small ribbed section which is ideal to hold during thrusting to give you a secure hold. There is a removable cap which you simply pull off of to gain access to the TPE sleeve. There was an instant impression as I viewed the realistic looking vagina which looks sexually impressive as Abbie's sweet lips are raised and they look very inviting to sink yourself into.

      There is a suction control feature with the masturbator, which is simply a hole positioned near the top of the casing. A sticker covers the hole on arrival this will need removing before play commences. If you do wish to use the suction control during a session then cover the hole over with your finger.

      It is recommended that you will need plenty of lube with this masturbator. In the beginning, I found this frustrating as the lube kept drying up and I needed to re-apply 3/4 times a session. To combat this issue I find that if I warm the sleeve up before use with hot water and apply the lube then it doesn't dry up.

      Entry into the sleeve is a delightful tight feeling there is an instant stimulation from the bumpy texture of the 7-inch insertable inner sleeve, which I find is at its most noticeable when I'm thrusting at a slow or medium speed. This does allow for my pleasure to build up with each thrust. As I edged closer to climaxing with a faster thrusting rhythm the textures are not so noticeable. This doesn't detract from the pleasure I'm experiencing as the tight feel around my shaft is creating a stimulating pleasure that has me reaching climax with Abbie for a happy ending to my masturbation session.

      I must admit I was slightly sceptical how effective the suction control would work during a session with Abbie. I'm pleased to report that I was wrong as the sleeve creates a strong tightening effect. As I thrusted I discovered there wasn't the need to thrust full length. As the tightness around the head of my penis provided me with a direct stimulation. Which worked better for me to slowly thrust on this area, I soon could feel my sensitivity building with each thrust as I continued it wasn't long after introducing the suction effect to my session that the excitement soon built to an explosive climax.

      As the sleeve is removable it does aid you to provide an easy clean. As I run water through the sleeve to wash away and lube or body fluid. The sleeve can also be turned inside out to wash over with a sex toy cleaner to wash up as good as new.

      I leave the sleeve to dry naturally overnight. Once dry I apply a renewal powder to the masturbator which maintains the quality of the TPE material and gives the toy a longer lasting life. Once completed the sleeve easily slides back inside the outer casing and I simply push fit the cap.

      Overall, I have been impressed with the new style of THRUST toys that Lovehoney have added to the already impressive collection. The addition of a black casing looks impressive while the tight sleeve and textured canal feels impressive that has resulted in several pleasurable orgasms with Abbie.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      The added stimulation the suction control brings to a session with the masturbator.
      Bottom line
      Smart looking, delightfully tight, wonderful textures, amazing suction control, stunning reached and enjoyed orgasms.
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    1. Great things come in small packages

      Reviewed: October 3, 2017 by LIL_KNOWN69

      Excited to receive a parcel from Lovehoney, I was eager to open the discreet brown box. As a couple we find the male toys can be really hit and miss, but this really did stand out from the crowd. I ripped open the box and we found the stroker in all its glory inside. A solid plastic package all sealed up and ready to be road tested.

      Packaging and what’s in the box?

      Inside is a plastic black outer shell, which is sealed by a clear plastic with a small ready-to-rip area. Once you pull this down and open the lid, you are greeted with a perfectly proportioned vaginal opening which smells almost sweet. Inside the box I received the following:

      1 x extra tight stroker

      How to control the toy and what does it do?

      The toy is easy to use and clean. All you need to do is pop open the lid of the plastic shell and put a generous amount of lubricant on your penis and the vaginal opening. This will make it wet enough to accommodate most if not all sizes. The flesh is stretchy and snug and even though I’m larger than average on girth it was easy to slide in.

      The great feature about this toy, which is missing from some of the more worldwide known brands, is the “suction control”. A small hole in the side of the outer shell allows you to slide your finger over to apply pressure, and like magic it feels tighter and gives a real tug to your member. This was almost impossible to hold back from reaching the final big O and within seconds you're likely to be ready to clean up.


      As with most stroker toys, this was in a solid plastic outer casing with a lid which you simply pull off. It was easy to open and the vagina inside looked amazing. It has great detail and has lips which protrude, giving this a slightly more realistic and authentic experience.

      I really couldn’t wait to try it. So I has a play with my partner and when the time was right I put a generous amount of lubricant on the toy and my wife took over. The canal is very tight, and after a bit of force and using a finger to push my length into the toy I was greeted with the most amazing sensation.

      Inside the sleeve are small nodules which make this feel very realistic and if I closed my eyes I couldn’t believe it wasn’t the real thing. After a few minutes of teasing my wife, then decided to put her finger over the suction control and after that I felt like I went into another world. I have never had to grab the sheets so tight in my life. Within seconds I was done and defeated. I have no words to describe just how great this toy felt.

      A few hours later I decided to give it another go solo and I did the same routine as before. Got myself ready and applied the lube and started to give the toy my best moves. It felt great in my hand and I forgot that I was even using a toy. I got caught up in the moment and again I tried the suction control, and thankfully this time I had the ability to slow the strokes down, which made me last a little longer.

      But this really did feel incredible. After the playtime is over it was ready to be cleaned, so I simply removed the inner sleeve by giving it a little tug and put this and the outer shell in some warm soapy water. I put the outer shell upside down to dry and I patted the inner sleeve down with a towel. The tricky bit was cleaning the inside, but thankfully I could use a small towel to manoeuvre around and dry inside thoroughly. I put the inner sleeve back into the shell and put a little sex toy renew powder on top (cornstarch). A few minutes later I checked to make sure it was dry and it felt brand new again.

      All together an amazing sensation and great new design to the THRUST collection. I would highly recommend for couples and soloists. 10/10.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      The tightness was amazing. Suction control was unreal and it was easy to use.
      Nothing to dislike.
      Bottom line
      The perfect stroker for couples and soloists. The sensations will blow your socks off.
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    1. Thrust Abbie

      Reviewed: October 21, 2017 by Audrianna87, a Straight Married Female

      As always, delivery was quick discreetly packaged from Lovehoney. Thank you, Lovehoney - top quality service always. The item arrived fast and risk-free as always. I would never expect anything less from Lovehoney.

      The masturbator case comes wrapped in plastic and with a cardboard product ring sleeve around it with the usual info name of the toy. Simply slide it off before use.

      The Thrust Abbie masturbator is encased in a soft black case (a bit like the Fleshlights have there screw cap cases). It is soft plastic in the sense if you want to really grip the thing the plastic will squish in and then pop back out when you release your hand pressure (however, I do like the softness of it, it makes a change from a solid Fleshlight case).

      The case comes with a suction control hole at the top on one side so you can add more suction or leave it as it is depending on your preference. When you receive it there is a suction info sticker over the suction hole, simply peel it off to reveal the hole and cover the hole with your finger or palm to add the suction while in use.

      The shaft of the case also has what I can only describe as a suspension spring effect meaning the shaft has motion to it, moving up and down and around in a circle if you wish, this definitely adds to the whole experience. The cap on the end is easily removed to access the realistic Abbie vagina, it simply slides on and off again no screwing or anything quick and easy.

      On to the product itself. I am an avid Fleshlight user so I am always hesitant with other masturbators, although the Thrust range has never disappointed me in the past. The sleeve feels amazing and soft on the outside and looks good as well. After lubing myself up and the inside of the toy I got down to the deed, I have to stress use a lot of lube and I mean a lot with this masturbator being a super tight vagina I struggled with it a bit at first but with a bucket full of lube I managed to get through pain free.

      The inside is extremely snug, at least, I found it to be. Everyone will be different but with the tightness and the realistic texture on the inside, I had a blast. It feels amazing adding in the suction as well it really does get the job done. The internal length is 6 inch so you can bottom out at the end and hit the wall depending on your length (but I would not let something so small as that put you off). You can also add a Thrust bullet at the back end to add vibrations to the mix. However, I never tried that feature as I am totally happy with it how it is. One thing I did notice is when I removed the sleeve I noticed the sleeve is a fair bit longer than the case (in my opinion, Thrust could get away with adding a bigger case to this masturbator).

      Cleaning the sleeve is as easy as Fleshlight sleeves and any other masturbator I have used. Simply slip the sleeve out of the case and rinse in hot water clean with sex toy cleaner and pop some renew powder (Blow Yo in my case) on it to keep it fresh and new. Pop it on the side to air dry then simply replace it back inside its case and store away. It is small enough that it fits in my bedside table drawer and I would have no problems taking it on my travels.

      I would 100% recommend this masturbator to anybody. Sure, it is not a Fleshlight but do not be put off by that, Thrust do some amazing toys. Just remember to lube lube lube.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      Feel. Quality.
      Case could be a bit longer.
      Bottom line
      Definitely worth a purchase.
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