1. UPRIZE Remote Control Erecting Realistic Dildo Vibrator 8 Inch

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      Revolutionize your sex life with the world's first bionic vibrating dildo. Thanks to cutting edge innovation, UPRIZE's patented technology and state-of-the art engineering give you rock hard erections on demand - your ultimate tool for penetrative sex.


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      1. UPRIZE Remote Control Erecting Realistic Dildo Vibrator 8 Inch

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    1. Product Description

      Revolutionize your sex life with the world's first bionic vibrating dildo. Thanks to cutting edge innovation, UPRIZE's patented technology and state-of-the art engineering give you rock hard erections on demand - your ultimate tool for penetrative sex.

      Once charged, depending on UPRIZE to enhance your sexual experience is easy. Rest assured knowing it'll always rise to the occasion and treat you or your partner to perfectly proportioned, expertly angled internal massage.

      The one-of-a-kind system's hidden framework and in-built wireless technology allows you to unleash extraordinary vibrations on yourself or your partner, whilst in erect mode. Explore the 10 incredible vibration functions from using the toy itself or the sleek, wireless remote - the power to go beyond your penetrative potential is in your (or your partner's) hands.

      UPRIZE has been created to work in unison with the UPRIZE Harness for ultimate strap-on or pegging play.

      UPRIZE is waterproof, giving you the power to take playtime wherever you like.

      USB rechargeable, a full charge offers up to an hour of intense vibrations and play.

      For the best results, smother with a generous helping of water-based lubricant and let peak pleasure ensue.

      UPRIZE: Rock hard erections at the touch of a button.

      Key Features:

      • Revolutionary technology brings you an advanced, auto-erecting vibrating dildo for intense, otherworldly play
      • Using patented technology, UPRIZE delivers rock hard erections with 10 modes of vibration
      • Wireless remote control operation for hands-free fun or power play with a partner
      • Smooth, silicone dildo curves upwards for G-spot or P-spot stimulation
      • Harness compatible for strap-on and pegging penetration
      • USB rechargeable for worldwide use and eco-friendly play
      • Waterproof for transforming your aquatic adventures
    1. How it measures up

      • Base diameter: 3.5 inches
      • Base type: Flared with Suction
      • Circumference: 6 inches
      • Insertable Length: 8 inches
      • Length: 10.5 inches
      • Oring diameter: 2 inches
    2. How it feels

      • Contains latex: No
      • Contains phthalates: No
      • Flexibility: Firm
      • Material: Silicone
      • Waterproof: Submersible
    3. Power and speed

      • Controller Type: Wireless - push button
      • Power Type: Rechargeable
      • Vibration speed: Speeds and patterns
    4. Essential info

      • Harness Compatible: Yes
      • Has balls: Yes

    Product Videos

    1. Dance of the Uprize

    2. UPRIZE Remote Control Erecting Realistic Dildo Vibrator 8 Inch

      Revolutionise your sex life with the world's first bionic vibrating dildo. Thanks to cutting edge innovation, UPRIZE's patented technology and state-of-the art engineering give you rock hard erections on demand - your ultimate tool for penetrative sex.

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      UPRIZE Remote Control Erecting Realistic Dildo Vibrator 8 Inch 6 4 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5

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      1. UPRIZE Remote Control Erecting Realistic Dildo Vibrator 8 Inch
      2. UPRIZE Remote Control Erecting Realistic Dildo Vibrator 8 Inch


    1. Stand to attention soldier

      Reviewed: August 19, 2019 by Fun Louise, a Straight Married Female

      I received the UPRIZE as a test and review item. Personally getting a man excited and erect is a huge turn-on, so I was curious how the UPRIZE would work.

      It comes in a square box which once you have discarded the outer cardboard sleeve, is plain black and quite suitable for leaving out in full view. Inside is your UPRIZE, remote and charging cable, as well as a small instruction booklet. Before play you need to charge the UPRIZE using the USB charging cable, whit fits into a small port on the under side of the balls. Once charged the control buttons stop flashing, then your ready to play.

      Firstly it’s quite a heavy toy. Heavier than the equivalent size silicone toy, but that’s probably due to the motors. Despite the weight the suction cup has no problems holding it firmly to a tiled surface, fridge door, or wherever you want to stick it. It holds fast and doesn’t slip or fall off. This impressed me. After removing the disk of plastic in the remote to make it work, I paired it with the UPRIZE and prepaired to play.

      Initially the UPRIZE is in a flaccid position, but it’s not soft as I expected (quite why I expected it to be soft I don’t know). One press of the button in the centre of the remote makes your flaccid friend stand to attention in an impressive way. The head has some softness to it which makes penetration more comfortable. When erect the shaft has ripples down one side which also feel quite good when inside you. The curve hits my G-spot perfectly. The balls, although large, are quite firm and serve only as a comfortable way of holding the toy when your not using its suction cup.

      The material feels unusual, it’s not like real feel material, nor is it like silicone, it’s sort of half way between each. It doesn’t smell, which is important to me. It does have some squishiness but not too much, and the core is very firm. I did find myself holding the UPRIZE by the balls and stroking its erect length, as if I were a man masturbating. Odd, I know, but I’m being honest here.

      Only now did I move onto the vibrations. Again using the remote I scrolled through until I found a pattern that I liked. There are 3 constant speeds and 7 patterns to choose from. All the vibrations are deep and rumble and quite powerful. I’m a big fan of power and this felt very good. The remote makes selecting the vibrations you desire easy, but if you accidentally press the centre button while in the throes of pleasure your erect friend will curl up on you, which is a bit of an anticlimax. The UPRIZE still vibrates when in the flaccid position, although it doesn’t feel as good due to the shape.

      Now when I took my UPRIZE into the shower I didn’t take the remote. I’m a bit clumsy and didn’t want to drop it, so instead I used the buttons on the side of the UPRIZE to control the erection function and vibrations. There is only 1 button on the side of the UPRIZE for vibrations, so you can only move through the patterns in one direction (with the remote you can go up or down the patterns) but that’s not a problem.

      I have to tell you I really do enjoy this toy, it feels great. Now I have only used it vaginally. That said I do think I’m missing out on it’s real niche market. Honestly I think it’s probably at its best used in a harness. This is where the UPRIZE would really come into its own. It would be perfect for pegging too. The only problem that I can see is that the vibrations don’t have a mild setting, and I know some men can’t cope with strong vibrations. But it can be used erect without the vibrations.

      In summary the UPRIZE is unlike any toy I have ever used before. The erecting function is more of a turn-on than a gimmick. The material feels good. The vibrations are strong and rumbly. The suction cup is great. The remote allows for a partner to control your pleasure. It waterproof and rechargable. Good for vaginal use, but I think it would work best used in a harness for that “real erecting” experience.

      The only tiny downside is if you accidentally press the erecting button when in the throes of pleasure, you may be left with a damp squib rather than the orgasm you were approaching. But honestly that’s the only negative point I can find.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Feel, vibrations, suction cup, waterproof and, of course, erecting.
      Bottom line
      Great for solo play but outstanding with a partner. Would be perfect for pegging.
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    1. Rise and shine is orgasm time

      Reviewed: October 25, 2017 by Audrianna87, a Straight Married Female

      As always, delivery was quick discreetly packaged from Lovehoney - top quality service.

      The item arrived fast and risk-free as always. This excitement waiting for this toy was overwhelming, It has to be the best idea for a dildo I have ever had the chance to own and use.

      Upon opening the 8" Uprize self-erecting penis we were greeted with a large limp looking penis, that is super soft and life like we did not understand how this was going to work we thought there is no way that it would be firm enough when erect (on to this further on in the review).

      The dildo has a huge pair of balls with a great strength suction cup underneath to allow sticking it where ever you can (certainly adds to the real hands-free sessions). There are two small buttons on the side of the balls simply press and hold one to turn the dildo on and watch it spring to life and self-erect ( it is truly breathtaking I think this is the best toy we own now ). The second button is to control the vibrations and pattern settings something to suit everybody's needs, The power of the vibrations on high is mind blowing so much power it certainly packs a wallop.

      Down to the product itself. Once the dildo is fully erect it has a curve to it along the shaft I really found this to be an amazing addition at first I thought it looked wrong but Once in use it sure did hit the spot so much that I can actually squirt using this dildo. I simply can not get enough of this toy.

      The first charge took me roughly 15 to 20 minutes and the light had stopped flashing, to charge you simply plug the included charging cable into the bottom of the toy and the other end is a USB so you can charge on your pc, laptop or most mobile chargers these days ( a lot better than having it's own plug makes for easy travel ). On a full charge at the strongest setting, I manage to get roughly 20 minutes of use however towards the end if I squeeze on the dildo it does seem to slow the vibrations a little bit like with most vibrators nothing major.

      There is a nice weight to this dildo not too heavy just perfect. I found the length and girth of the dildo to be perfect for me, and I love huge toys.

      The dildo is submersible to water I have rinsed it and splashed it etc and all seems perfect, no issues.

      The dildo also comes with a hands-free remote, They couldn't make this any more realistic if they tried, Simple get set and play like your actually with your partner hands-free orgasmic fun.

      Cleaning the dildo is as easy as it comes. To clean it, I simply use soap and warm water I also clean with Lovehoney sex toy cleaner and leave to air dry.

      I recommend always using lube with this dildo.

      I would 100% recommend this dildo to everyone in the whole world. It has to be my favourite dildo ever. It definitely feels like this is the future as real as it get's bar the real thing of course. Top marks for this.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Everything, build, feel, motion, realness, best to I have ever tried
      Nothing I wish more toys were like this
      Bottom line
      11/10 simple the best
    3. 6 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you? Yes
    1. Got good girth girl

      Reviewed: September 16, 2019 by Aims85, a Straight Married Female

      I wasn't sure about this when I read about it I thought, a flaccid to erecting vibrating dildo?! Sounds fun but for me, it's a pretty useless function, it obviously it doesn't take long to flip up for action which I love watching.

      I'm not sure what the purpose of a flaccid to erecting vibrating dildo has as you can't insert it flaccid and enjoy it getting erected. You can only insert once it's risen for action. I mean it's great for storing it and I imagine in a harness it would be a lot of fun to watch him rise for action. Super hot.

      That being said it's a great vibrating dildo, good for size queens as it has a great girth and length so it's very filling, the vibrate functions are great and considering it's a bit heavy it suctions on fantastically well.

      It charged really fast and holds a charge for a good while too which is super important.

      Has a great feel to it, feels so soft, but it felt like it was clicking as I was riding it as if it didn't want to flex with me which is strange. Though I managed to ride it well and it had me cumming in no time, the vibrations really hit that spot.

      I still prefer my Lovehoney dildo over this and at a fraction of a cost too.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Girthy and strong vibrations.
      Nothing really.
      Bottom line
      Great size and strong buzz and suction.
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    1. Rising to the challenge

      Reviewed: September 5, 2019 by PermanentlyAroused

      The UPRIZE comes very nicely packaged where the unboxing appears artfully designed to increase the anticipation!

      As you pull the UPRIZE out of its foam bed, you immediately feel how silky-smooth the silicone is. On the underside of the balls, there’s a large suction cup and a charging socket, the cable for which plugs into a standard USB. It takes a couple of hours to fully charge. There’s a couple of buttons on the side, one to perform the UPRIZE’s party trick, and one to start the vibrations (of which there are 3 speeds and 7 patterns). There’s also a remote control.

      Once you press that button, just like magic, the UPRIZE majestically rises. My partner was heartily impressed with this (“No way!”) and very keen to press that button! It rises to just above 90 degrees - so if you use this in a harness, you may need to adjust your position.

      Where the silicone skin moves as the UPRIZE erects, it forms several ridges, which are very noticeable (in a good way!) as they enter you. The one downside I would have to say, however, is that the dildo is very hard - there’s simply no padding between the skin and the underlying structure. Even the glans is firm, with no give to it. This does mean that you may not be able to thrust this with abandon as it may be somewhat uncomfortable!

      My partner and I tried this out in conjunction with the UPRIZE harness and found it to work rather well, though we couldn’t go to the full 8” depth due to the aforementioned hardness. It did, however, feel very nice and produced a stunning orgasm. I also used this solo, leading to a somewhat unexpected hands-free orgasm!

      In conclusion, I found the UPRIZE to be an excellent and fun dildo - it certainly achieved its aim. If it wasn’t quite so hard, it would have been a 5* from me.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Entertainment value and the grin on my partner's face!
      It's quite hard.
      Bottom line
      A fun, unique dildo.
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    1. Close but no cigar

      Reviewed: September 3, 2019 by jeffngloria, a Straight Married Male

      Was so excited to be chosen to road test the UPRIZE and vibrating dildo for an honest review. First impressions were good nicely presented and with a quality feel. However, once fully charged we were soon to encounter a slight problem with the suction cup base, which had a tiny abrasion.

      This caused the dildo to be losing suction in our threesome roleplay. We were not too concerned about this as our main use for the UPRIZE was for her to wear in a harness in order to peg him which worked reasonably well. The reason I say reasonably well is the buttons on the side are somewhat unresponsive, the erection function in particular.

      Having said that, the remote control worked perfectly and in use the dildo performed okay. The angle of the dildo seemed to change each time it was going from flaccid to erect, sometimes pointing upwards and sometimes pointing straight forward. The vibrations were very strong and the folds in the shaft when erect provided some extra stimulation.

      We had some laughs when we first started using the dildo, and I really didn't get it at first. Having used the dildo a few times I now, know what the appeal is. It's good to have a quality dildo to put in a harness and is a perfect size and weight for more intermediate users. On the whole it's a superb addition to the armoury and will see plenty more use in future.

    2. Overall Rating
      7 out of 10 stars
      Quality feel, strong vibrations, remote.
      Suction cup wouldn't stick, side buttons unresponsive.
      Bottom line
      Very good. Would have returned it on account of suction cup if 'd have purchased.
    3. Was this review helpful to you? Yes