1. KY Intense Pleasure Gel for Her 0.34 fl. oz

      Average customer review 4 out of 5 stars2 reviews

      Looking for a stimulating gel but don't know which one to choose? Forget deciding between warming, cooling or tingling and enjoy all three sensations with this cliteriffic gel by KY. Just a few drops is all you need for waves of orgasmic pleasure.


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      1. KY Intense Pleasure Gel for Her 0.34 fl. oz

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    1. Product Description

      Looking for a stimulating gel but don't know which one to choose? Forget deciding between warming, cooling or tingling and enjoy all three sensations with this cliteriffic gel by KY. Just a few drops is all you need for waves of orgasmic pleasure.

      Packaged into a small, discreet pump bottle that's not much bigger than a lipstick, there's no reason this pleasure gel should ever leave your side.

      Results may vary.

      Ingredients: Water, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Flavor, Benzoic Acid, Sodium Hydroxide

      Key Features:

      • Stimulating gel for enhancing clitoral and labia sensitivity during intimate play
      • Special formula creates waves of warming, cooling and tingling sensations
      • Condom-friendly for thrilling safe sex
      • A little goes a long way
      • Results may vary

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    1. Essential info

      • Pharmacy Drug Type: Gel
      • Pharmacy Features: Fast-Acting
      • Pharmacy Features: Condom-Safe
      • Pharmacy Features: Suitable for Vegetarians

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    1. Customer Reviews

      KY Intense Pleasure Gel for Her 0.34 fl. oz 2 4 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5

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      1. KY Intense Pleasure Gel for Her 0.34 fl. oz
      2. KY Intense Pleasure Gel for Her 0.34 fl. oz


    1. Tingle All the Way to Excitement

      Reviewed: February 5, 2018 by Ms.HideAway

      My interest piqued when I saw this new product being offered by Lovehoney because who doesn't want to try a new way to heighten their sexual experiences?

      First off, this will arrive in the branded box you see on the product page inside discreet packaging from Lovehoney. The outer box lists all the ingredients, typical disclaimers, most important to note is no hormones or parabens. The instructions are clear advising to start with a couple drops of the product on intimate areas and see how the body reacts.

      I did note an actual expiration date on the box, which is not something I typically see but appreciated as I would not want to keep this product past when it is most effective.

      Inside the box is a plastic casing holding a small tube of the product. It is 3.4 fl oz and is very cute in person. I love the size of the product as it is discreet, can be easily held in the hand, stored in a purse or whatnot and is travel size friendly.

      The black cap is easy to remove but stays in place when not in use. Under the cap is a push pump to easily dispense the product at the level you want. Once primed, I started with 2 drops of the product to introduce it to my body.

      The product is clear (only the package is pink) and does not have a distinct scent. Do not do what I did next - I actually tasted it after I applied it and yuck, this is not something you want in you or your partner's mouth (not is it really intended for that) but I wanted to be thorough in my review. It tastes like antibacterial hand gel or something similar and I literally had to brush off my tongue to get rid of the lingering taste. So be careful or wash your hands after applying and I would not recommend using this during oral sex.

      This is very personal to me but something I hope other shoppers find helpful. There are times I struggle to really engage my clitoris or even overly enjoy clitoral play during partner sex. I think it is just the way my body is but it is one of the reasons I wanted to try this product. There are also times I may just struggle "getting in the mood" and felt this might be a way to engage myself a bit more at times when the drive is a little low.

      And wowsers, I applied this (or your partner can for you if they know where to go) directly on my clitoral region and I immediately felt a nice cooling sensation that was sexually arousing. The sensation definitely made me feel more engaged with my body and more stimulated immediately.

      After immediate application and some light manual (finger) rubbing, my clitoris was very aroused in a much quicker fashion than normal. This was also very visually stimulating as well. While rubbing manually the sensation of the gel turned to more of a nice tingle that aided in a wonderful orgasm.

      After the tingling subsided I found a nice lingering warmth on my body for the next hour or so. I purposefully did not wipe off the product or bathe right away to see how my body would react.

      There are times my body can react poorly to certain ingredients in personal care or detergents, so I am fairly sensitive. A full 48 hours after using this product I have had no adverse reactions. In fact, I have already used it a second time or a quick solo session just to try something different.

      I am so looking forward to using this gel again (up to 20 approximate applications) for a heightened solo and partner play. This KY Intense Pleasure Gel lived up the promise to stimulate and intensify my sexual play.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The package size. Gel worked well.
      Bottom line
      Great way to heighten sexual play.
    3. Was this review helpful to you? Yes
    1. KY "Intense" Pleasure?

      Reviewed: February 3, 2018 by BigE358, a Straight Married Male

      My wife and I received this as a secret tester item the other day. We were both excited to see what it had to offer. And why wouldn’t we. Another reason to get freaky in the bedroom. We have tried other pleasure lubes before, so we did have something to compare too.

      Unfortunately the "intense" feeling didn’t live up to the name. My wife said she was expecting more of a warming feeling, but mentioned it feeling cool at first and over continued stimulation the pleasure began to increase. She did say it definitely increased the pleasure, but it was a lot more subtle than she anticipated.

      A positive was it kept her very wet throughout the sex... Although that could have been from other reasons. The overall reaction. I would give a B-. But if you're looking for a alternative to regular lubes this product serves its purpose as a pleasure and lubricant increaser.

    2. Overall Rating
      6 out of 10 stars
      The duration it kept my wife wet.
      Not as intense of a stimulant.
      Bottom line
    3. Was this review helpful to you? Yes