1. PDX Elite Rechargeable Realistic Vagina Vibrating Stroker

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      1. PDX Elite Rechargeable Realistic Vagina Vibrating Stroker

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    1. Product Description

      Air-tight design and innovative airbag technology create intensely powerful suction as you slide into this vibrating vagina masturbator. Let the patterns of speeds and pulses wash over you while the internal ribs and bumps give the most intimate massage.

      10 patterns of stimulating vibration pleasure the length of your shaft with every thrust.

      5 function airbag control applies the right amount of pressure to thrill and please.

      Rechargeable, you never have to worry about batteries running out and ruining your fun.

      A super strong suction cup on the base means you can stick it to any hard flat surface and enjoy your session hands-free.

      Silicone C-ring set, Body Lotion, Toy Cleaner and Revive Powder all included.

      Key Features:

      • Vibrating male masturbator with pussy opening
      • Adjustable suction control for intense compression
      • 6 inches of textured canal with ribs, bumps and nodules
      • Fanta Flesh feels like the real thing
      • Super strong suction cup base to mount to any hard flat surface
      • Ergonomic design for comfort of use and discretion
      • Free Prep Kit included
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      PDX Elite Rechargeable Realistic Vagina Vibrating Stroker 1 3.5 out of 5 stars 3.5 out of 5

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      1. PDX Elite Rechargeable Realistic Vagina Vibrating Stroker
      2. PDX Elite Rechargeable Realistic Vagina Vibrating Stroker


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    1. A little bit more than just a masturbator

      Reviewed: October 1, 2017 by sexytime87, a Straight Engaged Male

      Both of us were super excited to see that we had been picked to test this item. I do have quite a collection of masturbators and adding another one to my ever growing collection was a bonus. I have tried all sorts of different ones and I have found my favourites. After looking at the specifications, this one did sound like it was going to be good.

      When the postie delivered the package I couldn't wait for my partner to finish work to look at the toy, so I dived right in. The box that the toy came in is black and red. There are pictures of the toy on the front and the side. On the other side of the box there are instructions of how to use the toy and the different modes of suction that the toy does. On the back there are more instructions of how to charge the toy and the other items that are included.

      So, inside the box I found the masturbator with a wall attachment already on the bottom, there is also personal lube, toy cleaner, revive powder, cock rings and the USB charger. I laid it all out onto the bed and had a look at the masturbator.

      First off this is quite a weighty toy. I suppose with everything inside it will be quite heavy. I did find the wall attachment on the bottom was just getting in the way, so I took it off. This was quite fiddly as you have to unscrew the one side to then take out the screw that is holding it all together. Once that was all off then I could take the wall attachment off.

      The top part of the toy was easy to take off - it is just a screw top. After taking the top off you can see the insert of the toy. I had a feel of it and it is really soft and squidgy. When putting my finger inside of the toy I could feel loads of bumps - they did feel nice on my finger, so I was excited to try it.

      I had a little play with the buttons on the toy. The top button turns on and off the vibrator, while the bottom button controls the suction of the inside. Now there are different combinations that you can have with the vibration and the suction. Vibration: there are 8 different modes to this. All you need to do to change them is push the op botton. To turn it off just press and hold the button. Suction: there are 5 different modes to this one. Again same as the above directions of use with the buttons.

      There are three different cock rings. These really didn't seem like they were the best of quality. They felt really hard and rigid. There wasn't much stretch in them. They are all shaped like a 20p. All the are different sizes but they just didn't look like they would do anything for me. I decided to try the lube that came with the toy for the first try. The lube itself was okay. It kept me moist and didn't really go tacky for a while. I did have to re-apply a few times, but nothing too much. I slid myself inside and got used to the sensation of the toy.

      After getting used to the toy, I turned on the vibrations. This was super loud! I couldn't believe how loud it was. Because the outer case of the toy is plastic, it just rattled around.

      I then tried the suction air bags. These were really interesting. The air bags made the toy, they really did. This makes the toy unique. I have never come across a toy with this feature before.

      While using the toy I found that the vibrations did nothing, but the air bags were really good. After a while of using this I did manage to come. It wasn't the most amazing feeling of my life, but it done the trick.

      The one thing I would say is if the outer case was made of a different material then it wouldn't of been so loud.

      Okay, so cleaning the toy. This was really tricky. Taking the sleeve out was easy. I used the toy cleaner that this toy came with. I used warm-water and made sure it was thoroughly clean throughout. I then left this to air dry overnight. In the morning I wanted to put the sleeve back into the case. This was the tricky part. I pushed the sleeve back in as far as I could, but the insert just wouldn't go all the way down.

      I then unscrewed the bottom of the case. When doing this you need to be careful as all of the wires for the toys are here. There was a circle piece of foam at the bottom - I assume that this would be for muffling the sound. This did not work. I then had to put my hand inside and grab the sleeve and pull it down. Once it was in pace I then had to put the bullet into the toy.

      Once all that was done I then had to make sure that all the wires were inside the case and put the foam inside. I then had to screw the bottom back on. Once this was all done I put some of the revive powder onto the toy and left it in my toy box for the next use.

      I would recommend this toy to others who would like a little more than just a masturbator. It is interesting with the different functions it has. Also the different combinations that you can have with the vibrations and the air bags are a good hit. That is if you don't mind it making a lot of noise.

    2. Overall Rating:
      7 out of 10 stars
      The feel of the inside and the air bags made the toy.
      It was way too noisy.
      Bottom line
      A great product that could do with some more maintenance.
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