1. Massage Seduction Lovers Game

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      1. Massage Seduction Lovers Game

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    1. Product Description

      Massage is a great way to initiate some romantic fun, but how many of us actually know what we're doing when presented with a bottle of oil and our partner's skin? With this instructional set, you can finally give them the spa treatment they're craving!

      Less of a game, and more of a kit, this set comes with everything you need for a night (or several) of sensual full-body massage. Happy endings optional.

      In the box, you'll find a vanilla-scented massage candle which melts into a warm, soothing massage oil, a reusable gel heat pack for deep muscle relaxation and 24 instructional cards to guide you through the massage. Each card has a massage suggestion in 4 languages, along with advice for how to perform each stroke.

      There are 10 cards with specific tips for massaging someone with a penis, 10 for massaging a partner with a clitoris, and 4 which suit any gender.

      Massage technique examples include "The Classic Reach-Around" (for a penis),"G Marks the Spot" (g-spot technique) and "Sensual Scalp Massage" (unisex).

      Key Features:

      • Intimate massage game for relaxation and arousal
      • 24 massage technique cards guide your exploration (10 for him, 10 for her and 4 for either sex)
      • Vanilla scented soy massage candle (with spoon) for soothing, slippery strokes
      • Heart-shaped reusable gel heat pack
      • Instruction leaflet to help you get the most from this kit
      • 4 languages - all instructions are in English, French, German and Spanish

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      1. Massage Seduction Lovers Game
      2. Massage Seduction Lovers Game


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    1. Not what I was expecting

      Reviewed: June 8, 2018 by LL, a Straight Going Steady Female

      Although this was not quite what I expected, I'm not entirely dismissing this product. My partner and I regularly use massage as a sexual and non-sexual activity. It definitely can heat things up in the bedroom and it always feels great having your partner's hands all over you! With this in mind I would say this kit was for beginners in massage or couples who need a little push or confidence boost with foreplay as this is a fun and sexy way to get the feel (literally!) of your partner.

      The massage candle is a great touch as the melted wax does feel amazing as it is smooth and almost velvety. It did take a while for the candle to melt enough for there to be liquid to use however. This didn't bother us as we laughed it off while waiting, but I feel this could be awkward for newer couples in some ways.

      The heart heat pack is amazing. By far the best part of this kit! It is quite tricky to initially snap the disk to heat the first time, but the consistency of the heart along with the warmth is a great addition.

    2. Overall Rating:
      7 out of 10 stars
      Candle and the heart heat pad.
      Cards are more generic foreplay techniques rather than specifically for use with the massage techniques.
      Bottom line
      Fun but we use it more for relaxing massages now rather than sexual!
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    1. Not quite what it says on the box

      Reviewed: September 26, 2017 by squiddie, a Gay Single Female

      There are 24 cards in total, all with suggestions for massages; 10 for her, 10 for him and 4 for either. The cards are easy to tell apart quickly, with differing borders.

      Some of the "for him" suggestions work for us too as a lesbian couple (the only real "for him" card is named 'the classic reach around' and could be reworked for a woman) and many others are in fact gender neutral, a suggestion for relieving tension in the neck and shoulders, and another for hamstrings, even though they've been marked for her and him respectively.

      Another card explaining where the G-spot is and how to stimulate it doesn't use anything from the kit, it even says "use lubricant, but not the massage oil..." and doesn't have anything to do with sensual massage (well, not exactly). While helpful for complete novices in this area, I'm confused as to why it's included.

      Some condensed examples of the suggestions include, for her: "Stay Connected - Gently caress her body as you slowly remove her clothing. Advise her to lie on her back and begin by lying with her ... Apply massage oil from the candle slowly down her neck... Keep one hand at her breasts and move the other to her vulva. Caress the exterior of her vulva while also using your other hand to caress her upper body ... keep one hand on her upper body as you begin massaging her clitoris and building her up to climax."

      For him (there is a female version exactly the same) "Lingam - He should lie on his back with a pillow under his head and another under his hips. He focuses on mid to deep breathing pattern while you use massage oil from the candle to first massage his body then move down to his genital region. Encourage him to continue breathing as you massage his penis, testicles and prostate. When breathing begins to build, slow down. If he appears to be close to orgasm, stop. Continue this pattern a few times until your lover can take it no longer, then reward him with an amazing orgasm."

      I was a little disappointed with the content of the cards. Most, if not all the cards, end with some variation of bringing your partner to orgasm. I realise that a sexy massage is probably going to be just the start of things, but I would have preferred 10 good, solid massage techniques rather than 24 ways to initiate sex.

      Furthermore, there are no actual suggestions on how to massage. Even in the "Helpful Massage Seduction Tips" on the instruction sheet, it fails to give you any help. Should I use my fingertips or the pads? How much pressure should I be using? As in the example above it just says "gently caress her body", but no further instruction, it's all a race to the orgasm it would seem.

      The candle is vanilla scented, my partner isn't a fan of vanilla and prefers the Lovehoney strawberry massage candle, this one takes quite a while to melt and pool an amount of usable oil. The oil it produces is very slick, long lasting and has almost no odour. It's not absorbed well by the skin so a little goes a long way. I'm not entirely sure of the point of the spoon, the candle is a too small (or the spoon is too big) to get it in the candle and "grab a spoonful" of oil, it's all rather odd.

      The heart-shaped warming pad is a nice addition. In order to activate you need to snap the little metal insert (which is harder than it first seems!). You will know you have done it correctly as the deep blue liquid will take on a gorgeous aqua colour and the liquid will change to an almost wet sand consistently. The process takes about 30 seconds to a minute to be fully disbursed. It's not just a one-time thing though - once it's cold it remains this new aqua colour and it’s a bit stiffer. To reheat you need to pop it in a saucepan of boiling water for a few minutes. It holds its heat quite well. Initially it lasted about 2 hours and upon reheating it lasted about the same.

      All things considered, this isn't a terrible kit. I wouldn't call it a game, however, and if the cards could be altered to include some more massage techniques I would have a much better opinion. As a kit for providing a sensual massage, it's a bit of a letdown, for that there are better products on this website and you can google some techniques. But if you buy it for what it really is - getting you comfortable touching your partner in a romantic and sexual way then it does that quite well, but as somebody who is very comfortable with their partner we didn't get much benefit from it.

      This product was provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review.

    2. Overall Rating:
      5 out of 10 stars
      Something for each partner; the heart warmer.
      Not a game; not really massage.
      Bottom line
      For new relationships and those that need an extra hand.
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