1. VeDO PEACH Rechargeable Remote Control Egg Vibrator

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      1. VeDO PEACH Rechargeable Remote Control Egg Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      Enjoy internal pleasure and pelvic floor toning with this rechargeable egg vibrator from VeDO. The wireless remote allows you to cycle through the 10 vibration modes at the simple touch of a button and enjoy those deeply gratifying internal sensations.

      Build and tone pelvic muscles in the most enjoyable way. Use the wireless remote to click through the powerful modes of vibration and discover your favorite. Or give the control to your partner to enjoy a thrilling session of impromptu pleasure.

      Add a squeeze of your favourite water-based lubricant to yourself and the egg for easy insertion.

      Key Features:

      • Rechargeable egg vibrator with wireless remote control
      • Ergonomic shape and soft silicone slips easily inside you
      • Use the easy touch button on the wireless remote to explore the 10 powerful modes of vibration
      • Enjoy easy handling with the user-friendly soft retrieval string
      • Rechargeable via USB for worldwide use

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      VeDO PEACH Rechargeable Remote Control Egg Vibrator 2 3.5 out of 5 stars 3.5 out of 5

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      1. VeDO PEACH Rechargeable Remote Control Egg Vibrator
      2. VeDO PEACH Rechargeable Remote Control Egg Vibrator


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    1. This vibrating egg is a real peach

      Reviewed: September 12, 2017 by Fun Louise, a Straight Married Female

      I recieved the VeDO PEACH Rechargeable Remote Control Egg Vibrator as a test and review item.

      The first thing that surprised me was the colour. It's purple, not at all peach!? But I guess just because an item is named peach it doesn't have to be peach coloured (or have a fury surface).

      The VeDO peach comprises of two parts, the egg and the remote. Firstly the egg. It's 2.5 inches long and has a girth of 4 inches. It is made of very smooth silicone and has a silicone retrieval loop 4 inches long. The on/off switch is easy to find on the egg, and the recharging point is on the opposite side of the egg to the on/off switch, slightly closer to the retrieval cord.

      The remote is made of white plastic and has a single purple silicone button, with the words "VeDO let your body vibe" on the front of the remote. The back of the remote is an easy to open battery case. The egg looks and feels good but the remote seems a bit childlike and cheap.

      Ok so onto the practical testing. The egg is easy to insert with just a spot of lube, but make sure you turn it on before inserting it. The remote remains on all the time, so providing the egg is turned on before you insert it, you can be suprised by your partner turning on the egg at any time.

      The vibrations are fairly strong and are definitely rumbly, not buzzy. There are 10 different vibration patterns, each one different to the last one, and definitely enough to keep you guessing what's coming next. The remote has no way of indicating which pattern is active, and having only one button the remote can't turn the intensity of vibration up or down. That said, one button really couldn't be more simple. If you want to give the egg wearing lady a rest, you can turn off the vibrations by simply pressing and holding the button for a few seconds. To reactivate the egg simply press the remote button once and the egg will burst back into life.

      The remote works well and the egg responds to the remote at a few meters distance. It even works through the wall, allowing you to surprise the egg wearer from outside the room.

      I do like the VeDO peach. It works well and the vibrations are good. But the remote is a bit too much like an early learning item. I also think the battery could need replacing in the remote quite often, and this could be more difficult than you first think as the remote is powered by a round flat battery. There is no storage bag. I think it's a great couples toy, but the remote could be a bit too obvious to use in public. The vibration pattern that the egg wearer is receiving is a mystery to the remote bearer. But it does add a different dimension to couples play.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Powerful rumbly vibrations, good range of patterns, rechargeable, smooth silicone, egg responds well to remote.
      Childlike remote, unusual remote battery, no storage bag.
      Bottom line
      Works well, but the remote is a bit disappointing.
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    1. A bit of fun but not subtle

      Reviewed: September 25, 2017 by myrkari, a Bisexual Single Female

      The Peach comes in attractive two-tone packaging, white and purple to match the toy inside. It looks quite simplistic and pretty, and at risk of sounding funny I have to say with its labelled product diagram on the back it reminded me of something you might find in a Swedish furniture store! Once I'd got past my giggles I opened it up and wasted no time giving it a test.

      The toy itself is a nice attractive purple silicone with an inbuilt loop for retrieval rather reminiscent of a Kegel ball. The remote control looks and feels a little cheap by comparison as it is very light and made of white plastic, but it works fine and has plenty of range - I tested it out and it worked from one side of my house to the other, and only started to fail once I got out into the garden with several shut doors between me with the remote and the toy on the kitchen counter! So someone could absolutely control the vibrations with the remote from elsewhere in the building or from across the street outside.

      The soft touch silicone inserts easily with a touch of lube but well... I'm afraid that while it's fun and entertaining, I didn't find the vibrations particularly sexy at all - they weren't annoying, but they also weren't at all pleasurable. The fullness it provided was the only thing that did it for me; it worked as a warmup for bigger and better things.

      And boy, it's loud! Even on the lowest setting, when inserted it's fully audible - people might not know what they were hearing but they would definitely hear it if you went outside wearing this thing. Of course that might be part of the thrill for you - but I'm not that brave! The higher settings and pulse patterns just get louder and more noticeable. For the amount of vibration power it puts out (not enough for me to be aroused or even really distracted by it), it really is very noisy.

      While this might spice up couples play with some kinky under-the-clothes stimulation out and about, it'd only be good for people who don't mind everyone around them looking for a bee or checking if their phones are vibrating all the time - and you'd be unpopular if you tried to have a little sneaky naughty fun at the cinema with it.

      Alternatively it could provide nice hands-free and easily changeable internal stimulation for someone who likes a gentle high-frequency buzz, but unfortunately it doesn't do it for me.

    2. Overall Rating
      5 out of 10 stars
      Texture, appearance of the egg itself.
      Volume, lack of vibration strength.
      Bottom line
      Too loud to be subtle, too gentle to be truly arousing.
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