1. COMMAND Heavy-Duty Over the Door Wrist Cuffs

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      1. COMMAND  Heavy-Duty Over the Door Wrist Cuffs

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    1. Product Description

      Give new meaning to "being stood up" with this set of over door cuffs designed for upright restraint play. Slipping over any household door for arms-above-their-head bondage, they're easy to adjust and don't require any permanent fixings.

      Made from industrial strength Nylon and professional grade steel for outstanding durability, these cuffs adjust easily via a slide-to-fit style locking ring and go from 0 - 22 inches in circumference, so they're sure to fit almost any body.

      Finished with gunmetal grey accents, these restraints add a bold and sophisticated look to BDSM play.

      Sir Richard's are proud to be a 100% vegan company who never use animal derivatives in their products, so if leather ain't your thing, this set might just be.

      To use, just slip the barbell-tops over the top of any strong household door with the cuffs facing you. Close the door and strap in your sub. Keep the door closed throughout play.

      Key Features:

      • Bold black and gunmetal door cuffs for restraint whilst standing
      • Slip over any closed household door to provide vertical bondage options
      • Impact strength acrylic tubes secure straps in place for safe play
      • Innovative V-shape lock rings stop slippage during play
      • Stylized hardware in polished gunmetal grey offer heavy-duty binds
      • Strong-yet-flexible Nylon creates reliable restraint
      • 100% vegan - strong BDSM aesthetic without leather or animal derivatives
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      COMMAND Heavy-Duty Over the Door Wrist Cuffs 1 3.5 out of 5 stars 3.5 out of 5

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      1. COMMAND  Heavy-Duty Over the Door Wrist Cuffs
      2. COMMAND Heavy-Duty Over the Door Wrist Cuffs


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    1. Comfortable and tough

      Reviewed: September 26, 2017 by Lady Bella, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      I was sent this item by Lovehoney in return for my honest review.

      My partner and I have enjoyed a variety of bondage methods over the years (shibari rope, cuffs, under bed restraints) but these have usually involved him being tied up on a bed or chair rather than in a standing position, so I was very excited to receive this item in order to add a different dynamic to our play.

      Inside the sturdy outer packaging are two cuffs and two stainless steel carabiners in order to enable you to link the components to other products in the COMMAND range. All of the items are surprisingly lightweight, yet they turned out to be just as “comfortable and tough” as the box claimed them to be.

      It should go without saying that you should select a door in your house that is solid and closes away from you before draping the cuffs over it. We were initially disappointed to discover that the doorways in our old house weren’t as flush as we initially thought, so the nylon straps simply wouldn’t stay put and would slide back and forth rather than remaining taut. After the bedroom and living room doors were deemed unusable, we proceeded into the dining room out of sheer bloody-mindedness!

      What followed was a bit of a faff of opening and closing the door repeatedly to first find the optimum width spacing for the straps (you can’t move them when the door is closed after all) and then all over again when adjusting the straps to the correct length to fit my partner’s height. This does take away from the spontaneity somewhat, but I’m hopeful that it will go much easier next time round now that I’m familiar with the settings.

      I also found adjusting the V-shape lock rings a little bit tricky at first because I was doing it while reaching up over my own head, but this wasn’t helped by my partner being impatient and wriggling around!

      Once I had him secured, however, he commented on how soft the cuffs felt and how snugly they fitted around his wrists without feeling like they were cutting off his circulation. The nylon material did not give at all, no matter how hard he strained and pulled against it. The cuffs certainly do the job they are designed to and, as I discovered when I finally let him loose, also double up as convenient handles to grab onto during up-against-the-door sex.

      Usually when I put him in cuffs, they stay on for the whole session so they can be attached to and detached from each other or the bed frame but these cuffs need to be removed once your partner’s arms get tired and then left dangling there. Sure, you could take them down from the door and link them with a carabiner, but then you’ve got the ends flapping around and it doesn’t seem worth it. The very nature of the item limits its use to over the door with little scope to change things up.

      Overall this is a fun and well-made item that I think will see occasional use in our future bondage play rather than becoming a regular feature.


      Great vegan alternative to traditional leather cuffs.

      Material feels soft against the skin and is super strong.

      Black nylon straps and gunmetal grey accents are very visually attractive.

      Fully adjustable for a variety of heights and wrist sizes.

      Would be fun to take with you when travelling – every hotel room could become a playroom!

      Item did not damage the door or paintwork.


      Not the easiest to set up initially, which led to a bit of frustration.

      The product can only be used over a door, meaning there’s little versatility.

    2. Overall Rating:
      7 out of 10 stars
      Attractive item and comfortable to use.
      Not the easiest to set up.
      Bottom line
      A fun product to add a different dynamic to your bondage play.
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