1. COMMAND Heavy-Duty Wrist-to-Ankle Restraint Set

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      1. COMMAND Heavy-Duty Wrist-to-Ankle Restraint Set

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    1. Product Description

      Super-versatile, super-strong and super-awesome, this cuff set is perfect for all sorts of bondage play. With 2 x adjustable cuffs (big enough to bind a pair of limbs each), steel clips and a long connecting strap, all you need to do is decide the scene.

      Professional quality and built to last, this restraint set is made from industrial strength Nylon and professional grade stainless steel for secure bondage you can rely on. Boasting an innovative V-shape design in gunmetal grey, the stainless steel hardware helps reduce slippage that's often associated with O-rings and D-rings, and adds a sophisticated aesthetic to your BDSM session.

      Each cuff adjusts up to 20 inches in circumference and benefits from a no-hole sliding buckle for incremental adjustment right down to the millimetre, offering the best fit possible. They happily accommodate one, or two limbs at the same time, for versatile position options.

      The long strap can be adjusted to alter the level of intensity, and each component can be completely separated for individual use, or use alongside other toys you have from the COMMAND bondage gear range.

      How you play is up to you. Use a one cuff to bind your sub's arms, while the other takes care of their ankles, and use the 30 inch connecting strap to force them into a hogtie, or separate each piece of the kit to customize your experience. The only limit to play is your imagination, so get your thinking cap on!

      Sir Richard's are proud to be a 100% vegan company who never use animal derivatives in their products, so if leather ain't your thing, this set might just be.

      Key Features:

      • Bold black and gunmetal deluxe cuff set with connecting strap for versatile bondage options
      • Can be worn to restrain hands at front or back of body
      • Innovative V-shape lock rings stop slippage during play
      • Components can be fully disconnected for individual use or combining with other COMMAND products
      • Stylized hardware in polished gunmetal grey offer heavy-duty binds
      • Strong-yet-flexible Nylon creates reliable restraint
      • 100% vegan - strong BDSM aesthetic without leather or animal derivatives
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      COMMAND Heavy-Duty Wrist-to-Ankle Restraint Set 1 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. COMMAND Heavy-Duty Wrist-to-Ankle Restraint Set
      2. COMMAND Heavy-Duty Wrist-to-Ankle Restraint Set


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    1. Tough love

      Reviewed: September 27, 2017 by NatandTom, a Straight Going Steady Female

      It had been a while since we’d tried something new in the bondage world such as a different type of restraint, but we were drawn back in by the intrigue of this range by Sir Richard’s. Every piece looked professional, heavy-duty and worthy of being part of a dominatrix’s kit. Lovehoney kindly sent us out these wrist to ankle restraints in exchange for our honest review and after putting them through their paces, I think we’ll be adding more of this range to our collection.

      I knew from the moment I saw the packaging that these were going to be good quality restraints. The box has a solid black and white theme with some shots of the cuffs in use, their key features and some rough guidelines for use. There’s a section on the back that reads "the COMMAND collection is for serious BDSM connoisseurs who demand the best" and mentions that they are suitable for "extreme fetish play." If it’s good enough for those extreme players then it’s definitely good enough for me.

      These restraints are made from black industrial strength nylon and are finished with stainless steel hardware and carabiners. They look like they mean business, and as someone who’s been placed inside them, I can vouch for the fact that they live up to their aesthetic. One thing I love about these restraints is that they are vegan friendly. A lot of bondage products use leather which is something animal lovers like myself would rather avoid, so this range offers fantastic high-quality alternatives.

      The expansion strap and cuffs were separated upon arrival, which actually made getting into them much easier. My partner slipped one pair of looped straps around my wrists and the other around my ankles. He pulled the strap through the buckle until there was a tight enough fit and then asked me to check whether I could wriggle free. I couldn’t. Once those straps have been adjusted to fit, there’s no getting out of them until your partner sets you free.

      According to my partner I have small ankles and wrists, which makes finding suitable restraints difficult. Over the past couple of years we’ve tried a bunch of options that have been far too big and it’s rare for us to find heavy-duty restraints that fit me. These, however, are so adjustable that we encountered no problems in getting them tight enough to fit me securely. If you’re in the same boat as me then I think these restraints could be a very good choice.

      There are three main ways to use the restraints. The first is as separate wrist and ankle restraints. They hold limbs together well so would be a good starting point for those who haven’t tried more restrictive bondage pieces before but still want something inescapable. The second method is as a hogtie. I’ve been wanting to try one of these for a while and it was very easy to create one by removing the expansion strap and attaching the clips to the restraint buckles. The final way is as pictured with the use of the expansion strap creating maximum restriction.

      I was mostly restrained in a hogtie by my partner as the expansion strap didn’t really work for me unless I was standing up. I am pretty short at just five foot, so when lying or sitting down the strap is long and loose and I’m able to move more than my partner would like. If I stand up then it’s much more effective as a restraint but it’s not so kind to my back and I can’t stay in that position for long. It does, however, work well for my partner, who is a foot taller than me, as he stretches out the strap enough for it work as intended.

      The COMMAND range looks intimidating with its heavy-duty branding and stainless steel hardware and I think that it lives up to that perception. As a result I would not recommend this range to bondage newbies as these are very tough and don’t offer an easy escape such as a quick release clip/velcro fastening etc cetera. I would suggest starting with some of the softer restraints and work up to pieces like this. If you’re an intermediate player and love the idea of not being able to release yourself then this range is definitely for you.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      Fantastic quality, extremely sturdy, very adjustable.
      If adjuster on the expansion strap was added it may work better for shorter people.
      Bottom line
      Great restraints for intermediate and above bondage players.
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