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    1. Screaming O Skooch Rechargeable Vibrating Cock Ring

      Average customer review 4.5 out of 5 stars2 reviews

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      1. Screaming O Skooch Rechargeable Vibrating Cock Ring

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    1. Product Description

      You and your partner can experience screaming orgasms with this powerful vibrating cock ring. Made from deliciously soft silicone and equipped with four firm-yet-flexible extensions that carry the vibrations to your clit, it'll have you both saying 'Oh!'

      Deep, rumbly vibrations travel through the ring and extensions to stimulate both partners. Explore the 10 powerful functions at the touch of a button.

      Fully rechargeable, your ring is always ready to wear. Simply smother with a good quality water-based lube and slide to the base of the shaft.

      Key Features:

      • Vibrating cock ring for exciting couples play
      • The ring sit at the base of the shaft to gently constrict blood flow which may result in stronger erections
      • USB rechargeable, there's no running out of buzz
      • 4 flexible extensions vibrate against your clit for intense pleasure during penetration
      • Bullet is removable for external pinpoint precision
    1. Customer Reviews

      Screaming O Skooch Rechargeable Vibrating Cock Ring 2 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Screaming O Skooch Rechargeable Vibrating Cock Ring
      2. Screaming O Skooch Rechargeable Vibrating Cock Ring


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    1. Great product for him and her

      Reviewed: December 15, 2017 by KB69

      Good quality product for him and her.

      Smooth feeling cock ring, very stretchy, however, my husband did say he felt it was quite tight for his willy. Quite restrictive for him, but he isn't a small man!

      Love the USB rechargeable battery, I personally love when my husband wears cock rings as it really heightens my orgasm. I need clit stimulation during sex so this really helps. However, the disposable ones just run out then we never buy new batteries so this is definitely the way forward.

      Strong variable vibration settings, including a variation of intensity and frequency.

      The flexible ribs give great clit stimulation when he is rubbing against you during sex, really helpful if you need clit stimulation during sex to orgasm.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Rechargeable USB battery.
      Bit restrictive in size for larger men. And the price is quite expensive.
      Bottom line
      Really happy with this purchase.
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    1. Strong vibrations for him, and by extension(s) for her

      Reviewed: October 5, 2017 by Evoked1980, a Bisexual Married Female

      We received our Screaming O Skooch Cock Ring for reviewing purposes about 4 weeks ago, and through no fault of its own we've had a hard job getting round to giving it a proper test run.

      To better explain, I ought to give this some degree of context. My Princess (wife) and I have been in a Female/Wife Led Relationship/Marriage [FLR / WLM ] for the last year and a half or so. Part of this arrangement is my handing over the management of my orgasms to my better half, with her mood and arousal dictating the frequency of our sexual activity together. This tends to mean a lot more cunnilingus/vibrator induced orgasms for My Princess and significantly less vaginal penetration by my penis.

      Now, back to the review...

      As the ring arrived about a week before my 'release-date' (unknown at the time), I was already feeling extremely heightened and sensitive down below due to the 3-4 weeks build-up in horniness from the many orgasms my wife had received and the amount of tease this had resulted in for me. So when the opportunity finally came round for me to indulge in full penetrative intercourse, stopping to try out our new toy was not at the fore-front of my mind and the opportunity was missed.

      Fast-forward a few weeks, a few orgasms for My Princess and a fresh accrue of full and tantalised balls leads to the next opportunity to review our gift. I realise that My Princess is wanting to feel me inside her and am almost overcome with excitement in that instance. In an attempt to calm myself down a touch before attempting anything (I already know I will be allowed inside but denied the right to cum on this opportunity), I allow my tongue to give her pussy some additional stimulation before making way for (what is in my mind at this time) the main event. Somewhat as an afterthought, I realise we still have our cock ring to review. I suspend proceedings to locate the device.

      As I pull out the toy and reach for the lube from the shelf, I realise I've been struck with a touch of ED and have dropped (drooped?) from being like granite to flopping around like an understuffed sausage-skin. The ring is slipped on and the first of the 10 settings selected in the hope that I can stimulate myself back to full rigidity.

      I'm still unsure at this point whether it was the strength of these most basic of vibrations that impaired further functioning or if this really was just a bad-day' and unfortunate series of events. However, I can honestly say that the sensation of the vibrating ring around the base of my shaft was extremely pleasant and arousing, the difficulty being that, on each occasion that things appeared to be improving, the vibrations been produced by our little friend felt close to being too intense.

      Had I been able to achieve a full erection again at this point I firmly believe I would likely have erupted there and then. It was alas not to be, and as the vibrations in one breath would bring me closer to my goal, in the next they would rob me of the desired outcome as fear of uncontrolled ejaculation would reduce me back to a semi-flaccid state. And so I spent the next 10 minutes or so focusing on My Princess' pleasure whilst my cock and balls flitted between varying states of arousal, sensitivity and frustration.

      Last night I was prepared... We're now about three weeks or so on from my last release and I have no intention of either missing the chance to review our Screaming O nor of exploding unintentionally. When the opportunity presents itself I grab our Lovehoney BASICS Suction Cup Dildo 6 Inch and slide the Screaming O Skooch Cock Ring to the base of its shaft. Lubing the dildo and the ring's prominent 'fins', I proceeded to stimulate and excite My Princess.

      The range of strengths and patterns are excellent. Wth three 'plain' strength vibrations and seven patterns of varying strength, there is undoubtably something for most tastes. My Princess has a preference to a constant vibration and so, once an initial exploration had proven interesting, we proceeded on to focusing on her pleasure. Stepping through the three standard vibrations a bit at a time, I was able to build My Princess up to the point where the reason for this range's name became self-apparent. Fully exhausted, My Princess and I recomposed ourselves on our bed, whilst only partially exhausted, I placed the ring on charge (via it's simple USB to jack cable) for the next time we look to play with it.

      So, a cock ring with strong vibrations for him and her that is made from a soft, stretchable and comfortable material with a well considered design. The ridges provide an ideal degree of rigidity and flexibility to deliver it's vibrations regardless of it's position or angle, and to top this all off there's no need to worry about those fiddly, expensive and so-rapidly depleted watch batteries as the whole device is rechargeable using the included USB-connected wire.

      Despite our (my) initial hiccoughs with this toy, it is highly likely to be a regular feature in our bedroom antics as its cleaver design, strong vibrations and ease of use have appealed to us both, and I'm now left eagerly awaiting the opportunity for me to experience its full effects during the course of my next release.

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      Strong vibrations cleverly delivered by the design.
      Difficult to wear when already sensitive.
      Bottom line
      Fantastic feel and inspired design.
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